Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine

12 Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine in 2023

Are you searching for the ideal vibrating machine for your baby’s crib? Vibrating machines have become increasingly popular for helping babies sleep. While white noise machines can be useful for newborns, vibrations can be more effective for babies over 6 months old. With a variety of sizes and prices available, it’s easy to find a machine that suits your family’s needs.

As babies grow, they become more aware of their surroundings and are easily disturbed by outside noises, making sound machines beneficial for providing a peaceful sleep environment. Some machines even feature a night light, providing a calming effect in the dark for both parents and babies.

When selecting the best baby crib vibration machine on the market, several factors should be considered, including price, size, and features. To assist in finding the ideal machine for your family, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 baby crib vibration machines available.

Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine

What is the Best Soothing Vibration Machine for Your Baby?

There are babies who enjoy the calming effects of vibrations found in bouncers and other baby equipment. However, it’s unsafe for babies to sleep in equipment that isn’t flat. While some bassinets have built-in vibration, larger ones and side sleepers currently do not offer this feature.

This presents a problem, but thankfully, a few companies recognized the need for a solution. As of now, I was only able to find three products currently available on the market.

This vibrating device is versatile and can be attached to many existing baby items with either a clip or velcro. There are five built-in sound effects, but the speaker quality is not very good, so it may not be the best option for a sound machine.

It has a timer that automatically turns off after 20 minutes, which can be confusing because it requires pressing the button twice to restart. The vibration has two levels, one gentle and one stronger.

The device requires two AA batteries and lasts about a week and a half. However, there are times when it may glitch and require a tap or battery replacement to work properly. Overall, while the concept and versatility are good, the quality of the device leaves something to be desired, so it only receives a 4 out of 5 stars. The current price is approximately $15.

Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine

The Lulla-vibe is a simpler device compared to the Summer Soother, with only one speed and a basic on/off function. However, this makes it more suitable for cribs. The best way to use the Lulla-vibe is to place it under the crib mattress with the handle protruding for easy access to turn it on and off. This can be easily done with most cribs by inserting the handle through the bars. There is a demonstration video available on the product.

Unfortunately, most bassinets and other baby furniture do not offer this option. While you can still place it in a cradle with your baby, the vibration can cause the unit to move around if not secured. We had some success placing it in the pockets at the end of our side sleeper bassinet, but you will need a similar secure spot to use it.

The fabric of the product is not completely waterproof, but it can repel water. It has a texture similar to a sponge, and there is a velcro closure at the back that covers the battery pocket. Although the battery compartment is easily accessible for replacement, the hardware cannot be removed for washing the fabric parts. Its current selling price is around $18.

The crib wedge performs as advertised with three distinct vibration speeds. The wedge itself is sturdy and intended to support the mattress, not to be used for laying on. The battery compartment, which takes 3 AA batteries, is located underneath the wedge and is screwed closed, with a velcro flap covering it.

There is also a master switch for turning the vibration on and off. The wedge incline is 10 degrees, which may be too steep for some babies, and there is a debate over its safety for very young infants since safe sleep practices require a flat mattress.

However, it could still be a good option for older infants, but you should consult with a pediatrician before using it for a young baby. The crib wedge is reasonably priced at around $25.

Review of 12 Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine

A baby crib vibration machine can be a useful tool for parents to calm and soothe their babies, but not all machines are equal in effectiveness. Thus, it is essential to conduct thorough research before purchasing one. To ensure you choose the right machine for your baby, consider the machine’s size and features and read customer reviews to understand how well it works. We have compiled a list of the best crib vibration machines in the market below to help you get started.

Halo Snoozypod Vibrating Bedtime Soother

Halo Snoozypod Vibrating Bedtime Soother

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The Halo Snoozypod Soother is an innovative vibrating soother designed for use in cribs and pack n plays, but it can also be used in bassinets. Installing it is easy – just place it under the mattress of the pack n play or crib, or even under the adult bed’s mattress to create a vibrating bed. It has two levels of soothing vibration, four comforting sounds, and can block environmental noises that could disrupt sleep.

The device can be used for 30 minutes or all night, but it’s best to use it wisely. The Halo Snoozypod Soother is also Bluetooth remote-enabled for iOS and Android, allowing you to control it without entering your baby’s room.

The device has an Amber LED light that offers a soothing visual for your child and a calming starry-night ceiling projection that helps parents see the baby without causing wakefulness.

It comes with both a battery and AC adapter, and the battery can act as a backup during power outages. This bassinet vibrator is an excellent choice for parents looking for a reliable and versatile solution.

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Fisher Price Baby Sound Machine Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud Soother Crib-Attach Plush

Fisher Price Baby Sound Machine Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud Soother Crib-Attach Plush

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If you’re a parent looking for a way to help your baby sleep better, the Fisher-Price Twinkle baby crib vibrating machine is an excellent choice. This machine has a range of features that allow parents to personalize their baby’s sleep routine, and it also helps with your baby’s sensory development. The machine has multi-color lights that are calming, and the fabrics are soft and can be washed in a machine.

Additionally, it comes with 5+ nature sounds and music, making it easier for your baby to relax and drift off to sleep. This is the ideal cuddle cloud soother baby vibrating machine that can easily become an integral part of your baby’s bedtime routine.

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Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad Sleep Soother

Munchkin® Lulla-Vibe™ Vibrating Mattress Pad Sleep Soother

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The Munchkin Lulla Vibe crib mattress is a battery-powered crib vibration machine that comes with a gradual 30-minute timer shut off and two different speed options. This product is designed to help babies fall asleep easily and calm them down when they are fussy. It is easy to operate with a single push button and is suitable for any fussy baby.

The included air dry battery is separate from the machine and does not vibrate with it. The Munchkin Lulla Vibe crib mattress is a great choice for parents who want to provide the best for their baby. Additionally, it is made with BPA-free materials and can provide up to 24 hours of soothing vibrations.

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Skip Hop Portable Baby Soother, Stroll & Go

Skip Hop Portable Baby Soother, Stroll & Go

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The Skip Hop portable baby soother is an ideal tool for soothing a cranky baby. It features a user-friendly rubber keypad with adjustable volume and an automatic timer that can be set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The soother can be attached to strollers, diaper bags, or other items with the included silicone strap.

The device is battery-powered and is a must-have for parents who need to soothe their baby on the go or at home. It is also very accessible and comes with two nature sounds and other full-size features.

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Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine For Baby

Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine For Baby

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The Hush Portable Vibrating Machine is a useful device that can assist parents in reducing stress and keeping their baby asleep for extended periods. It is small and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel. The machine can be locked at a preferred setting and volume, which is helpful when trying to put the baby to sleep.

It is also safe for children, making it an excellent option for parents with young kids. Moreover, the machine includes three calming sounds and a night light, making it ideal for parents who want to create a relaxing atmosphere for their baby.


  • Vibration speeds can be customized by parents
  • Equipped with three calming sounds, including bright white noise
  • User-friendly and child-safe
  • Portable and compatible with cribs

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Baby Brezza Smart Soothing Mat – Vibrating Baby Mat/Soother Pad

Baby Brezza Smart Soothing Mat - Vibrating Baby Mat/Soother Pad

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The Baby Brezza Smart Soothing Mat is a different but equally effective solution to vibrate your baby’s crib or bassinet. Simply place it inside and you’ll have a vibrating infant bed. This product offers smart vibrations and mimics sounds to provide an improved soothing system for your baby, helping them sleep faster. It has four vibration levels, four heartbeat modes, and five timer settings that can be controlled through the mobile App.

However, the App may not be user-friendly for beginners. The Soother Pad is water-resistant and suitable for various types of mattresses. This vibrating mattress pad requires 4 AA batteries to run, which can be monitored through the App.

Although it’s a little expensive due to its extra features, it’s still a great option for converting your Regular Crib & Bassinet into a vibrating bed. Keep in mind that batteries are not included. This product is lightweight, portable, and can be used in cribs, bassinets, pack n play, and strollers.

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Contours Vibes 2-Stage Waterproof Soothing Vibrations Baby Crib

Contours Vibes 2-Stage Waterproof Soothing Vibrations Baby Crib

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When it comes to ensuring a restful sleep, nothing is more crucial than having a comfortable mattress. This is especially important for your baby, as their comfort is a priority. That’s why we’re thrilled about the Contours Vibes 2-Stage Waterproof Baby Crib and Toddler Mattress with Soothing Vibrations.

This high-quality crib mattress offers three soothing vibration modes and three timer settings, designed to enhance your baby’s sleep quality and duration, promoting maximum comfort. With a soft-touch remote, you can conveniently control the vibrations from any room in your house, allowing you to find the perfect setting for your little one.

But that’s not all! The Contours Vibes also includes a self-soothing feature, which aids in reducing colic symptoms and helps fussy sleepers find comfort on their own. The rhythmic vibrations create a calming effect, which studies have shown to improve infants’ sleep quality by 91%. Additionally, they will experience 78% longer periods of sleep during the night and have 61% fewer awakenings.

Furthermore, we understand that safety is of utmost importance to parents. Rest assured, the Contours Vibes has undergone rigorous safety testing and is certified GREENG (certification details not provided).

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Rockit Baby Sleep aid with Calming Vibrations Cribs

Rockit. Baby Sleep aid with Calming Vibrations and Night Light for cots, Cribs

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If you’re in search of a baby sleep aid that replicates the calming vibrations of a car, then the ideal choice is Zed by Rockit. This convenient portable night light offers six distinct vibration modes that are proven to soothe babies and help them drift into a peaceful sleep. With its automatic shut-off feature and compact design compatible with any mattress, Zed is the perfect solution for parents seeking a safe and effortless method to lull their little ones to sleep.

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Delta Children Rocking Bedside Bassinet – Portable Crib

Delta Children Rocking Bedside Bassinet - Portable Crib

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In need of a flexible and portable bassinet for your little bundle of joy? Take a look at the Delta Children Rocking Bedside Bassinet! This mobile crib is equipped with lights, sounds, and vibrations to calm and engage your baby. The rocking base enables gentle back-and-forth swaying, and the retractable wheels ensure effortless mobility between rooms. Additionally, the mattress pad can be easily removed and machine washed for convenient cleaning.

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Summer Soothe and Vibe Portable Soother

Summer Soothe and Vibe Portable Soother

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The Summer Sooth and Vibe Portable Soother is an excellent choice for parents who want to help their baby sleep through the night. It offers a range of features that make it easy to use and reliable, including five soothing sounds, adjustable volume control, and an automatic 20-minute shutoff timer.

The Sooth and Vibe can be attached to most infant items thanks to their hook and loop or retractable clips. This product is highly recommended for parents who have fussy babies and want to reduce their own stress.

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Lulla Bear by Alex & Kate – Mom’s Heartbeat Sound

Lulla Bear by Alex & Kate - Mom’s Heartbeat Sound

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The Lulla Bear Baby Shusher offers six different soothing sounds including the mother’s heartbeat, shushing sound, white noise, nature sound, and lullabies. This crib vibration machine also features a Smart Cry Sensor that adjusts the sounds based on the baby’s crying intensity, and the sensor can be turned on and off as needed.

The product is made without hard plastic materials, making it gentle for the baby’s skin. Additionally, it offers multi-sensory stimulation to help calm the baby. This product is also designed for portability, making it a convenient tool for parents to help reduce the stress of caring for their baby.

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Fisher Price Infant Sound Machine Chill Vibes

Fisher Price Infant Sound Machine Chill Vibes

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The Fisher-Price baby crib vibration machine offers four different music settings that create a calm environment for both babies and parents. Additionally, it emits white noise to promote peaceful sleep and ensure the baby stays asleep for long hours.

The machine also comes with a plush walrus that can be taken along on the go and provides comfort to the baby. However, the machine lacks retractable clips to attach to the crib. Another great feature is that the plush walrus is machine washable (without electronics).

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Benefits of Vibrating Pad For Crib

When your baby becomes more active and starts moving around, it’s worth considering investing in a high-quality vibrating pad for their crib. This investment can bring numerous benefits for both you and your child. One of the key advantages is the soothing and calming effect it can have when your baby is fussy or crying. The gentle vibrations can also help alleviate any gas or discomfort they may be experiencing. Furthermore, if your baby struggles to sleep through the night, the vibrations can aid in lulling them to sleep.

With a wide range of brands and types of vibrating pads available, it’s essential to conduct some research before making a purchase. Ensuring the pad is comfortable for your baby to lie on and offers various speed or setting options is crucial. Additionally, it’s important to consider the ease of cleaning the pad, as some babies may have sensitive skin.

FAQs: Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine

Can A Baby Sleep In A Vibrating Bouncer?

Certainly, it is safe for babies to sleep in a vibrating bouncer as the gentle vibrations can provide a soothing and calming effect. It may even help your baby to sleep longer. However, it is important to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the bouncer is safe for your baby to sleep in. Additionally, it is crucial to supervise your child when he or she is in the bouncer to avoid any potential safety hazards.

How Long Can The Baby Sleep In A Vibrating Chair?

Extended use of vibrating chairs is not advisable for babies as it may lead to overheating and discomfort. Although the vibrations can soothe the baby, it can also be detrimental to their developing nervous system with prolonged exposure. It is recommended to limit the use of vibrating chairs to short periods and keep a close watch on the baby while using them.

Does Vibration Help Babies Sleep?

The reason why vibration helps babies sleep is that it imitates the feeling of being in the womb. The movements and vibrations that the baby experiences while in the womb can help soothe and relax them, and that’s why many parents prefer using a crib or bassinet that rocks or vibrates to put their baby to sleep. Some research has suggested that using a vibrating mattress pad may even benefit premature babies by helping them gain weight and improve their development.

Do You Need A Vibrating Bassinet?

A bassinet that vibrates can be beneficial for infants who struggle with sleeping, have colic, or suffer from reflux. The vibrations can help to calm and soothe the baby, which could potentially aid in inducing sleep. Nonetheless, it is crucial to ensure that the bassinet is safe for your baby and that it is used appropriately. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and you should never leave your baby unattended in the bassinet.

What Is The Cost Of Baby Crib Vibration?

The price of a baby crib vibration machine may vary depending on the brand and type of machine you choose. Typically, the price range for these machines is between $10 and $200. While some stores may offer them at a lower cost, it is important to ensure that you are buying a quality product to avoid any potential harm to your baby. It is worth noting that there have been instances of low-quality crib vibration machines causing significant injuries to infants. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution when considering a cheaper option.


Using a crib vibration machine can be an effective way to calm your baby and help them sleep. To find the most suitable option for your child, it is essential to do thorough research, read reviews, and compare different machines. We trust that this article has provided valuable information to assist you in your search and that you feel more confident in selecting the ideal crib vibration machine for your baby. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask us by leaving a comment below.

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