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11 Best Baby Monitor Under $100

Many inexpensive baby monitors are of poor quality, which is not ideal for your child. This article will provide you with information on the best baby monitors under $100 that offer good video and audio quality and have a long-lasting battery.

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best baby monitor under $100

Using a baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby without the need to constantly check on them, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to go about your daily life. A good baby monitor is essential for new parents, and there are good options available for under $100 that can compete with higher-priced models.

This article reviews some of the best affordable baby video and audio monitors on the market, proving that a lower price doesn’t always mean lower quality.

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Reviews Of The Best Baby Monitor Under $100

In our search for the best baby monitor under $100, we discovered numerous affordable options that offer various features. Below are the top choices we found.

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VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor with 19 Hour Battery Life

VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor with 19 Hour Battery Life

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The VTech baby video monitor is a standout product and arguably the best baby monitor under $100 that we could find. Despite its low price, it offers premium quality features that are typically associated with more expensive models.

These features include two cameras, a two-way talk function, a signal range of up to 1000ft, and an impressively long-lasting battery that can provide up to 19 hours of video streaming.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a thermometer that serves as a temperature sensor for your baby’s room, a power-saving mode, and the ability to play lullabies to help your baby sleep.


  • With a 19-hour battery life for the screen.
  • Two-way talk-back feature.
  • Has a range of up to 1,000 feet..


  • Temperature monitor that is inaccurate

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ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

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The Anmeate video baby monitor offers a high-resolution display and a digital camera that can be controlled remotely, allowing for remote pan, tilt, and zoom. What sets this monitor apart from the competition is its remote control camera and infrared lights that provide a clear view of your baby even in complete darkness.

The monitor also includes two-way audio, wireless transmission, and infrared night vision. Additional features include built-in lullabies and soothing sounds to help your baby sleep, a signal range of up to 960ft, and room temperature monitoring.

However, the battery life is eight hours in eco mode, meaning you may need to charge it more frequently. Eco mode turns off the screen when there is no sound detected in your baby’s room, conserv


  • Vox eco-mode
  • Built-in lullabies
  • Alarm and timer functions
  • Wall-mount or tabletop placement options
  • LED indicators for sound levels


  • Manual adjustment required for tilt and pan
  • Establishing a stable connection can be challenging.

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HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera

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The Hello Baby Video Baby Monitor stands out among other monitors under $100 with its 5-inch LCD display, the largest of any monitor in this price range, and the ability to support up to two cameras. It also features infrared night vision, a sound level LED indicator, a temperature display screen, two-way audio, and lullabies, which are typical features of other baby monitors in this price range.

Additionally, it has adjustable motion detection and crying alerts to notify parents when their baby cries, wakes up, or falls asleep. However, if screen size is not a priority, there is also an alternative Hello Baby monitor with a range of 960ft, longer battery life, good night vision, a temperature sensor, and two-way communication, all at an even more budget-friendly price.

Ultimately, the choice between these two monitors depends on what is most important to the parent.


  • Comes in two colors: gold and black
  • Includes pre-programmed lullabies
  • Equipped with a temperature monitor and alerts
  • Easy plug-and-play setup
  • Has a sound-level LED indicator


  • Monitor is fragile and prone to breaking
  • Short battery life

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GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

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The GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor is a highly popular option and is considered one of the best baby monitors under $100. It includes both video and audio features for real-time monitoring of your baby, automatic night vision, two-way talk, a room temperature monitor, and lullabies.

The monitor boasts a transmission range of 960ft, which is impressive, and it also has good battery life. The parent unit is battery-powered and can last for the night or even longer in power-saving mode.


  • Night vision function.
  • Two-way audio communication.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Inexpensive price.


  • Signal connection may drop out at times.
  • Some users may experience technical difficulties.

TIP: To find a baby monitor with a good Eco mode, I suggest taking a look at the Babysense Video Baby Monitor. This monitor turns off the parent unit and eliminates white noise, while leaving a small green light that flashes to indicate that it’s connected.

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Nooie Baby Monitor with 1080P Night Vision and Audio

Nooie Baby Monitor with 1080P Night Vision and Audio

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The Nooie baby video monitor stands out as the most inexpensive option without sacrificing quality, and it’s also the best low-cost WiFi baby monitor that we’ve discovered. It has its own app, making it an attractive option for tech-savvy parents, and it’s also Alexa-compatible, though it won’t feed your baby for you (unfortunately).

While it lacks a parent unit screen, the purpose is to watch or communicate with your baby via your phone, eliminating the need for an additional piece of equipment to carry around the house.

In addition, the camera includes features such as sound and motion detection, with the option of push notifications to your phone for alerts. You can also choose between cloud storage or a micro SD card for backups.


  • Sleek and contemporary appearance
  • Local or cloud storage options
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Can share access with unlimited users
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Affordable price


  • Only connects to 2.4G WiFi
  • WiFi password must be less than 31 characters
  • Pairing process can be complex.

TIP: If you’re a tech-savvy mother with a more flexible budget, it’s worth considering the Angelcare camera monitor or the Snuza wearable monitor, which can track your baby’s breathing movements.

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Motorola indoor Baby Smart Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi

Motorola indoor Baby Smart Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi

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Similar to the Nooie baby monitor, the Motorola Baby Smart video baby monitor has wireless technology. However, unlike the Nooie baby monitor, it also includes a color LCD parent unit, which gives parents the option of watching their baby on their phone or using the unit.

Motorola suggests using the unit when at home and your phone when out, especially if you want to keep an eye on your baby while they’re with a babysitter or relative. The baby monitor also features infrared night vision, two-way audio, a room temperature monitor, and five lullabies.

One of the most convenient features is that you can control it either manually or through your smartphone. This is a great budget-friendly smart baby monitor with a camera for parents.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with Hubble App
  • Two-way communication
  • Infrared night vision


  • Some users have reported connectivity issues
  • The camera can be difficult to adjust

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VTech DM111 Upgraded Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM111 Upgraded Audio Baby Monitor

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VTech is not just known for making one of the best budget baby monitors with video, but they also make the best audio monitor under $100. This audio monitor is priced at just under $20, and has the longest transmission range of any affordable audio baby monitor at 1000ft.

It also features a rechargeable battery that can last for roughly eight hours, a 5-level sound indicator on the parent unit, and various alerts that communicate when you’re out of range, when your battery is low, when you need to check on your baby, and more.

Although there are many affordable video baby monitor options available in the market, some parents may prefer an audio monitor due to budget constraints or personal preference. When the speaker-only audio monitors were the norm, some parents like the speaker-only functionality, although having a video option to see the baby is a plus.


  • Crystal clear audio transmission
  • 5-level sound indicator
  • Belt clip for easy portability
  • Affordable price


  • No video capability
  • Limited range

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Summer Glimpse Plus Extra Video Camera

Summer Glimpse Plus Extra Video Camera

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This is the priciest option among the affordable video baby monitors listed, but it justifies its cost with its impressive features and performance. The Summer Glimpse Plus functions as a video baby monitor, so you not only hear but also see your baby’s movements.

Its standout feature is the adjustable swivel camera design that allows you to position the camera from left to right for the best angle. If you’re still not satisfied with your view, you can use the camera’s remote digital zoom function to zoom in on the image with a single press of a button.

Moreover, this monitor has a night vision feature, which is not typically found in budget baby monitors. You can monitor your baby even while they sleep at night.

This video monitor is also expandable up to four cameras, making it possible to place a camera in each area of your home where your baby will be.


  • Large display screen size
  • Two-way communication function
  • VOX Screen Wakeup feature
  • Temperature display shown on the screen
  • Can be wall-mounted or placed on a table


  • Short battery life
  • Temperature gauge is not accurate.

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Babysense New Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Babysense New Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

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The Babysense V24US baby monitor stands out among budget baby monitors due to its impressive features. Despite its affordable price, it offers functionalities that are typically found in high-end baby monitors.

One of its notable features is the 2x digital zoom function, which allows you to get a closer look at your baby if you’re not able to see them clearly from a distance. The camera is also highly flexible, allowing for a 360-degree pan and a 60-degree tilt to ensure you can get the perfect viewing angle.

The camera has an automatic night vision function that activates when it detects low light, enabling you to clearly see your baby at night.

Additionally, you can connect up to four cameras to the monitor to monitor multiple rooms in your house. When multiple cameras are connected, the camera will automatically rotate between the camera feeds every few seconds.


  • Includes 4 pre-installed lullabies
  • Parent unit has a kickstand for easy placement
  • Equipped with an Eco-mode VOX feature
  • Can be mounted on the wall or placed on a tabletop
  • Has a temperature sensor with alerts
  • Brightness and volume levels are adjustable


  • Display screen is small
  • Power cord is short.

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Wyze Cam 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera

Wyze Cam 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera

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If you’re a busy parent and want to ensure your baby’s safety at home, consider checking out the Wyze Cam Pan, which is one of the most cost-effective WiFi baby monitors on the market today. It offers high-quality 1080p full HD resolution, providing clear day and night video footage. Its 6 infrared LED lights also provide night vision of up to 30 feet in total darkness.

The camera is capable of automatically monitoring the entire room with 360-degree coverage in 3 seconds, thanks to its 4 predefined waypoints. If you prefer to pan the camera at your own pace, you can also tilt it at 93 degrees.

One feature we love about this affordable baby monitor is its motion and sound recording. When the camera detects any movement or noise, it automatically records a 12-second video clip and saves it in the cloud for up to 14 days.


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Allows for live streaming from anywhere
  • Minimalistic and versatile design
  • Records motion and sound and has automatic cloud storage
  • Supports microSD cards for storage


  • Only works with 2.4GHz WiFi networks
  • Poor customer service

SereneLife indoor Video Baby Monitor

SereneLife indoor Video Baby Monitor

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If you have a toddler, consider taking a look at the SereneLife USA SLBCAM20 baby monitor. It has a 360-degree rotating camera, which allows you to monitor your child’s movement from anywhere in the nursery.

The camera is equipped with night vision technology, allowing you to see your child even in low light conditions. However, the best feature of this monitor is its impressive 24-hour battery life, which means that you won’t need to recharge the parent unit frequently while you move around the house and do your chores. This makes it one of the best budget baby monitors with a long-lasting battery.


  • Voice-activated screen sleep mode
  • Long battery life
  • Includes built-in lullabies
  • Temperature sensor with alerts
  • Comes with a travel clip


  • Backlight is too bright, leading to quick battery drain
  • Lullabies are too loud when played.

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What To Look Out For In The Best Baby Monitor Under $100

Video Quality

When searching for the best baby monitor, video quality is a crucial consideration if you want to visually monitor your baby. While some brands emphasize a big LCD screen, having a clear video of your baby on the monitor’s display is more important. A camera resolution of 720 pixels or higher is recommended for high-quality images and videos of your baby.

TIP: If you’re searching for a high-quality video baby monitor, be sure to take a look at my comparison of the Nanit and Miku monitors, which both offer exceptional night vision capabilities.

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Audio Quality

Having good audio quality is just as essential as video quality, if not more, because you’ll hear your baby before seeing them. Therefore, a clear signal without any distortion, static or white noise is crucial to keep track of your baby’s needs.

Several of the best baby monitors under $100 come with features such as an audio-only mode or screen sleep mode to save battery by automatically turning off the baby camera when not in use. Some baby monitors even come as audio-only devices. While video monitoring is an added advantage, many parents can manage with audio monitoring alone.

Night Vision

Night vision is a common feature on many baby monitors under 100 these days, and for good reason. It’s essential for parents who need to check on their baby during nighttime. Some monitors have built-in night lights, while others use infrared LEDs to provide a clear image even in complete darkness. Regardless of the specific night vision feature, having one on a baby monitor is definitely beneficial.


Nowadays, baby monitors often advertise their long-range transmission capabilities, with some claiming to have a range of up to 1000ft. While it’s true that with a WiFi-enabled monitor, you can monitor your baby from anywhere with an internet connection, opting for a WiFi-compatible monitor might be the best choice if you need to keep track of your child while you’re away from home.

However, personally, I find it worrisome that you could see or hear your baby but be too far away to take any action if needed. Thus, I would suggest looking for a monitor that can cover your entire home, as even with a long-range monitor, I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my baby unattended.


Baby monitors rely on radio frequencies to transmit audio and video signals. It is important to note that different models operate on different frequencies, and some emit radiation that has been linked to potential harm in babies, including cancer.

To minimize radiation, parents should pay attention to the frequency emitted by the baby monitor they choose. Monitors that only use low-band frequencies between 35 and 50MHz are the safest option. It is also recommended to place the monitor as far away from the baby’s bed as possible to avoid exposing them to any harmful frequencies.

Analog Vs. Digital

Although analog baby monitors are typically cheaper, there are now many digital options that cost less than $100, and most of the top baby monitors available today are digital. Analog devices are generally more prone to issues such as static, while digital devices offer clearer visuals and sound as well as longer transmission ranges. However, some people consider analog monitors to be safer than digital monitors due to their lower radiation emissions.

Temperature Monitoring

As a new parent, I recall being anxious about the temperature of my baby’s room. This is why a temperature sensor monitor is a valuable function, especially during the initial stages of a baby’s life when they are unable to regulate their body temperature. Fortunately, many of the top baby monitors that cost under 100 dollars come with this feature.

Parent Unit Screen Size

The size of the screen on your baby monitor isn’t a big concern since the purpose is to monitor your child, not to watch them for amusement. However, some parents may prefer a larger screen, especially those who have difficulty with their vision. The largest screen size available for under 100 is typically five inches, like the Hello Baby HB50 Video Baby Monitor. Another option is to choose one of the best baby monitors that has a smartphone app.

Wi-Fi Connection

A wifi-enabled baby monitor has two benefits: it allows you to monitor your baby from your phone, and you are not limited by the transmission range of the device. The primary drawback is that wifi monitors are more susceptible to security breaches from hacking, although instances of baby monitor hacking are still uncommon.

Ability To Monitor Baby Via Phone App

Many baby monitors that are compatible with wifi are controlled through an application. Some parents may find these applications useful, as some of them have a microphone feature that allows you to speak to your baby, which is a nice feature.

Two-Way Audio

Being able to communicate with your baby from another room is a useful feature of a baby monitor. Most of the top baby monitors under 100 dollars offer two-way communication, allowing you to comfort your baby with your voice even if you are not in the same room.


When purchasing an affordable baby monitor, many parents are worried about security. The main reason for buying a baby monitor is to ensure your baby’s safety, so the possibility of your data being hacked and your security being compromised is alarming.

If you opt for a wifi monitor, it is essential to make sure that it uses secure wireless technology and provides a secure connection. Some devices use digital encryption technology to prevent security breaches.


Most baby monitors nowadays are portable and can be easily packed up and taken with you. However, the VTech VM819-2 appears to be especially compact among the models we reviewed.

Battery Life

Having a long battery life is important for baby monitors, as parents would not want the device to stop working while they are asleep. All the monitors reviewed here come with rechargeable batteries, with most parent units having a battery life of around eight hours.

However, the VTech VM819-2 stands out with a remarkable battery life of 19 hours.


Based on the reviews, the VTech VM819-2 seems to be the top choice for the best baby monitor under 100, but other options included in this article have also received positive reviews from customers.

Types Of Inexpensive Baby Monitors

There are three primary categories of baby monitors available in the market, and there are choices for each type that cost under $100.

Audio Monitors

An audio monitor solely provides auditory feedback of your baby’s sounds and doesn’t provide visual information like a video baby monitor. The VTech baby monitor, which is my personal favorite among the best affordable options, prioritizes long-range audio transmission over video monitoring.

Video Monitors

Nowadays, a lot of affordable baby monitors offer video capabilities that enable parents to see their babies in real-time. As video monitors become more prevalent, it’s reasonable to expect that parents would want to have both audio and visual monitoring. These monitors typically have a color LCD screen that allows for convenient monitoring through both sight and sound.

Smart Monitors

Smart baby monitors are characterized by wireless digital transmission and app control. The value of these monitors may depend on the user’s tech-savviness, but wireless technology is becoming a standard feature in baby monitors. Many parents find them convenient because they can check on their baby using their phone and don’t have to carry a separate unit. These monitors are among the most innovative options available on the market.

TIP: Make sure to take a look at my comparison between the Owlet and Angelcare monitors, as they are currently considered some of the top smart baby monitors available.

FAQs: Best Baby Monitor Under $100

Can You Get A Good Baby Monitor For Under $100?

Certainly! Nowadays, it’s possible to find a quality baby monitor for less than $100. The availability of affordable audio and video baby monitors has increased, making it unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a reliable baby monitor.

What Features Are Useful In A Budget Baby Monitor?

When purchasing an inexpensive baby monitor, it’s crucial to prioritize the quality of the audio and video feeds. Opting for a straightforward monitor that provides excellent audio and video is preferable to choosing a complex one with subpar performance.

Are Audio-Only Baby Monitors Any Good?

While video baby monitors are generally more effective than audio-only monitors, the latter can still be quite handy. After all, it’s usually the audio alerts that prompt parents to check the video feed.

Final Thoughts On Best Baby Monitor Under $100

You can find a quality baby monitor for less than $100 if you know what features to prioritize. It’s important to focus on the monitor’s basic performance, such as clear images and crisp audio, rather than extra features.

This guide should assist you in finding affordable baby monitors that you will enjoy using. If you’re interested in other baby-related guides, you might want to check out guides on preparing for a baby, saving money on baby items, and selecting the best baby monitors, including those with WiFi and for twins.

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