13 Best Changing Tables For Your Baby’s Nursery

Changing diapers is arguably one of the least enjoyable parts of being a new parent. However, your infant needs frequent diaper changes in the first few months. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the top rated baby changing tables to help you out. Diaper changes are tough, especially if your child is cranky and fidgety. Laying the baby down on a changing table allows you to utilize both hands for the task at hand.

However, with so many possibilities, picking the best changing table can be difficult. You can locate a product that meets your requirements by browsing the options below.

13 Best Diaper Changing Tables

Best Overall: Delta Children Infant Changing Table

Delta Children Infant Changing Table


The wooden changing table by Delta Children also features two shelves. The structure can be folded down for simple stowage. There are five color options for the table.


  • A changing pad is included and can be placed on top of the table for use.
  • The manufacturer includes all necessary hardware for table assembly in the shipment.
  • On all four sides of the baby’s changing area are high guard rails for safety.


  • After being assembled, the height of the table is a mere three feet. Diaper changes can be a pain in the rear for parents who are taller than average.
  • The wood or the paint on it may be to blame for the strong chemical odor that some parents have noticed.

Best Secure: Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table


The instructions and hardware to build the wooden changing table are included in the package. The wood diaper changing table has been stained with non-toxic paint. Watch this video for a closer look at the item.


  • For maximum protection during diaper changes, the high side rails of this changing table extend the depth of the surface.
  • A waterproof changing mat is included with the table for convenience. A secure baby changing pad with a safety strap.
  • The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and ASTM International have all validated the table’s safety and quality.


  • The strap may not work for all infants, and some parents have complained that the changing mat is too small. However, parents are free to replace it with a different changing pad if they like.

Best Multifunctional: Costzon Baby Changing Table

Costzon Baby Changing Table


In addition to being a convenient place to change diapers, this table also provides a lot of room for other necessities. The table’s top is solid oak wood, and it’s finished with non-toxic, water-based paint.


  • There are a total of six storage baskets in the set, three of which are smaller and three of which are larger. Identical to drawer slides, one basket slides into another. Each drawer has a spot for a label card to help family members and roommates identify its contents.
  • Once in place, the screws are completely embedded and cannot scratch a parent.
  • The changing mat has a secure top for added peace of mind while the baby is being changed. There are protective rails on either side of the table.


  • Some of the pieces are incorrectly identified in the instructions, and visual aids are used to convey most of the information. The product does not come with any of the required tools for assembly from the manufacturer.
  • When babies get a little bit bigger, the safety rails could be too short.

Most Unique: Badger Basket Corner Changing Table

Badger Basket Corner Changing Table


This space-saving diaper changing station can be placed in a closet or other tight spot. It’s ideal for nurseries that are tight on space and can’t accommodate a bulky diaper changing station. More information about the product is provided in this video.


  • The unit has six shelves total, three on each side. There are two drawers, one large and one little, in the front of the unit. Even if the table is tucked into a corner, you can still quickly grab what you need from the racks.
  • The diaper changing essentials can be stored conveniently on the upper side shelf. They won’t have to be put on the changing table any longer.
  • You will receive a secure changing mat for diapers. The pad is arranged in such a way that the baby can lie down in a vertical position, making diaper changes much simpler.


  • The diaper changing table does not have any protective rails. The changing pad may be too thin for some parents’ tastes.
  • Because of their triangular shape, most baskets won’t fit on the shelves.

Best Stylish: Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table


The table is constructed of wood and is available in eleven different colors so that you may find one that complements your existing furnishings.


  • The two shelves are spacious, making them ideal for storing baskets. The shelves can also be used as racks for displaying or storing items.
  • Generally speaking, newborns of most ages won’t be too tall for the guard rails.
  • A changing pad is included with the table upon delivery.


  • Some parents have complained that the assembled product is wobbly and flimsy, however this may be due to variations in the product they received.

Best Anti-Tip: Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser

Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser


When you’re done using it as a changing table, you may convert it into a dresser. Because of its intended use as a dresser, it features numerous drawers and shelves.


  • The cabinet and three tiny drawers provide ample storage space.
  • As a dresser, once you take off the changing table on top, it may serve as a regular piece of furniture.
  • The table won’t wobble when the baby moves about during diaper changes thanks to its anti-tip design.


  • Some parents felt the wood wasn’t as high-quality as that of competing hardwood changing tables.

Best For Taller Parents: DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table


A two-shelf changing table crafted from New Zealand pine that is harvested without causing any harm to the environment. The table is a good height for taller parents.


  • With the table comes a waterproof changing pad with a safety belt.
  • Diaper changes will be easier for people of greater stature because to the table’s height of 40 inches (3.3 feet).
  • To prevent accidents, the manufacturer includes a table anchor kit.


  • Some of the parents had problems with the supplied item since the paint was peeling.
  • Compared to other options for baby changing tables, this one is more expensive.

Best Versatile: South Shore 2-Drawer Changing Table

South Shore 2-Drawer Changing Table


This sturdy changing table can also serve as a regular dresser for your little one. You can choose the hue that works best with your home’s current design scheme from the two available alternatives.


  • One huge open shelf and two smaller drawers may be seen at the base. Stackable baskets can be stored on the shelf.
  • To ensure the safety of the infant, it has one top rail and rounded corners.


  • A changing pad to fit on top of the table is not included in the package.
  • Because there are no tools provided, the assembly process is made more difficult than necessary.

Best Sleek: Graco Lauren Changing Table

Graco Lauren Changing Table


This tall, modern, and easily transportable table is sure to be a hit with the parents. The simplicity of the design also makes it one of the quickest and least complicated changing tables to put together.


  • The built-in wheels on this table’s base make it easy to move around. Two of the four wheels can be locked for extra security.
  • A changing mat is provided. There is a railing around the perimeter of the diaper changing room. The table may be pushed with the help of two bars on either side.
  • All the necessities for a diaper change, plus some extras, may be stored conveniently on only two shelves.


  • Some parents are concerned that their older children will damage the table if they utilize it.

Best Baby-Safe: Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table

Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table


It can be used as a table for changing diapers or as extra storage space. If needed, the changing pad can be purchased separately, and the table is available in four different colors.


  • Below the changing table is a large bin for additional storage and a shelf. The bin can hold the infant’s crib, play mat, and toys with ease. Eventually, you can convert the table into a rack for storing things.
  • The infant changing table has protective raised sides and a front guard rail. A changing mat is included as well.
  • Baby-safe finishes complement the sturdy wooden construction. The JPMA also approves of it.


  • panel alignment and screw hole location could be off.

Best Changing Table With Crib: Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Changing Table

Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Changing Table


The convertible design allows it to serve as a daybed, a full-size toddler bed, and even a changing station for your infant. To put it another way, it’s a one-stop shop for everything a baby will need as they grow into toddlerhood. Check out this video if you want to learn more about this item.


  • In addition to the aforementioned four functions, the product also includes three drawers and three storage shelves.
  • You may open up the space by taking down the walls that surround the bed and the changing table. The changing table is adaptable to three different bed types: the crib, the toddler bed, and the day bed.
  • Diaper changes may be done with peace of mind thanks to the baby’s changing table’s high safety rails. There is also a changing mat for the baby.


  • Assembling all of the components would take too long. Several mothers and fathers have also complained about missing or incorrect labels, a lack of clear directions, and a lack of identification of where screws should be placed.

Best Space-Saving: Koala Kare Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

Koala Kare Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station


If you’re short on nursery space, this folding changing table is perfect for you. The changing table has a polypropylene plastic surface and a steel understructure for durability. The table can be used in the same way that a regular changing table is used.


  • The table is hinged so that it may be tucked neatly against the wall when not in use.
  • The tabletop’s material has antibacterial properties.
  • Changing the diapers of babies and toddlers is no problem for the platform’s weight capacity of 200 pounds (90 kilograms).
  • The table takes up very little space when folded, as it is only four inches away from the wall.


  • If you want the table to be fitted securely and with no wobble, you need hire a professional.
  • Finding a ready-made changing pad for the table may prove difficult; you may need to have one created especially.

Best Portable: Costzon Folding Diaper Station

Costzon Folding Diaper Station


It’s ideal for busy parents on the go. This diaper changing station may be set up in any room of the house or taken on the go.


  • The table’s steel frame folds up easily thanks to a hinge. Steel provides strength and stability. The frame is equipped with nonslip feet.
  • There are a number of uses for this table. Keep the cushion in place to use it as a changing table, or take it off to convert it to a bathing station.
  • Slots on one side of the table provide storage for diaper bags, wipes, lotions, and other baby necessities. Diapers can be stored on a sling shelf located at the base of the cabinet.
  • Diaper changing tables typically have PVC tops because of their need to be resistant to moisture.


  • The drain pipe for the bathing table can be difficult to assemble for some parents.
  • Some parents worry that the table’s sturdy frame won’t support their heavier or bigger babies.

Just as crucial as selecting the ideal diaper changing table is ensuring its continued viability and functionality. Up next, we’ll go over some helpful hints for making the most of your time spent at the diaper changing table.

Why Get A Diaper Changing Table?

You might be wondering if a dedicated diaper changing table is necessary. That’s true, actually. These considerations may lead you to purchase a dedicated diaper changing table.


An unsanitary practice is to leave the baby’s soiled diaper lying around the house. Diaper change should be done in a clean, sanitary area away from the baby’s sleep area.

Safety for the baby: 

When it comes to the protection of the baby, most diaper changing tables will include side rails. If the baby rolls over during a diaper change, they won’t be able to slide and fall. In the absence of actual guard rails, the raised edges of even the most basic tables serve as de facto bumpers.

Easy for parents: 

When changing a baby’s diaper on a pad on the floor, parents may have to go into an uncomfortable position. However, changing tables are designed so that an adult may change a baby’s diaper while standing up straight.

Storage space: 

A majority of changing tables for infants and toddlers provide storage space, typically in the form of shelves or drawers. To save time and effort, you can keep all of the baby’s necessities, such as diapers, wipes, tissues, and other accessories, in one easy-to-access location.

If you’re in the market for a diaper changing table, you have a few options.

How To Choose A Diaper Changing Table?

Before making a final purchase, think about the following details.


First, you’ll want to take some measurements to make sure the table will fit in the room. Choose a table whose height is comfortable for the parents and caregivers who will be doing the majority of the diaper changes.


Select a table that has enough compartments or shelves to hold the supplies you’ll need for a diaper change.

Guard rails and weight limit: 

Select platforms that have added safeguards, such as elevated edges or guardrails. You should also check the maximum weight the table can hold just in case.

Design and style:

When chosen with care, a diaper changing table can blend in with the rest of the furniture. Pick a style that flows naturally with the rest of the room’s fixtures.

Next, we’ll take a look at some of the top options for diaper changing tables so you can make an informed purchase.

Tips For Using Diaper Changing Tables

Store diapers on or close to the table: 

Keep diapers, lotions, and other necessities close at hand while changing a baby by making use of the table’s storage area. If your diaper changing table doesn’t come with convenient drawers or shelves, keep a bag nearby.

Use the safety strap: 

There are several tables that feature diaper pads with secure straps. Before beginning the diaper change, fasten the straps so that your child is secure even if they wiggle.

No sleep, no play on changing table: 

A baby should not be left unattended on a diaper table for naps or playtime. This is because, despite the presence of protective rails, the infant still may be at risk of tumbling due to the table’s height, which is intended for adults to use when changing a diaper.

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