11 Best Baby Cabinet Locks For Child Proofing

There’s no stopping your infant from wandering the house in search of new things to see and do once he or she begins to move about on their own two feet. To help you baby-proof your house, we have compiled a list of the top baby cabinet locks on the market today. It’s inevitable that your mobile infant will discover the joys of opening cabinets and drawers, even if they contain potentially harmful items. As a result, individuals put themselves at risk of being injured or coming into contact with potentially lethal substances. Therefore, it is imperative that you acquire a child safety lock from our provided options. Learn more by reading on!

Types Of Safety Locks

Here are some of the several baby-proofing mechanisms available.

Child-safe magnetic door locks:

They’re easy to operate with just a few keys, and the process is very straightforward.

Adhesive baby safety locks: 

Installing these locks is as easy as peeling, sticking, and pressing. As an added bonus, they won’t scratch your pricey furniture and won’t break the bank.

Pull-cord child safety lock: 

The knobs for these locks are placed side by side. The cord wraps around the knob, and the tension is adjusted using a button.

Spring release locks: 

They’re effective even with infants and toddlers. You can find them pre-installed within the cupboard; to access them, simply depress the latch and open the door.

Slide locks: 

The vast majority of them are made to fit any standard. It’s made up of a pair of components. Both need to be installed; one on the door frame and one on the door itself. There is a lot of confidence in the locking mechanism.

11 Best Baby Cabinet Locks

Best Baby Safe: Vmaisi Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Vmaisi Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks


Vmaisi’s child-proofing lock set comes with a dozen different locks and two separate keys. In order to ensure that these magnetic cabinet locks stay there at all times, they are equipped with glue. Put them away in a cabinet or drawer. They can be used anywhere, even in the presence of infants, and include the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and bedroom. They come with an easy-to-use cradle tool that facilitates fast installation. In order to have a full grasp of the product, you can also watch this video.


  • incorporate a toggle switch
  • Comprise a manual for set up
  • includes a cradle and tools for easy setup
  • Exteriorly undetectable


  • It could be difficult to install.

Best Easy-To-Install: The Good Stuff Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks for Babies

The Good Stuff Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks for Babies


Good Stuff has a 12-pack of drill- and tool-free child safety locks for sale. All you have to do to install one of these drawer locks is peel off the sticker, adhere it to the inside of a cabinet drawer, and let it alone for a whole day. These invisible locks can be placed anyplace a child shouldn’t be able to gain access, including bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and more. Putting them in also doesn’t call for any special measurement equipment.


  • guarantees access without a key
  • Also effective on sloping and hanging surfaces
  • Robust and safe
  • It’s simple to set up


  • Possibly not applicable to all cupboards and drawers.

Best Universal Design: Jool Baby Child Safety Sliding Cabinet Locks

Jool Baby Child Safety Sliding Cabinet Locks


Jool Baby Products makes U-shaped locks that can be installed on knobs, handles, and doors to prevent children from opening them. With its smooth sliding mechanism, it provides an additional layer of protection quickly and easily. The product is manufactured with superior components, and it is sold in multiples of four. They’re made to last and to shield you from harm.


  • Has Passed All Safety Inspections
  • features a generic layout
  • The installation of these locks will not cause any damage to the furniture.
  • Made with ergonomics in mind
  • This item is offered in a white color option.


  • Possibly won’t work with all kitchen cupboards

Best Long Lasting: Skyla Homes Magnetic Cabinet Locks

 Skyla Homes Magnetic Cabinet Locks


These twelve childproof door locks are a delightful way to keep your little one safe. These child safety locks can be used on wood up to two inches thick, and they use a high-quality 3M adhesive and a key. Adults may use it safely, and it won’t leave any marks on your furniture.

You can install these child-proof locks and latches on cabinets with one or two doors, as well as on pull-out drawers. They serve multiple purposes and can be used to secure a wide range of containers. These locks are sturdy and reliable due to the high-quality ABS plastic utilized in their construction.


  • Supports up to a 65-pound pulling weight.
  • Includes magnetic key fobs
  • Snap-proof
  • Activation/deactivation toggle switches


  • Installation difficulties are possible.

Best Non-Slip Design: Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks for Knobs Child Safety

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks for Knobs Child Safety


KisCord’s baby door lock comes in a five-pack. If your cabinet has knobs on opposite sides, this lock is what you need. These child safety magnetic locks may be installed in seconds with no need for screws, drilling, glue, or even magnets. In addition, their setup is straightforward, and they come in a portable format. The two locks and knots improve grip and closure. Check out this review I did on YouTube to learn more about the findings.


  • Structured to prevent slipping
  • There were no scratches or dents on the furniture.
  • avoids the need for drilling
  • Incredibly easy to set up, taking only a few minutes at most


  • Use with caution; it’s limited to just a few cabinet styles.

Best Flexible: GoodvChild Safety Child Safety Cabinet Locks

GoodvChild Safety Child Safety Cabinet Locks


These child-safe locks are fabricated from safe materials like TPE and ABS, and are therefore completely chemical-free. The childproof lock is suitable for use on any material, be it metal, wood, or glass. These secure locks may transform any cabinet into a child-proof one with a simple adhesive installation. They come in white and may be installed without the use of any equipment or drills.


  • The method is effective even on double-door cabinets.
  • Locking braces that may be adjusted to fit any size
  • Safety locks for kids
  • assures a painless setup process


  • Possible skin separation in the near future

Best Adjustable: QT Baby Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks

QT BABY Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks


QT Baby offers these keyed cabinet and drawer locks in a four-pack for added security. Since the strap-style locks are tool-free, set-up is a breeze. You’ll have no trouble turning them on and off, but your kid won’t have the same luxury. This tool is one of the best on the market for locking away curious toddlers in cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. These childproof cabinet locks are state-of-the-art, and they come in sizes ranging from six inches to one inch.


  • Be oriented in only one direction
  • As a whole, it’s a good fit
  • The convenience of double-locking buttons.
  • Cold-weather storage


  • Not very friendly to users.

Best Eco-Friendly: 4our Kiddies Store Baby Proof Cabinet Latches

4our Kiddies Store Baby Proof Cabinet Latches


4our Kiddies’ drawer locks for infants come in a set of 14. Eco-friendly TPE+ABS is used to make these watertight adhesive locks. Their strap is adjustable, so it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose on the door knobs. Simply wipe, peel, and apply to any flat surface for instant customization. You can open them with the simple press of a button thanks to the sliding mechanism.

These flexible brace locks may be adjusted from three to seven inches, making them ideal for use on double-door cupboards. They can withstand the pulls and yanks of infants and toddlers without breaking.


  • Fast and simple to take apart
  • Fits standard bathroom & kitchen cabinetry
  • assures a painless setup process
  • Allows detachment when not in use


  • It’s possible that the adhesive won’t hold.

Best Heavy Duty: Roving Cove Magnetic Cabinet Drawer Lock

Cabinet Locks for Babies


Roving Cove’s child door safety locks are available in a 12-pack with two ring keys. The product comes pre-taped to guarantee a secure hold. The screw-in method of assembly is another viable option. The innovative ring key on these drawer locks makes it possible to hold on to the cabinet and turn the lock with the same hand. Puts concealers in storage spaces like cabinets and drawers. One simple button press is all it takes to put them to work.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Turning it on is quick and uncomplicated.
  • Rapid set up
  • Ergonomically-designed
  • Invention of the starter tape


  • The effectiveness of the lock could quickly deteriorate.

Best Durable: Okefan Sliding Cabinet Child Safety Locks

Okefan Sliding Cabinet Child Safety Locks


Okefan offers white versions of its cabinet, drawer, and window safety guards. These child safety locks for cabinets are composed of high-quality, long-lasting ABS plastic that retains its functionality for years. The five-inch range of motion for the U-shaped latch is impressive. To open it, press both buttons at once. It is easy to set up and doesn’t need any special equipment or materials (like glue or magnets) to function. They are more suited for usage as knobs, pulls, and handles.


  • cabinetry is safe
  • Utilizing a Dual-Locking Mechanism
  • Proven to last in a variety of conditions
  • include a refined layout


  • It’s possible the lid won’t pop open with ease.

Best Easy To Apply: M2W Child Proof Cabinet Locks Safety

Child Proof Cabinet Locks Safety(10 Pack)


The hook arms of M2W’s kid safety cabinet locks are very long, so they may be used on a wide variety of drawers and cabinets. These locks can endure a draw stress of up to 20 pounds thanks to their huge adhesive area and ten-pack price. Moreover, the set comes with buckles that may be used with a wide range of storage units. The lock’s hook arm is 2.4 inches long, and it features a concealed spring construction that makes it both secure and difficult to pick.


  • Strengthening card slots to design for added durability
  • Compatible with both counters and overhangs
  • Very simple to use
  • Preserves the integrity of the furniture


  • It’s possible that the adhesive isn’t very effective.

How To Choose The Right Child Safety Locks?

Think about these details before buying infant cabinet locks.


Choose a lock that will keep your child safe. Attaching it is easy and it can stick or be magnetic. Before going out and buying a lock, take stock of what kind of cabinets you have. Locks tailored to specific types of closets are also commercially available.


Locks on cabinets should be chosen with the child’s age in mind. Toddlers can open some locks with minimal adult assistance. Some locks are more challenging to open than others, making them suitable for use with kids.


The majority of the locks are constructed from premium ABS plastic. However, you also have the option of using metals and steel, which are tougher and last longer.

Multiple Locks:

Take a tour of your home and tally all the cupboards and closets before settling on a lock. Cabinets holding potentially lethal compounds, such some spices, detergents, and cleaners, should be locked.

Purchasing high-quality cabinet locks is an investment in your child’s future and safety. Ensure your child’s safety by choosing an item from this list, and remember to take into account the product’s features before making a purchase.

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