Best BB Guns For Kids

10 Best BB Guns For Kids To Buy And A Buying Guide in 2023

BB guns can provide kids with a fun and engaging outdoor activity, promoting their physical activity and hand-eye coordination. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which BB guns are the best for kids. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top BB guns for kids, taking into account their safety, reliability, and overall user experience.

10 Best BB Guns For Kids

Best Trendy Slide: Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol


The Umarex BB gun has a 19-shot,.177 caliber pistol. It sports a fashionable slide and muzzle design and a useful Picatinny rail underneath the muzzle for add-ons like a laser or illumination. Watch this video to learn more about this product.


  • Drop-proof magazine
  • Metal only magazine
  • Fires standard steel BBs
  • CO2-powered
  • Flexible and strong polymer frame


  • Mags could jam
  • The shooting range could be small.

Best Water-Resistant: Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump BB Air Gun

Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump BB Air Gun


For kids who love to play with large firearms, Crossman makes a kids’ BB gun. It sports a black rifled steel barrel in a tactical design. This weapon can be used for target practice, pest control, and other activities. It can fire BBs at 625 fps and pellets at 600 fps.


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Includes a five-shot pellet clip for a Crosman Firepow.
  • Includes scope, laser, flashlight, and camera accessory rail mounts.


  • Have a pressure problem
  • Perhaps a little hefty

Best Lightweight: Umarex Brodax .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol Revolver

Umarex Brodax .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol Revolver


Up to 10 pellets can be fired simultaneously using the Umarex 12gm CO2-powered revolver-style BB gun. Anyone would be interested in this unusual revolver. At 375 fps, it can fire BBs. To learn more about the product, watch this video.


  • Lightweight
  • Lasers, lights, or accessory mounts for the Picatinny rail are built-in.
  • A sturdy polyamide frame with internal metal components
  • Built-in hex key


  • Could leak

Quick Tip: You can lower your risk of injury by wearing gloves, full-sleeve shirts, and neck coverings.

Best For Shooting Practices: Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun

Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun


The Daisy BB gun is appropriate for target practice or outdoor activities like camping. It has a maximum shooting distance of 195 yards and a maximum velocity of 350 fps.


  • Steel barrel with a smooth bore
  • Open rear sights that are adjustable
  • Includes a saddle ring with a leather thong and stamped metal.
  • Safety cross bolt trigger


  • Possible loading problems

Quick Tip: Knowing which eye is dominant will help your youngster shoot more effectively and aim more accurately.

Best For Teaching Kids: Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun

Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun


Children who enjoy shooting and outdoor play may find the airsoft rifle to be a good educational tool. It features a 650-shot capacity, a low velocity of 350 fps, and a manual cross-bolt for added safety.


  • Lever-locking mechanism
  • Arms and stock are made of solid stained wood.
  • Flexible rear sight
  • Bright steel bore barrel


  • A plastic cocking lever is possible.
  • May be challenging to use

Best Metal Frame: Red Ryder Daisy A Christmas Wish BB Gun

Red Ryder Daisy A Christmas Wish BB Gun


Red Ryder’s gun might make the ideal Christmas present to put under the tree. It has a wood finish and a 650 round capacity. The weapon has a compass and a sundial.


  • Metal barrel and frame
  • Automatic safety
  • Steel blade with a smooth bore
  • Movable sights


  • Possibly not long-lasting
  • May not fire with precision

Best Cast Iron Lever: Bear River Barra 1866 Cowboy Series Lever Action Multi-Pump BB And Pellet Air Rifle

Bear River Barra 1866 Cowboy Series Lever Action Multi-Pump BB And Pellet Air Rifle


A multi-pump system is included with the Bear River cowboy series gun for enhanced BB pellet fire. It features a golden electroplating finish on the buttplate and receiver for a timeless look. Power levels range from one to 10 pumps, with ten pumps blasting at a maximum of 800 fps.


  • Iron cast lever
  • Iron sights that are movable
  • Metal octagonal barrel with a 20″ bore
  • 1 year-long warranty


  • Air could spill.

Best Compatible With Pellets: Barra Airguns 1866 Air Rifle

Barra Airguns 1866 Air Rifle


Barra air gun is enjoyable to use because it works with both pellets and BBs. Your kid will experience the feeling of a true gunslinger from the Wild West when using this junior rifle. After each shot, the auto safety on this gun activates. With a single pneumatic pump, it can fire at speeds of up to 350fps.


  • Extended lever arm
  • Consists of safety eyewear
  • Includes practice targets and BBs
  • A superior finish


  • Possibly not powerful
  • Plastic components could degrade quickly.

Best CO2-Powered Mechanism: ASG CZ .177 Caliber Steel BB Gun Air Pistol

ASG CZ .177 Caliber Steel BB Gun Air Pistol


An imitation gun constructed of steel is the.177 caliber BB gun from ASG. Maximum range and speed are ensured by its toughness and CO2-powered mechanism. The gun’s slide moves and produces genuine blowback action, and it features a detachable magazine.


  • Automatic safety
  • Realistic result
  • Threaded snout
  • Has a single serial number and genuine CZ marks.


  • The CO2 cartridge could leak.
  • Possible jam

Best Manual Safety: Umarex Smith & Wesson .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

Umarex Smith & Wesson .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol


Umarex’s BB gun is a precise physical reproduction of Smith & Wesson’s M&P pistol. It is a suitable practice gun because it fits the same holster used for weapons. This BB-firing pistol allows you to shoot your targets with double and triple taps and is accurate to a basic handgun distance of 8.3 yards. Up to 480fps of steel BBs can be fired from it.


  • Automatic safety
  • Incorporates a fiber optic back sight
  • Contains a built-in auxiliary rail
  • Suitable for plinking in the backyard and training


  • Possible jam

How To Choose The Right BB Guns For Kids?

When purchasing a BB gun for children, keep the following things in mind.

Bodily injury: 

Make sure that if someone is accidentally shot with the pistol, they won’t suffer any physical harm. It ought to be set to manual safety.

Safety glasses: 

Make sure your child has safety glasses on to avoid any accidents.

Powerful BB guns: 

Avoid purchasing powerful BB guns, especially if you intend to train your child with them or use them for entertainment.

Small BB guns: 

Pick small BB guns since they are secure and convenient to carry.

Basic gun safety: 

Before playing, make sure your child is familiar with the fundamentals of gun safety.


For a realistic appearance and lasting performance, pick a pistol built of strong, long-lasting materials.


BB guns can be a great option for kids looking to have fun outdoors. By choosing a BB gun that is safe, durable, and user-friendly, parents can ensure that their kids have a positive and enjoyable experience. Whether it be a pump-action BB gun, a spring-powered BB gun, or a CO2-powered BB gun, it’s important to consider the child’s age and skill level before making a decision. With the right BB gun, kids can enjoy hours of fun and excitement, while also learning valuable skills like aim and precision.

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