11 Best Army Toys For Kids To Play

You probably spent hours playing with those little green soldier toys and action figures when you were a kid. Here, then, is a collection of the most exciting and engaging army toys now available. Figures and tanks that play music and light up on this list will bring your fantasy world to life. The cognitive, motor, and imaginative development of a youngster can all benefit from playing with such toys, from strategizing a battle to taking charge of a pretend army. Take a look at the options we’ve provided and pick out the best toys for your kid.

11 Best Army Toys

Best Action Figures: Sunny Days Entertainment Elite Force Army Ranger Action Figures

Sunny Days Entertainment Elite Force Army Ranger Action Figures


Use these five figurines from the Sunny Days Entertainment line to take on any challenge. Weapons, a canine, and night vision goggles are just some of the items in the military package. Approximately four inches in height, these figures have realistic features and a distinct appearance to assist identify them in play. Using their imaginations in tandem with these toys is a great way to encourage discovery and self-expression in your young child. The movie will give you a complete picture of the product.


  • 1:18 scale
  • Credible portrayal of real-world settings and circumstances
  • Here are ten items to consider when expressing your thoughts.
  • Poseable
  • For kids as young as four years old.


  • Possibly too tiny for some
  • Weapons may not be held with both hands.

Best High-Quality Plastic: Blue Panda Army Soldier Playset

Blue Panda Army Soldier Playset


Use Blue Panda’s army action figures to liven up your next play date or birthday bash. This set has everything you need to build an army, including over 300 miniature troops, buildings, fences, sandbags, stones, interlocking tiles, an oil gas can, vehicles, rocket artillery, and lookout posts. The toys are constructed from high-quality plastic that can withstand significant amounts of bending and twisting without breaking. The kit’s little parts pose a choking hazard, so make sure kids always play in sight of an adult.


  • imparts historical knowledge
  • Effortlessly cuts down on screen time
  • Includes a reusable bag for stowing away your purchases.
  • The perfect present


  • There’s a chance it’s not appropriate for kids under the age of eight.
  • There’s a chance the truck is too small to fit soldiers.

Best Engaging: Jaxo Joy Army Men Military Set

Jaxo Joy Army Men Military Set


200 pieces comprising vehicles, multiple army troops in four colors, tents, forts, barricades, and other accessories make up Jaxo Joy’s creative action-packed military set, which will keep your youngsters entertained for hours. Jeeps, tankers, helicopters, rescue boats, and motorcyclists are all part of it. All of the figures are manufactured of high-quality, long-lasting plastic that is resistant to water and simple to clean. To read the author’s in-depth opinion of this product, please click here.


  • Comprehensive selection of playthings
  • Travel-friendly
  • Fantastic for family fun.
  • Excellent for kids at that age


  • Time-consuming to put together
  • The edges of some of the pieces may not be perfectly smooth.

Best For Interactive Play: Imagination Generation Tiny Troopers Battle Drum Playset

Imagination Generation Tiny Troopers Battle Drum Playset


This playset of miniature soldiers has more than 260 pieces, ensuring hours of entertainment. All the miniature soldiers, supplies, and vehicles, as well as the gorgeous playmat, are contained in a strong container for easy transport and safekeeping. Your kids will have hours of fun with the 2.5-foot play mat and four brightly colored army guys. Helicopters, pilot tanks, boats, jets, placing walls, barbed wire, and fortifications all contribute to a realistic gaming environment. Unplugged play is made possible on the plush mat’s walls, checkpoints, and helipad. In order to assist you better understand the product, we have provided a video review.


  • Insert for use in troop training is included.
  • The toy mat has a fun landscape design.
  • imparts knowledge of past battles
  • Benefits color and shape recognition


  • Possibility of a faint plastic odor
  • When used repeatedly, a playmat may lose its flat shape.

Best To Enhance Imagination: Rainbow Toyfrog Army Men Play Bucket Soldiers

Rainbow Toyfrog Army Men Play Bucket Soldiers


This Christmas, take your kid’s imagination to the next level with this 300-piece army men kit depicting several battle scenes. Your children’s creativity will be stimulated as they observe the army soldiers flying the flags of the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. The army playset is packaged in a transparent bucket for simple storage and upkeep. They are also fantastic for history lessons, dioramas, and your kid’s school project.


  • Robust and long-lasting
  • imparts knowledge of WWII history
  • Effortlessly cuts down on screen time
  • The perfect present


  • It’s possible that soldiers don’t have particularly distinct facial features.
  • Possibly too tiny for some

Best For Teaching Histroy: BMC WW2 D-Day Plastic Army Men

BMC WW2 D-Day Plastic Army Men


A total of 40 pieces, this BMC Toys plastic army men set include 10 German soldiers in gray, 14 American GIs in olive, 12 Czech hedgehogs, 2 additional toys, Higgins’ boat with landing craft, and a German pillbox bunker with mounted flak 37 cannon. This set is great for introducing your kids to history in a playful way, and it comes with three character figurines of historical figures: Field Marshal Edwin Roman, Sergeant Harrison Summers, and Brigadier General Teddy Roosevelt. They are constructed with tough propylene plastic that won’t break under pressure.


  • 1:32 scale
  • The ramp of the landing craft is detachable.
  • Great for 5-year-olds because it doesn’t need to be put together


  • There is no storage box included.
  • A float test may reveal that the boat won’t float.

Best Durable: Toy Life Military Play Set

Toy Life Military Play Set


Spend a lot of enjoyable time with these army men military toys. Both a military helicopter and truck, as well as seven additional army vehicles cast in diecast metal, are included in this package of toys. The plastic soldiers are versatile, serving double duty as both gaming pieces and presentation aids. These products are long-lasting and sturdy, and they don’t harm the environment. Plus, they’re safer because their edges are softened and smoothed down. Also, if something happens to your kit within the first year, the company will replace it free of charge.


  • 11 different army types make up this 80-piece set.
  • Metal that doesn’t rust
  • Outfitted with a convenient carrying case
  • Perfect for kids ages 3 to 10


  • This could possibly show some bending.
  • Maybe won’t hold its own

Best With Remote Control: Beaure German Tiger Army Tanker Toy

Beaure German Tiger Army Tanker Toy


The big German tiger tank can be moved forward, backward, to the right or left, and it can even shoot, making for exciting military drills. An improved USB charger is included for a fuss-free experience, and it performs like a true commando. The fun is amplified by the realistic tank’s accompanying sounds and lighting. The tank will enter the auto show within 10 seconds of being started, move around for 45 seconds, and then stop without any intervention from the remote control.


  • 1:28 scale
  • Functionality of recoil
  • Turret that can rotate 330 degrees
  • In two distinct styles


  • Combat between tanks of the same type is impossible.
  • It could be a little tricky to access the battery box.

Best Realistic Tank: BMC Toys WW2 D Army Men Playset

BMC Toys WW2 D Army Men Playset


BMC Toys’ 114-piece plastic army men playset features 59 soldier figures, including 24 American GIs, 23 German gray soldiers, and 12 British townies. Teddy Roosevelt Junior, Lord Lovat, Harrison Summers, and Edwin Roman, Field Marshal, are represented in this set of figures.

Accessories and vehicles such as Higgins’ boat with landing craft and working ramps, three German pillbox bumpers, a bomb friends farmhouse with the removable room, three barbed wire fence, twelve dragon teeth tank traps, twelve sandbags tax, four mortars, and Czech hedgehogs are also included in the kit. The toys are medium-detailed and composed of tough polypropylene or ABS plastic.


  • 1:32 scale
  • imparts historical knowledge
  • Packs away easily into a reusable tray box
  • This is the perfect book for kids aged five.


  • Farmhouse requires assembly before usage.
  • A float test may reveal that the boat won’t float.

Best For Fun: Mr. River Army Men Action Figures

Mr. River Army Men Action Figures


Collectors of military figurines would be well aware of the rarity of digital camouflage. Mr. River’s copy of the United States Army’s special forces, depicted in the form of a 12-piece action figure set, is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. They have a diameter of 3.75 inches and a high grade finish with fine detailing. These figurines are highly articulated, allowing for a wide range of movement during play. For longer playtime, they can also be transported in vehicles like jeeps, trucks, and army boats.


  • Including one plastic American flag soldier.
  • Features Requiring No Assembling Uniform in UCP camouflage is perfect for three-year-olds.


  • There’s a chance you won’t be able to bend your knees or elbows
  • A slight plastic odor is possible.

Best And Safe For Children: Joyin Military Vehicle Toy Set

Joyin Military Vehicle Toy Set


This Joyin set may be ideal for your little soldier if he or she enjoys playing with army-themed toys. It comes with a rescue dog figure, three military action figures, and an airplane that can transport them. The length of the vehicle is roughly 9 inches, while the figures of the soldiers are roughly 4 inches in height.

Your child’s motor and mental development can both benefit from the helicopter’s lights, sirens, and friction-powered wheels. That way, you can rest assured that your kid will be entertained for hours while still picking up useful skills. Figures are composed of non-toxic, long-lasting ABS plastic that doesn’t contain any lead paint.


  • Poseable
  • The borders are smooth.
  • Benefits hand-eye coordination
  • BPA-free


  • Spin of a propeller is not a mechanical process.
  • The audio might not be up to par.

How To Choose The Right Children’s Army Toys?

Now that you’re familiar with the many military toys on the market, let’s have a look at some details to keep in mind before making a purchase.


The kind of army toy you should get for your kid depends heavily on his or her age. If your kid wants an army toy, read the label to be sure it’s not toxic.


As children tend to get toys muddy when playing in the mud, it’s important to select durable toys that can withstand frequent play and even washing.


If your child is younger than five years old, you should probably avoid toys that launch things into the air, as these might be dangerous if left unattended. Make sure the electric toys you buy have been tested and authorized by the United States’s Underwriters Laboratory (UL).


Rubber and other synthetic materials make up the vast majority of army action toys. Warning: choking or death could result if your youngster biting or sucking on something that isn’t marked as non-toxic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they still make toy soldiers?

Toy soldiers, it’s true, are still manufactured.

Why are plastic army men green?

Green was the color of the World War II uniform worn by the United States Army.

How long do toy soldiers last?

It all depends on the quality of the toy troops and how you treat them.

Are army toys machine-washable?

Army toys are not dishwasher safe because of their rough surface and small pieces. The good news is that a moist towel dipped in soapy water will do the trick.

Do army toys fade their colors?

There is a chance that the army toys’ colors will fade with time.

Children’s army toys can be invaluable playmates since they inspire imaginative role-playing. As your child plays with these toys and acts out various scenarios, they are also developing their mind and body. You should check that the army toy you buy for your kid doesn’t include any small or detachable elements that could cause a choking hazard. If your child is younger than five, you should constantly keep an eye on them while they play and make sure the toy is UL-approved if it uses electricity. You should also think about your kid’s interests and the toy’s aesthetics before making a final decision.

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