13 Best Big Wheels

Children are naturally curious and active, so it can be challenging to keep them occupied with a toy or other safe accessory for long. The best large wheels, however, can answer all of your worries by giving kids of all ages a ton of thrilling enjoyment for a long time.

Big wheels are tricycles with training wheels attached to the back wheel, or child-safe bicycles, that sit low to the ground. Kids can easily ride scooters and other big wheels because of their low seat height. These provide the child with freedom of movement without sacrificing protection. Due to the design of big wheels, children have an easier time riding them on a variety of surfaces without the risk of falling off. This article serves as a buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the best big wheels for your kid.

Safety Tips For Big Wheels

  • It’s important to wait until your kid is ready before getting them a big wheel trike. Your kid can have trouble handling it if it’s too hefty.
  • It’s not uncommon to find a huge wheel tricycle with both forward and reverse gears. Pick the one with the most flexible pedals.
  • You might want to look for one that has a long wheelbase. It makes it less likely to topple over and adds stability.
  • Both too tight and too loose of a grip on the handlebars are dangerous.
  • A number of other things come into play once the child is relaxed in the trike. So pick the one that has the most comfortable seat you can find.
  • Let’s have a look at the many variations of large wheels.

Types Of Big Wheels

Classic Big Wheels For Kids

These are the most typical huge wheels, and they are also known as lowrider big wheels. A seat that slopes backwards and is low to the ground is included. Pedals are positioned on both sides of the front wheel. We use the handlebars to steer the front wheel while the rear tires remain stationary.

Push Big Wheels For Kids

These push-along wheels have a low seat and are designed for children who aren’t yet old enough to ride a tricycle. They’ll need to use their feet as pedals because it doesn’t have any.

Upright Big Wheels For Kids

It has a massive front tire, like the ones on traditional big wheels. Children who are ready to make the move from a push large wheel to a traditional big wheel will find this tricycle to be the ideal transitional vehicle.

It’s time to check out Momsparenting’s roundup of the top 13 children’s large wheels.

13 Best Big Wheels To Buy

Best Comfortable: Fisher-Price Thomas And Friends Tough Trike

 Fisher-Price Thomas And Friends Tough Trike


The bright blue color of this tricycle is the first thing anyone will notice. There’s plenty of room to stretch out on the broad seat, and the sturdy tires give the vehicle a solid foundation on the ground. The child-friendly handlebars make riding a breeze, and there’s a hidden storage area for snacks or toys. Please watch this video review I made of the product to assist you decide whether or not to buy it.


  • Decorated with hip graphics and stickers
  • Toe-friendly front-wheel pedals
  • A storage space is created by lifting the seat.
  • It’s safe to say that these tires were made for “off-road” travel.
  • Extra-sized pedals


  • The child’s legs won’t be able to reach the pedals until he’s at least 3.5 feet tall.

Best Functionality: Royalbaby Freestyle Bike For Boys And Kids

Royalbaby Freestyle Bike For Boys And Kids


This large wheel exemplifies the best of form, function, and safety, making it perfect for kids of a more mature age. The steel construction and dual-braking system (front caliper and rear coaster) ensure your safety at all times. The bike’s non-slip pedal and wider tires make it safer to ride. To read the author’s in-depth opinion of this product, please click here.


  • Simple to put together
  • Equipped with a set of wheels for learning the ropes
  • Controls with a firm grip
  • Includes a protective cover for the chain
  • In 7 distinct hues
  • Embraceable chairs


  • It could be a bit cumbersome

Best Adjustable: Schwinn Roadster Tricycle For Kids

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle For Kids


It’s not necessary to have a new trike every few years if you have this one. A movable, tilting seat is included. For the sake of adaptability as your child grows, this is ideal. It also has chrome fenders and cruiser handlebars shaped like mustaches. Check out this review if you want to learn all about the product’s finer points.


  • Seating that is both low and secure
  • Bars with a chrome finish
  • Structurally sound, made entirely of steel
  • Original wood decking
  • Features a bell and tassels.


  • The process of assembling could take some time.

Best Sturdy Frame: Dynacraft Magna Street Bike

 Dynacraft Magna Street Bike


This is a bike to keep an eye out for if your kid is ready to move up to a “large kid” cycle. It’s a safe bicycle thanks to its steel frame, and its unique style sets it different. The comfortable ride and easy-to-grasp handlebars are double benefits for your child’s developing motor abilities.


  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Includes a grip protector
  • Featuring a coaster brake in the back
  • Includes a set of removable and adjusting training wheels


  • The instructions for putting it together are inadequate.

Best For Bumpy Roads: Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter

Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter


Kids who would prefer scoot to their destination than pedal will love this scooter. Features bike-style 12-inch tires for smooth travel over rough terrain. Scooter with interesting graphics and handlebars inspired by BMX bikes.


  • The wide footing makes it simple to maintain your equilibrium.
  • Features an adaptable, freestyle handlebar.
  • Supports up to 220 pounds.
  • Possesses 2 Axle Pegs
  • a height of 33 inches


  • Stiff and cumbersome in assembly, the breaks

Best Racing Design: Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Wheel Trike

Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Wheel Trike


This tricycle’s chopper-inspired racing design is a sight to behold. To prevent spinning out, the massive 16-inch front wheel is equipped with a performance grip. The seat’s height and recline are adjustable, making it suitable for kids of all ages, but especially those aged 3 to 7.


  • Railings with a shiny chrome grip
  • Wheel Size 7 Inches in the Back
  • Having a low point of gravity
  • Award-winning tricycle with a weight limit of up to 65 pounds


  • Because the front wheel is plastic rather than rubber, there is less resistance when traveling over rough terrain.

Best With Light And Sound: Fisher-Price Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lights & Sounds Trike

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lights & Sounds Trike


This tricycle might be a great asset to your youngster if he or she aspires to become a police officer or simply wants to keep the neighborhood secure. It has a hidden pocket in the handlebars and a removable seat that can be stowed away in the designated slots. The big front wheel helps you pedal more quickly.


  • Features The cast of PAW patrol
  • Featuring both visual and auditory cues
  • Includes a walkie-talkie that can make noises as well
  • Anti-slip material has been applied to the pedals.
  • Long, steady wheelbase


  • Weaknesses in the assembly manual

Best With Storage Bad: Huffy Frozen Big Wheel Bike

Huffy Childrens-Bicycles Frozen


This Frozen-themed bicycle will transport your little girl or boy to the magical country of Arendelle. It has a front handbrake and a rear coaster brake, making it a good choice for kids between the ages of three and five. For convenience in teaching a youngster to ride, the seat features a hole for a parent’s hand.


  • ‘Frozen’ character artwork is included.
  • Wraparound chain guard with ornamentation
  • Bag for the handlebars that sparkles
  • Handlebar tassels included.
  • Fast and simple assembly in just 4 steps


  • Slightly pricy.

Best With Removable Wheels: Mongoose Switch Bikes For Kids

Mongoose Switch Bikes For Kids


This kid-friendly bike features an easy-to-use foot brake, making it ideal for both experienced riders and those just starting out. It has black grips and metal spoke wheels, making it look like a professional rider would use it. Your kid won’t get any nasty scrapes or cuts thanks to the chain guard.


  • Equipped with detachable training wheels
  • With its low stand-over frame, it’s very manageable.
  • Strong, four-piece grips
  • They have 18-inch tires
  • Modifiable couch


  • The instructions in the user manual are incomplete.

Best Dinosaur-Themed: Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer


This kid-friendly vehicle can make even the roughest terrain seem like a cakewalk. The Jurassic World go-kart is suitable for use on both smooth and rugged surfaces. Because it can only be operated by a parent, you’ll never have to worry about your youngster being out of sight.


  • Features a power-lock braking mechanism and has a weight capacity of 65 pounds.
  • Battery and charger for a 12-volt system included.
  • Safer driving with wide tires.
  • The dino’s jaws are operable, so you may open and close its mouth as needed.


  • Limits top speed to 6 mph on tough terrain.

Best With Padded Seat: Huffy MotoX Boys Bike

Huffy MotoX Boys Bike


To ensure its durability, the frame of this big-wheel bike was cast from steel. The rapid release of the seat’s alloy backrest allows for effortless height adjustments. It is simple to ride and control thanks to its front handbrake and rear coaster brake. Comfortable grips and 12-inch tires make this bike a blast to ride.


  • The grips are soft and the lights are brilliant.
  • Chain cover with protective opacity
  • Cushioned seat and wheels held together by alloy spokes.
  • Hardware is provided.
  • Detachable stabilizer bars


  • Pedals could be a bit too rigid.

Best Unique Design: Hauck Sirocco Racing Go Kart

Hauck Sirocco Racing Go Kart


The go-kart track is often the first stop when we visit an amusement park because every kid loves to race. Get him this pedal go-kart so he can have the same fun you did. This kart doesn’t require a clutch and can be driven anywhere, so it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a three-spoke steering wheel and small wheels.


  • Modifiable couch
  • Powder coating for steel tubes
  • Doesn’t need to be charged or run on batteries
  • Amusing visuals


  • The box says it’s good for kids aged 2-12, but those over 8 feet tall may find their knees hitting the wheels.

Best Easy-To-Assemble: Minnie Mouse Big Wheel Junior Cruiser

Minnie Mouse Big Wheel Junior Cruiser


This big-wheeled tricycle is perfect for the little princess in your life, and it can be customized with her favorite characters. The stickers can be easily applied with some glue during assembly. The 15-inch front wheel and light frame make it simple to ride and handle.


  • Your child can ride with the front wheel illuminated by LED lights.
  • You may change the angle of the 15-inch wheel in three places.
  • Having fat tires makes it easier to steer.
  • Quick and simple construction


  • There are small pieces, thus it’s not recommended for kids under 3.

A few of the ways in which huge wheels can help your kid will be discussed below.

Benefits Of Big Wheels

  • This bike is ideal as a “first bike” before removing training wheels.
  • They learn to be self-reliant.
  • Their motor abilities and hand-eye coordination can both benefit from this.
  • Their coordination and balance will improve as a result.
  • When they accomplish something like this, it boosts their self-esteem.
  • The results show an increase in their intelligence and capacity for solving problems.

What to Look for When Buying Large Wheels.

When looking for children’s huge wheels, it’s important to remember the following:

Your Child’s Abilities

Your child’s age and skill level should be your top priorities while shopping for a big wheel. To ensure your child’s safety, wait to buy one until he or she is able to walk unassisted and the pedals are within easy reach.


Make sure the seat is low and the front wheel is big and strong. A child may easily maintain control of the trike in this manner.


You should go for large wheels that are neither too hefty nor too light. If it’s too heavy, it will be difficult for your youngster to handle, and if it’s too light, it could topple over and cause harm.


Most huge wheels may be ridden in either direction, therefore it’s important to get one with a flexible pedal. Your child’s leg may suffer from a tight pedal if the trike just goes forward, which could prevent him from learning to ride it.


The wider the handlebars of a child’s tricycle, the more stable it will be and the simpler it will be for the child to steer. Both too tight and too loose of a grip on the handlebars are dangerous.

Toys with big wheels are fantastic for helping kids practice their motor skills and enhance their hand-eye coordination. When shopping for a huge wheel, it’s important to think about more than just the weight, the width of the handlebars for stability, and the aesthetics. Features such as a low seat and a large, dependable front wheel help children maintain control of the bicycle or scooter. Also, make sure the pedals and seat are easy for a child to use and that the toy is comfortable for an extended period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is it appropriate to purchase big wheels for my child?

Your youngster should be able to stand up straight and take a few steps on his own before you buy him a big wheel tricycle. In addition to knowing whether or not their child has basic foot control, parents should consider things like whether or not their child’s legs are long enough to reach the pedal, whether or not their child can sit on the trike without falling off, and whether or not their child can turn corners safely. If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you might want to wait before introducing your child to a tricycle.

Does my child need to wear protection when using big wheels?

Children’s hand-eye coordination doesn’t mature until about age 7, therefore they should always wear safety gear like helmets and pads when riding big wheels.

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