Advantages and downsides of colostrum

Why is colostrum so necessary for newborns?

Newborns especially are too prone to disease. It can be viral, bacterial, and other, too. Besides, a newborn’s immune system is yet not developed enough after the day it is born. The immune system needs time to almost the whole infancy (up to 1 year of age). It needs strong immunity to destroy pathogens attacking the newborn. 

The first immune material a newborn gets is immunoglobulin G (IgG) from the mother through the first time breastmilk named ‘colostrum’. According to the situation noted above, you can understand the importance and necessity of colostrum. So, if there are no severe complications, colostrum should be supplied to the newborn to be healthy and strong enough.

How much of it is necessary for a newborn? 

People are aware of the importance of having colostrum. But then the question arises, ‘how much of it should I give to the newborn? ‘. Well, the quantity differs over time. On the first day (24 hours), 30 to 60 grams of colostrum is enough for the newborn. 

According to some studies, on the 2nd and 3rd day, only 30 grams of colostrum is enough. Secretion of colostrum differs from mothers. Some mothers secrete colostrum for 10 days after delivery. In contrast, others secrete it for 3 days. Then the normal breast milk starts to be secreted. If the secretion of colostrum lasts long, take advice from the physician. 

When should the supply of colostrum be stopped?

There are some undisclosed benefits of colostrum. It helps your baby to suck, swallow and breathe. There is no need to stop colostrum. It will end up in transitional milk for 5 to 10 days maximum. Then it will continue with normal breast milk. 

There can be exceptions if the mother is suffering from any disease or pathological conditions. Besides, colostrum also helps to stretch the stomach of the newborn so that it can have more milk at a time and breath. Less or no supply of colostrum can cause severe acute malnutrition (SAM) to the baby. So, don’t stop colostrum to improve the health status of the newborn. 

Downside experienced from colostrum. 

Normally, colostrum is loaded with benefits. There is less chance of having drawbacks from it. But there is an exception! Some people grumble that they do not see any benefits, and supplements (vitamins and other nutrients supplied) do the same benefits to the child. Mainly, those who take bovine colostrum as supplementary colostrum complaints most.

Children can be affected by many diseases like AIDS. It can cause abnormal liver function. There are also complaints about decreases in RBC, nausea, and vomiting. Be alert about the downsides and take care of the newborn properly!!! 

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