15 Best Clays For Kids

Making something out of clay is a terrific way to get kids off their phones and tablets. Besides stimulating their imaginations, children’s senses, and providing a terrific venue for developing their motor skills, this art activity is a winner all around. With the greatest kids’ clays, kids may enjoy the benefits of clay modeling without leaving the safety and convenience of their own homes.

Children’s imaginations can run wild when they play with clay, which they can shape into anything from cups to vases to cars. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best clay modeling kits on the market so you may surprise your kids with a fun new hobby. Stay with me here.

15 Best Clays For Kids

Best Ready-To-Use: Crayola Air Dry Clay

 Crayola Air Dry Clay


The plastic bucket, which can be reused, is used to store the ready-to-use clay to keep it from drying out.

Because it is less sticky than regular clay and has a finer, smoother texture, it will be appealing to your kids’ sense of touch. Drying turns the white earth clay into a durable material. It’s safe for kids of all ages to use (though we suggest they wait until they’re at least six) because it doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals. This white, pastel, vibrant, and natural clay is ideal for DIY projects.


  • Easily shaped
  • Reusable
  • When dried, it can be painted over with watercolors, acrylics, or even tempera.
  • Doesn’t require baking to shape


  • A lot of kneading might be required.
  • Since this clay is porous, some dyes may require many applications.

Best Light And Soft Clay: Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay


This set of colorful modeling clays is a great way to encourage your kid’s imagination. This clay set has everything you need to keep the kids busy: 24 colors and a 72-page instruction manual. Extremely lightweight, cushy, and simple to use, it’s perfect for kids. It’s supposedly safe to eat and free of common allergens like gluten, tree nuts, and peanuts. This clay dries in the open air without shrinking or cracking. There are three different sculpture tools and 24 additional sealed bags included.


  • Facilitates rational thought
  • improves inventiveness
  • Non-Stick, Kid-Friendly Texture
  • Received approval from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and European Union’s National Standard (EN71)


  • Reusing could seem hard
  • Clay may dry up while still in use

Best Clay Accessories: Creativity Kids Clay Mythical Creatures Kit

Creativity Kids Clay Mythical Creatures Kit


If your youngster is interested fantasy and mythology, then they might like playing with this unique clay kit. In this kit, children need to create three mythological monsters using the clay and plastic skeletons given. This could be a perfect clay crafts project for beginners. Also, this clay does not get dry rapidly. The package features five various colors of clay, sculpting tools, and accessories to embellish the magical creatures. You can choose from three themes: Mythical animals, dinosaurs, or glow-in-the-dark turtle lagoon.


  • Easy to sculpt
  • Encourages tactile perception
  • Helps with fine motor abilities and is safe to use.
  • Strengthens hand muscles


  • Adheres to some surfaces potentially.
  • It could be challenging to clean clay from molds.

Best Non-Sticky And Non-Toxic: ESSENSON Modeling Clay Kit

ESSENSON Modeling Clay Kit


It’s a ton of fun to play with because it’s soft, lightweight, and fluffy. This clay is supposedly great for kids because it can be easily molded and isn’t sticky. This set of clays comes with a mixing bucket so that you may create new colors and comes with four dinosaur clay molds. The clay and the mold are both kid-friendly because they aren’t harmful and because they don’t contain any BPA.

Best For Beginners: Crayola Modeling Clay in Bold Colors, 2lbs, Gift for Kids, Ages 4 & Up

Crayola Modeling Clay in Bold Colors, 2lbs, Gift for Kids, Ages 4 & Up


This clay set features 16 brilliant colored clays to encourage your kids to explore clay creations at home. This clay won’t dry out and is nice and pliable, making it a good choice for novices. Because it doesn’t dry out or lose its pliability, this clay can be reused indefinitely. Children of all ages are welcome, however those under the age of three should have an adult present.

Best Easy-To-Mold: Crayola Modeling Clay Classpack

Crayola Modeling Clay Classpack


This kid-friendly clay set comes with 21 one-ounce packets of white clay and 18 one-ounce packets of red, yellow, and blue clays. The clay is highly stretchy and porous; consequently, easy to mold. It is simple to work with, since it does not stick to hands and can be rolled out and sliced without difficulty. Kids can also make their own colors by mixing colored clays with white. This air-drying clay ensures that your kid’s creations won’t be lost when playtime is over.


  • Combines easily
  • Drying it out in the air makes it lighter.
  • Does not crumble
  • Mess-free
  • Free of danger and toxicity


  • Potentially causes dryness in the hands
  • Consistency similar to foam

Best Washable And Easy-To-Clean: Essenson 24 Color Air Dry Clay Set

Essenson 24 Color Air Dry Clay Set


This is one of the best clay kits for kids, with everything they need to get started, including 24 various colored clays, sculpting tools, and adorable animal accessories. The clay is non-toxic, biodegradable, machine washable, and simple to maintain. It’s suggested that kids at least six years old do this. Suitable for use in clay-based arts and crafts, such as keychains, bag tags, etc., the clay air dries in 24 hours. This can be utilized as a fun activity that keeps youngsters focused for hours.

Best Vibrantly Colored Clay: Hey Clay Aliens Modelling Air Clay

Hey Clay Aliens Modelling Air Clay


Do your children enjoy watching cartoons about monsters and aliens? If yes, then they can construct their own aliens using this kid’s clay. The included software provides templates for making unique creatures out of the kit’s 18 cans of air-dry clay in a rainbow of colors. The clay is reportedly safe to use, easy to mold, and requires no special tools. After your child has finished making their creation, it will be dry in 24 hours and can be kept indefinitely.


  • Encourages creative thinking in children
  • Beautiful hues
  • One canister per clay shade, all made to stringent American and European Union specifications


  • When two colors are mixed into one clay, it becomes quite challenging to pull.
  • Clay with a greenish hue could potentially stain.

Best Skin-Friendly And Hypoallergenic: Toyvelt Clay Dinosaur Set

Toyvelt Clay Dinosaur Set


Expand your child’s creativity as well as the learning curve with this dinosaur molding clay set. By using the materials in this set, you may instruct your child in recreating some of the flora and creatures that lived during the Jurassic period. The molds are already there, so all they have to do is manipulate the clay and press it. This clay kit includes with five colored clay doughs, 11 pieces of plastic molds, tools, and accessories, all of which are stated to be BPA, lead, and phthalate-free, and safe for youngsters.


  • Foldable Container
  • Chemical-free components
  • Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners
  • Contributes to the growth of motor competence
  • Durable


  • Ancillaries can not be very sturdy.
  • Stains items potentially.

Best For Children Above Six: Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit

Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit


Seeking modeling clay to use in kid-friendly art projects? Then, you might want to try out this package of clays, which includes thirty different colors of clay that are all safe for sensitive skin and won’t cause any irritation. This set features googly eyes, keychains, and other fun craft supplies that your youngster may use to make their own unique creations. More than that, it comes with three tools for working with clay. As a bonus, this could be the perfect holiday or birthday present for your kid.


  • Clearly laid out steps
  • Fosters original thought
  • Facilitates better hand movements
  • Tenderness of texture


  • Affects the carpet or the furnishings.
  • Possibly no place to put things

Best Smooth And Reusable: Holicolor 36 Color Air Dry Kit

 Holicolor 36 Color Air Dry Kit


This modeling clay set is safe and fun for kids over the age of six because it is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Younger children should play with it only if accompanied by an adult. This clay kit extravaganza features 36 various colors of clay, sculpting tools, and fascinating accessories, and may be just the thing to encourage your child’s imagination. Because of how quickly this clay dries, it is best to store it with the lid closed after each use. Furthermore, there is a 24-color option available.


  • A breeze to elongate and blend
  • Differently labeled containers
  • Brilliant hues
  • Accompanied by a user’s manual


  • Possible hand staining
  • It’s possible that damp clay will encourage the growth of mold.

Best Vegetable-Based Material: Ifergoo 46 Blocks Polymer Clay Set

Ifergoo 46 Blocks Polymer Clay Set


The polymer clay sculpting set for children features 46 individual blocks of clay, plus tools, embellishments, and a carrying case. Polymer clay, in contrast to air-dry clay, is soft and malleable. Furthermore, it may be used again even after being exposed to the elements. However, you may need to bake your kid’s clay creation in an oven if you want to ensure its survival. This clay is supposedly safe and environmentally friendly, meeting all applicable criteria in the industry.


  • Meets the requirements of ASTM D-4236.
  • In separate packages
  • Quickly pliable Vivid hues


  • There is a risk of suffocation from little ornaments.
  • Incompatibility with other brands is possible.

Best For Imagination And Creativity: Jovi Plastilina Reusable Modeling Clay

Jovi Plastilina Reusable Modeling Clay


This kid-friendly clay set is perfect for learning how to create various animals and cartoon characters. Ten 5oz. rolls of assorted colored clays are included. These clays are supposedly manufactured from mineral modeling clay and vegetable-based substance, making them suitable for children to use. They’re pliable and smooth, so children may shape them with ease. Further, the clay can be reused indefinitely because it does not dry out.

Best For Family Time Activity: Faber-Castell DIY Modeling Clay Set For Kids


It’s stocked with all the tools a young creative mind might want. There are ten different colors of clay, a rolling tool, eight different cutter shapes, a texture plate, and a push mold in this set for kids. The clay can be handled with relative ease because it is pliable and does not adhere to the fingers. There have been reports that they are well-made and risk-free for children. These clays are non-drying, so your children can create, exhibit, and reuse their creations indefinitely. Use this clay set as a way to spend quality time with your kids and build stronger bonds within your family.


  • generates less clutter
  • includes a carrying case
  • Guaranteed not to leave any marks on your hands
  • Non-toxic


  • Possible adhesion to some substrates
  • After drying, the texture could become fairly rigid.

Best Engaging: Toysmith Rainbow Clay

Toysmith Rainbow Clay


Allow your children’s creativity to run wild with this 24-color clay set. The materials used in each clay set are believed to be of the highest quality and non-toxic for children. Children over the age of five should use this kit. Your children will have a blast making all sorts of crazy and fascinating artwork with this full palette at their disposal.


  • Supple and adaptable
  • Reusable
  • Increases Intrigue


  • Not all of them come with a bag or other means of carrying contents.
  • Can’t put in the oven

How To Choose The Right Clay For Kids

When used with caution, modeling clays may be a fun and effective tool for encouraging kids to explore their imaginations. Clay modeling is another great activity for kids to help them hone their dexterity with their tiny fingers. That’s why it’s crucial that you equip them with suitable clay materials. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out clay for your kids.


Make sure the clay you buy is kid-safe by checking the ingredients. Make sure you’re not too young or too old. It’s important to avoid buying clay sets that contain chemicals or allergens.

Type of clay: 

Both polymer clay and air dry clay are available as kid-friendly options. There are advantages to each of them. When compared to air dry clay, which dries in 24 hours but shrinks as it dries, polymer clay does not dry but may require baking. To that end, pick the one that works best for you.


Sculpting tools, googly eyes, and other embellishments are often included with clay kit extras. See what’s available and pick the one you believe your kids will like the most.

Molds or freestyle: 

Some modeling clays feature built-in molds, so kids may simply press the clay into the desired shape. Some clay kits, however, do not include molds, so you’ll need to sculpt the clay by hand to make the forms you require. Select accordingly to your child’s skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is clay good for kids to play with?

Playing with child-safe clay promotes initiative and curiosity in addition to developing critical thinking, problem solving, and motor skills. The social benefits of clay modeling for your child extend beyond improved communication and interaction skills (1).

Is air-dry clay safe for babies?

If they are made to ASTM standards, most well-known air-dry clays are safe for children to use. Clays are often not intended for use by infants, but are great for kids aged three and up.

Can kids use air-dry clay?

Air-dry clay is a fun and safe material for children to use in creative play. When it dries out, you can’t use it again. In addition, as it dries rapidly, kids may need to work with it at a faster speed, which might be difficult.

How do I use clay for kids?

Playing with clay is best done on a large table, board, or easily mopped floor. First, let your kid experiment with the clay on their own to learn how it behaves. You might also show them how to play by giving them a demonstration. After they’ve gotten the hang of working with clay, it’s time to introduce them to some kid-safe cutters and tools (1).

Is modeling clay the same as Play-Doh?

Play-Doh and modeling clay serve similar functions, although the former is often preferred since it dries faster and is easier to work with when wet. In spite of its initial firmness, modeling clay quickly softens when played with.

For kids of all ages, making things out of clay or play dough is a fun and productive way to spend time away from electronic devices. It’s a great way to encourage their imagination and help them develop fine motor and visual abilities. When bringing one into the house, check to see that it is non-toxic and decide between polymer clay and air dry clay depending on your own choice. Additionally, you can get your kid a clay kit that has a bunch of extras like molds and tools so they can make all sorts of cool stuff.

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