11 Best Baby Nail Clippers To Keep The Li’l One’s Nails Clean

If you want your infant to be clean and healthy, you need to clip his or her nails. When you have the best baby nail clippers, cutting the nails is never an issue.

Nail growth can be controlled from becoming unwieldy with their help. Examine the following recommendations for the top infant nail clippers to think about purchasing. All of the choices here are risk-free and simple to implement.

11 Best Baby Nail Clippers

Best For Safety: Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors

Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors


These scissors are made of sturdy stainless steel and are designed to be used daily on newborns without causing any harm. You can quickly and painlessly clip your child’s nails with these ergonomic tools.


  • Nail clippers with the thinnest blades possible
  • The blades’ rounded tips make puncturing the skin impossible by accident.
  • Easily held by a parent’s two fingers, the handles are comfortably sized.
  • The blades can be protected while not in use by sliding the included plastic shell over them.


  • The plastic lid may slip off.
  • The possibility exists that it’ll be a bit cumbersome to use.

Best Easy-To-Use: Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors


These cute clippers may be used with either hand, and the rounded tip protects both you and the infant from accidental cuts.


  • Protective nail clipping is easier with the rounded tip.
  • protects against unintentional puncturing
  • The blades are narrow and compact, making short work of even the tiniest nails.
  • Include a protective cover to place over the blades when not in use.


  • It’s possible that the pattern won’t hold up

Best Electric Clipper: Little Martin’s Drawer Electric Nail Clippers Kit

 Little Martin’s Drawer Electric Nail Clippers Kit


Here’s an electric nail filer that can do it all and is suitable for the whole family. A baby’s nails can be filed with the three padded sandpaper pads included in the set. Learn more about the features and benefits of this product by watching the accompanying video.


  • Pads make nail filing painless and safe for sensitive skin.
  • This motor runs on two AA batteries (not included) and features two speeds.
  • Fitted with a light at the filer’s base
  • The motor is quiet and efficient in its operation.


  • Light from within may be too dim.
  • Perhaps not as long-lasting

Best Ergonomic: Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper

Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper


This set is convenient for parents because of its sleek, no-frills design and ergonomic bamboo cradle. The splash of color serves to divert children’s attention while you clip their nails, allowing you to do so more efficiently and with fewer mishaps.


  • The clipper’s base is a hardy piece of bamboo wood.
  • Offers a lot of traction.
  • The clipper’s lever top is rubberized so the user’s thumb won’t slip.
  • Its portability and comfort ensure that it will be used frequently.
  • Includes a secure thumb rest


  • Inadequate color saturation is a possibility.

Best S-Shaped: Fridababy NailFrida SnipperClipper Set

Fridababy NailFrida SnipperClipper Set


This nick-free clipper has scissor-like blades so that nails can be trimmed gently and precisely rather than snapped off in one fell swoop. The baby’s nails may be filed with ease thanks to the S-shaped filer, which conforms to the nail’s natural shape.


  • Includes an S-shaped file ideal for a baby’s tiny fingernails.
  • The clipper’s patented safety hole in the blade lets you see how much of the nail you’ll be cutting.
  • Safeguards against unintentional skin entrapment when using a clipper
  • Clipper’s handles are big and comfortable to hold.


  • The possibility of very sharp edges

Best Stainless Steel Blades: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper


These magnifying nail clippers can allow you trim your little angel’s nails without straining your eyes and without missing a single detail.


  • Includes a magnifying lens that stores in the clipper’s base
  • Nail four times as large in glass (4x magnification)
  • Sharp stainless steel blades provide for clean, accurate cuts.
  • Nail cutting is made easier because to the large, comfortable handle.


  • Toenail clipping might not go as smoothly.
  • Batteries are a pain to swap out.

Best Convenient: Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper


In addition to clipping your nails, this set also serves as a filer thanks to its included emery board. Baby’s nails can be trimmed while they sleep because the file board slides neatly into a slot on the clipper.


  • The clipper’s handle is broad, padded, and ergonomically designed to be held with ease.
  • The rounded blades are comfortable for a baby’s developing nails.
  • Clippers with built-in lights are helpful for trimming delicate nails.
  • The light’s battery lasts a long time.


  • After repeated use, the blade may get slightly dull.

Best Curved-Edged: Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper


These high-tech, ultraconvenient nail clippers have an adjustable magnifying glass that gives 5X more clarity than standard models.


  • Clipping magnifier unfolds for use and stores compactly out of sight.
  • Massive grips
  • The nail clipper’s rounded blades make it ideal for use on infants.
  • provides a secure hold on


  • This one could be a little trickier to utilize.
  • Possible overly-loud clipping

Best Battery-Powered: ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer


This battery-operated nail clipper has a cushioned top that is gently filed by a motor. The motor features two speeds for your flexibility and the baby’s ease of use.


  • The possibility of skin abrasions and nicks is eliminated.
  • Seat covers are interchangeable
  • Included are four cushions of varied hardness.
  • Ergonomically designed grip facilitates effortless handling.
  • Includes a carrying case for easy packing and transportation.


  • Prolonged use could be a possibility.

Best Hygienic: Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File

Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File


This high-quality file makes filing the nails of your precious little one far less dangerous and more straightforward than ever before. It’s more efficient and convenient than other nail filers on the market because it’s made of authentic Czech glass.


  • The premium glass construction makes it suitable for usage on a baby’s nail beds.
  • Smoothly and efficiently files nails without damaging skin.
  • There is no danger of skin irritation.
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Excellent for those with smaller hands and fingers.


  • Getting acclimated to it could be a challenge.
  • Possible slowness in the trimming procedure

Best Quality: Pigeon Nail Scissor

Pigeon Nail Scissor


Cut the baby’s nails with as much blade as you need using Pigeon’s adorable pair of scissors. The pointy end of the scissors is ideal for precise and painless nail trimming.


  • Consisting of premium-grade stainless steel
  • ABS resin grab handles
  • Designed with adult fingers in mind, the ergonomic shape of these knobs ensures a secure hold.
  • Allows you to spend less time and energy


  • Could be too little for some moms and dads

At What Age Is It Safe To Clip The Baby’s Nails?

Baby nails can be trimmed as early as the first month of life. Nails of newborns grow so rapidly that weekly trimming may be necessary for the first several weeks (1). Nail care for infants requires special clippers. Most people, though, aren’t sure what makes a baby nail clipper any different from an adult one.

How Are Baby Nail Clippers Different?

There are various distinguishing features of baby nail cutters.

Smaller size: 

For this reason, the clippers are scaled down to fit the little hands of infants. It’s possible that the clipper’s head is only half the size of a full-grown one.

Large handles and guards: 

Although the cutting edge of the clipper is quite little, the grips are typically quite sizable. The parent can get a good grasp on the child’s nails for easier clipping. It’s possible that the grips are rubberized for extra ease of use. Guards at the tip of baby nail clippers protect the nail from being clipped too short.

Lights and magnifiers: 

These days, you may even find nail clippers that have a built-in magnifier and a light at the very tip. By using these tools, you may examine the infant’s fingernails with greater precision.

Baby nail clippers can come in a wide variety of styles, from multicolored ones to those with specific blade sizes and shapes. Next, learn about the many kinds of infant nail cutters available.

What Are The Different Types Of Baby Nail Clippers?

The many varieties of infant nail cutters include the following:

Standard nail clipper: 

It looks like a standard nail clipper, with a lever that activates a cutter at the end.

Nail scissors:

It appears to be a normal pair of scissors, but it has a special tip for trimming the baby’s small fingernails. When not in use, the metal tip of some pairs of scissors can be protected by a plastic guard.

Electric nail trimmer: 

These battery-operated electric nail filer trimmers are preferable to traditional nail clippers since they file the nail down instead of cutting it. If your baby’s nails are too small for a clipper to handle, or if the nail bed is sensitive, this may be a good alternative.

How To Choose A Nail Clipper For The Baby?

Here are some things to think about while choosing a nail clipper for your kid.

Right size: 

Nail clippers should be big enough to cut the nail cleanly without nicking the skin around the nail. If it appears like your entire fingernail or a chunk of your finger is getting cut off, try a smaller nail clipper.

Good grip and additional features:

Try to find a pair of nail clippers with thick, rubberized grips. Get your hands on a clipper before you buy it to make sure it fits and feels good.

Having the correct baby nail clippers makes keeping up with the baby’s nail hygiene a breeze. Nonetheless, regular cleaning of the nail clippers is required to ensure their continued efficient operation. Next, you’ll get some information on that.

How To Clean The Baby’s Nail Clippers?

Following are some broad guidelines for sterilizing nail clippers for infants:

Clean with a brush: 

Any dust or other buildup around the clipper’s cutting head can be easily removed using a normal cleaning brush. A soft, dry cloth can be used in the same way.

Soak in disinfectant: 

If you want to sanitize the nail clipper without damaging the metal, soak it in an appropriate disinfectant. Any non-flammable liquid, such as denatured ethanol, can be substituted. To disinfect the clipper, pour the liquid into a container and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

The nail clipper may not be water-resistant if it is made of rubber or wood. A cotton ball dipped in the disinfectant solution can be used to wipe down the clipper’s cutting blade. The excess liquid can be blotted up using a dry cotton ball.

Sterilize if possible: 

Metal shears can be sterilized in a pacifier or baby bottle sterilizer. Because of the high temperatures within a sterilizer, only metal scissors or clippers should be sterilized. Plastic and rubber could melt.

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