15 Best Balance Bikes For 5-Year-Olds

Teaching your 5-year-old to ride a bike? Our recommendations for the best balancing bikes will help! Children can develop the self-assurance necessary to progress to ordinary bicycle riding by first mastering the art of balance bike riding. Your youngster will gain strength, balance, and control through using them. By using a balancing bike, youngsters can quickly and easily develop their sense of balance and coordination.

A child’s development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and readiness to transition to pedal cycles can all benefit from riding a balanced bike, which is also a lot of fun. Choosing the best balancing bike from the wide array of styles, options, and colors available might be difficult. To find out more, check out the links below.

15 Best Balance Bikes For 5-Year-Olds

Best Easy To Assemble: Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike


A youngster as young as five can enjoy the benefits of the Strider 12 sports bike’s advanced design and features, including a more grown-up riding and striding experience. Bigger tires and adjustable brakes make this bike suitable for use as your youngster develops. This lightweight balance bike has a sturdy steel frame, two puncture-proof tires that never need air, incredibly comfortable grips, and it can be put together without the use of any tools.

Children as young as five can ride comfortably due to the adjustable seat and handlebars. Because of this, kids can get a head start on learning to ride, and they can experience the thrill of cruising over any terrain with the confidence that comes from having a firm grasp on two wheels. Are you looking for clarification? If you want to know more about the product, watch this video.


  • Simple construction
  • Value for the price Well-made and reliable
  • No-maintenance tires
  • Comfortable, ergonomically-designed seating
  • height-adjustable seat and handlebars


  • Possibly not very sturdy handle.

Best Ultra Lightweight: TheCroco Balance Bike

TheCroco Balance Bike


The Crocco balancing bike is a durable, all-season source of excitement. Lightweight and long-lasting, it helps kids learn to ride bikes safely and confidently while also fostering their physical coordination and motor skills. There are sealed bearings in the polymer tires and an aluminum frame to prevent punctures. The bike is lightweight and easy for kids to ride because of the foam tires.

A child’s bike can be customized to their height with a slidable seat and handlebar. Comfortable riding is ensured by details like a padded handlebar, soft hand grips, a padded seat, and safety end screws. This review by a popular YouTuber should help convince you.


  • Tires made of ultralight foam
  • Height-adjustable, no-tool assembly
  • Superior Body Structure


  • Perhaps soon to outgrow the baby phase

Best Built Quality: Bixe Balance Bike

Bixe Balance Bike


Bixe provides a super light balancing bike that is easy to ride. The all-aluminum frame puts the rider in a better position of command as they learn to go from taking short, clumsy steps to long, effortless glides. This bike is great for first riders because the seat can be raised or lowered from 11 to 17 inches and the handlebars can be moved from 20 to 24 inches.

The wheels on the balance bike for toddlers include washers and tamper-proof clamps for enhanced security, and the tires have superb grip tread for safety. The bike may be used both inside and outside, and it is sturdy and well-made to withstand many uses.


  • Includes some assembly required
  • Features aimed for preventing accidents
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Good build quality


  • Noisy machinery

Best With Ergonomic Footrest: GOMO Balance Bike

GOMO Balance Bike


The GOMO balance bike is a beautiful and elegant non-pedal bike. Built with non-dragging treads for a smooth ride indoors and out, the EVA foam technology wheels are sturdy enough for outdoor use. The steel frame is sturdy yet lightweight, giving kids a greater sense of agency.

The wheels are securely held in place by the streamlined axles, the padded seat is comfortable, and the innovative footrest ensures that kids can learn to ride with their feet in a safe and comfortable position. If you’d want to learn more about the product, you may watch this video.


  • Scratch-resistant ABS plastic finish
  • Steel structure
  • Ergonomic footrest
  • Soft tires
  • Heights can be changed easily.
  • Easy to build


  • A weak handlebar could be a problem.

Best With Grip Tape: Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike

Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike


Radio Flyer Air Ride balance bike provides value for money and a charming companion as the little ones ready for an expedition. It’s built to last with a sturdy steel frame and wear-resistant rubber air tires with whitewalls. In addition to a height-adjustable design, a bell that rings adds an extra element of excitement.

The frame’s body has nonslip grip tape, so you can confidently plant your feet there and take off in a sprint. The balance bike is a great first bike for kids to learn to ride on before they graduate to the paddle cycle.


  • Rubberized air tires
  • Timeless style
  • Adhesive tape designed to give your feet a grip
  • Actual bell with a resonant tone


  • Problems with the front grip stability

Best With Shock-Absorbing Tires: INFANS Kids Balance Bike

 INFANS Kids Balance Bike


Children’s balance and coordination can be developed as they ride the INFANS balancing bike. The bike’s lightweight construction and scratch-resistant powder coat make it ideal for young riders. Excellent shock absorption and maneuverability are provided by the EVA tires.

The seat is ergonomically saddle-shaped for support and airflow, and the handlebar can be rotated through 360 degrees for a customized fit and improved grip.


  • Durable Powder Coat Ending
  • Exceptional bar design that allows for easy gripping
  • Built to last
  • Susceptible to less shock
  • Comfortable and practical seat design
  • Ease of construction


  • It’s possible that tires will skid on certain flooring.

Best With Retractable Pedals: Little Tikes My First Balance-to Pedal Bike

Little Tikes My First Balance-to Pedal Bike


The Little Tikes bike may transform into a tricycle, a tricycle, or a pedal bike. It has both balancing and pedal modes, so the youngster can feel safe and secure while riding. The bike’s durability and functionality are improved by the use of foam tires and a steel frame.

The pedals may be folded up, making it simple for the child to make the leap to more advanced riding. The pedals on this bike can be folded up, making it an interesting choice for kids.


  • Pedals that fold up out of the way
  • Tires made of expanded polyethylene vinyl acetate
  • Constructed with a rock-solid foundation
  • Adaptable to a wide range of expertise levels
  • Adapts as the youngster develops


  • Having a limited range of motion in terms of height adjustment

Best With All-Terrain Tires: Swagtron K3 Childrens’ Balance Bike

Swagtron K3 Childrens’ Balance Bike


The Swagtron Children’s balancing bike is a great way to encourage exploration and discovery in your little rider. This balancing bike is sturdy and well-built from aluminum alloy, and it features rubber tires that provide a realistic riding sensation.

This bicycle, which comes in at just seven pounds, is the product of painstaking engineering. At addition to a long and flexible wheelbase, the handlebar is in an ideal position. To help young riders maintain control, the front fork of these bikes have been designed with a slanted head tube. The height of the seat may be adjusted to suit a child’s needs as they develop, and the padded contour ensures a comfortable ride with no chafing.


  • Encasement made of aluminum alloy
  • Design and engineering that are simply unmatched.
  • Handlebar with a Good Grip
  • Vehicles with all-terrain tires


  • Complex construction

Best With Quick-Release Clamps: Joystar Balance Bike

Joystar Balance Bike


The Joystar balancing bike, designed for somewhat older kids, is as well crafted as it is fun. It’s as easy to put together as any decent balancing bike, and it looks great to boot! The model’s low standover height and lengthy wheelbase contribute to its superior glide ratio.

The pole is made of sturdy carbon steel and features quick-release connectors that make adjusting the height of the saddle a breeze. Caliper brakes ensure reliable stopping power and make the bike suitable for young riders. The grips on the handlebars won’t wear out and will keep you firmly planted in place even after repeated use.


  • Framework made of carbon steel
  • Precision braking using calipers
  • Simplified structure
  • Clamps that open quickly
  • Simple navigating


  • Braking system that is difficult to manage

Best With Puncture-Proof Tires: Yvolution Y Velo Senior Kids Balance Bike

Yvolution Y Velo Senior Kids Balance Bike


The Y Velo kids balancing bike is built with a special beam saddle to make riding more pleasant for kids. This innovative design allows kids to change the distance between themselves and the saddle as they get taller or more confident riders. The lightweight aluminum construction has been rigorously tested to ensure a lifetime of safe play. The increased body height protects it against sudden impacts.

In addition, it comes with handy additions like a compartment for storing your bottle or other items and no-flat rubber wheels and handlebar grips. Get your kids comfortable on two wheels with a Y Velo bike before upgrading them to a pedal cycle.


  • Design for a beam saddle
  • Suitably tall tires
  • Accessory slot
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Choices of vivid hues


  • Extremely demanding seating situation

Best Multifunctional: UBRAVOO Balance Bike For Kids

UBRAVOO Balance Bike For Kids


The UBRAVOO four-in-one balancing bike is designed to grow with the child, with optional accessories like training wheels and assistance pedals. As a result, parents have the freedom to choose the options they feel are best for their kids. This bike is great since it helps with coordination, balance, and self-assurance, and it also comes with accessories that make it possible to go through the entire learning process.

Wide and durable tires made of EVA foam complement the body’s carbon steel construction. The PU seat and ergonomically designed handlebars provide for a relaxing ride. Red push buttons make it easy to fasten the bike’s parts together.


  • Tires with several uses and wide EVA tread
  • Body made of carbon steel Quick and simple installation


  • May be tough to mount for some

Best With Anti-Skid Handlebar: Birtech Balance Bike

Birtech Balance Bike


The Birtech balancing bike has a sturdy, rust-resistant carbon steel frame that makes it ideal for young riders. The padded seat and non-slip rubber grips make this strider balance bike a great option for little riders, and the all-terrain EVA foam tires have a CNC axle and bearing for superior performance and traction. To accommodate your growing youngster, the height can be changed.

The front wheel is secured with a safety nut buckle, while the seat post is secured by an iron buckle. The eco-friendly material used for the saddle seat allows the user to breathe easily. On top of that, the comfortable grips on the handles launch kids into an exciting ride.


  • Tires resistant to punctures
  • Strap lock High-quality construction Non-slip grips


  • Possible diminutive size

Best Lightweight: Beleev Toddler Balance Bike

 Beleev Toddler Balance Bike


The lightweight aluminum alloy construction and high stand-through design of the Beleev balancing bike make it ideal for toddlers. Its light weight of 5.5 pounds makes it simple to transport. There is a 12-inch airless and puncture-proof tire on a molded mag wheel.
The seat’s height is easily adjusted without tools, and there’s a thickly padded saddle for comfort. The handlebar can be turned through a full circle for easy and secure steering. Additionally, a footrest that serves its purpose facilitates balance training for kids.


  • Includes some assembly required
  • High-density padding in the T-bar saddle for comfort
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight


  • Not sufficiently sturdy

Best With Custom Footrest: Albott Balance Bike

Albott Balance Bike


The Albott balance bike is a high-performing powerhouse that also happens to be stylish and safe for kids up to 110 pounds. Turning and swerving without worrying about hitting anything is much easier because to the compact T-bar handle design. The child’s seat is padded with soft sponge for comfort as they ride. The bike’s innovative design has a turn limiter that makes it easy to turn.

The substantial shock absorption of the bike’s wide EVA tires makes it stable enough for peak performance. The footboard is ergonomically intended to support your feet while you glide.


  • Control by adjusting the limiter
  • Tailored footstool
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Anodic oxidation paint
  • A saddle with a quick-release system
  • Construction optimized for comfort and efficiency


  • Adjustable bar doesn’t go high

Best Adjustable: Simeiqi Sports Balance Bike

Simeiqi Sports Balance Bike


The Simeiqi balance bike is affordable and well-designed. The bike is outfitted with terrain-adaptable punch-free foam tires. With a simple clamp mechanism, the seat and handlebars are easily adjustable.

In addition, there are foot pads built into the grip handle below for further stability. The bicycle’s carbon steel frame is extremely lightweight, and it features high-speed bearings with less friction.


  • Good-quality bearings
  • EVA polymer treads
  • Fluid Modification
  • Partially constructed
  • Inserts for your feet that are ergonomically designed


  • Smaller than expected

How To Choose The Right Balancing Bike For A 5-Year-Old?

The following are a few items you should examine before purchasing the perfect balancing bike for five-year-old children.

Height adjustability:

It is vital to consider your child’s height and the varied height adjustment with the bike seat and handlebar. It shouldn’t be too low or too high after changing the fit.


The design needs to accommodate the toddler’s changing gait and level of experience with ease.

Grip quality:

You should evaluate the grip quality of the handlebar and the tires. A bike with a comfortable, non-slip handle grip is much easier to control. At the same time, the tires must be wide, anti-skid, and all-terrain friendly for the child to increase their stability and coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Balance bikes vs. training wheels: Which is better?

Having to use training wheels can be a hassle, and they can undermine a child’s self-assurance by making them feel helpless when they’re not there to reassure them. On the other hand, a balancing bike provides your youngster greater flexibility to experiment and learn to balance on their own.

How do I ride a balance bike?

Plant your feet firmly on the ground and walk upright with your hands on the handlebars. As you develop confidence, your steps will stretch into longer glides.

Can I use a regular bike as a balance bike?

The feet on a balance bike can be set in a natural position, with the knees slightly bent. Pedals on standard bicycles prevent riders from coasting effortlessly.

Can I add pedals to a balance bike?

Adding pedals to a balancing bike is an option for some models.

How many years should kids ride balance bikes?

As long as the child is within the maximum height and width parameters set by the seat and handlebars, they are welcome to ride.

When the time comes for your child to learn the basics of riding, make sure you have a good balance bike in the house so they can do so in safety and with the self-assurance that comes with it. The best balancing bikes aid in the development of core skills like strength, balance, and control that are important for a child’s overall growth and well-being. Look for a balancing bike that can be adjusted in height, has a comfortable design, and good grips so that your youngster will have a good time riding.

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