11 Best Educational Toys For 3-Year-Olds

A excellent educational toy can assist your three-year-old acquire useful abilities as they prepare to enter formal education. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite multipurpose toys for 3 year olds. Your youngster may have a great time while learning new and interesting things with these toys. Your child may develop their mind, body, and soul by playing these games, which teach them the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. Some playthings even help kids communicate, take on roles, and develop their abilities. They’re a great way to strengthen your relationship with your kid and give them self-assurance.

The excitement of playing with these educational toys will inspire your kid to keep studying. To learn more, peruse the items on our list.

11 Best Educational Toys For Three-Year-Olds

Best Reusable: Toyk Aqua Magic Mat

Toyk Aqua Magic Mat


The Aqua Magic Mat is an amazing set that will keep your inquisitive child occupied all day long. To splash color into this sketching mat, all you need is a water pen. In addition to the jigsaw puzzle, drawing book, and storage bag, the kit features six pens, eight shapes, four templates with alphabets, numerals, and shapes.

Simply fill the pen with water, screw on the top, and hand it to your youngster to get some creative juices flowing. It satisfies your child’s scribbling needs while also fostering his or her development in important ways. Children’s handwriting also benefits from the use of these stencils and shapes. In three to ten minutes, the drawings will vanish and be replaced by new ones.


  • Waterproof Mat
  • Nylon construction with reinforced stitching and no hazardous chemicals.
  • Allows for compact folding
  • Fosters better hand-eye coordination


  • It’s possible that machine washing and drying could ruin the item.
  • Possibility of a small stain

This timeless Melissa & Doug product will aid your youngster in learning to read and identify pictures and words. It also helps your kid learn new words and improve their spelling skills. Images are painted on each board, and the text is incised. Put the letters up on the whiteboard and have your kid spell them out one by one. It is packaged in a small yet durable wooden box that can be transported with relative ease. Here’s a video that will help you make a well-informed purchase.

Best For Improving Vocabulary: Melissa And Doug See And Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Melissa And Doug See And Spell Wooden Educational Toy



  • Holding a letter is a breeze.
  • Word walls with two sets of letters
  • Strengthening fine motor skills using painted wooden alphabet letters.
  • Ending on a slick note


  • There is a possibility that it has small pieces that could present a choking danger.
  • Possibly contains identical words

Best For Creativity: Likee Wooden Pattern Blocks Set

Likee Wooden Pattern Blocks Set


The unique set of blocks will keep your youngster occupied for hours while encouraging the growth of important abilities like imagination and creativity. The Likee kit features sixty picture-card design templates and thirty-six wooden components in a range of shapes and colors. The pictures on the cards might serve as inspiration for your youngster as he or she builds with wooden blocks.

Your child will benefit from increased abilities in areas such as spatial awareness, color/shape identification, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving. They are also safe to use because they are constructed from natural wood. Check out this link for an honest review from a YouTuber.


  • contains no sharp corners
  • Familiar and simple to understand
  • teaches the fundamentals of stacking, sequencing, and sorting
  • includes a metal box for storing


  • Possibly won’t maintain its current form
  • After some time, the paint could start to chip.

Best For Safety: Skyfield Wooden Animal Puzzles

Skyfield Wooden Animal Puzzles


The wooden puzzle by Skyfield comes in a set of four pieces, perfect for developing young minds. The bear, honey bee, butterfly, and ladybug are just few of the cute images that adorn each of the puzzles. These puzzles are manufactured from wood that has been carefully polished to remove any rough edges, making them safe for toddlers. Non-toxic water-based paint is used to coat the product, and it is devoid of lead, phthalates, and BPA. It’s great for your kid’s social and motor skill development.


  • Improves concentration
  • Increases Sensitivity
  • Thick and comfortable to hold
  • Comprises a convenient pouch for transport.
  • Perfect for bonding with your kid(s)


  • Possible underestimation of size
  • Potentially fragile puzzle frame

Best Easy-To-Use: Soyee Magnetic Blocks

Soyee Magnetic Blocks


Young children and their inquisitive minds will love playing with Soyee’s magnetic blocks. There are 52 magnetic blocks, a booklet of construction suggestions, and a convenient carrying case included with the kit. There are a variety of bright colors and fun geometric forms to choose from, making these blocks ideal for constructing eye-catching sculptures and structures. There is a permanent magnet embedded in each tile, so they snap together effortlessly.


  • Strengthen your knowledge of STEM
  • ABS plastic with no sharp corners or burrs
  • Promotes originality Helps with reasoning and spatial awareness Coordination and dexterity


  • Potentially weaker magnetism

Best For Improving Concentration: HahaGift Matching Letter Game

HahaGift Matching Letter Game


Playing this game of letter matching with your kid will help make learning more enjoyable for both of you. Included in this set are 30 double-sided flashcards with 60 pictures and words, eight letter cubes, and a tray to hold everything. Helping your youngster learn to recognize common objects, letters, and words promotes healthy parent-child relationship.

They can be taught to spell the words and then given a task to pair them up. Your kid will be able to focus better, remember more, and maybe even learn to read a few words.


  • Inspires creative problem solving and smart planning
  • Aids in the development of better hand-eye coordination
  • Quickly understood
  • Various hues are obtainable.


  • Could break under pressure

Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: FlyingSeeds Wooden Stacking Toys

FlyingSeeds Wooden Stacking Toys


Your youngster can improve their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness with the help of stacking toys. Four colorful and uniquely shaped FlyingSeeds toys are included in this collection. Your kid can learn a lot more than how to stack the toys: forms, colors, sizes, and even nuanced differences between colors. All the rough edges have been sanded off, and they are just the correct size for a toddler’s hands.


  • Strengthens the mind’s ability to reason
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination, precise motor abilities Features durable pegs
  • paints that are safe for the environment and can be used with water
  • With the ability to assemble in multiples,


  • It’s possible that washing this won’t be safe.

Best For Improving Logical Thinking: Free To Fly Take Apart DIY Dinosaur Toys


One option for a gift for a child turning three is a set of Free To Fly’s disassembled dinosaur toys. The electric drill and the three screwdrivers included in this set make it simple to disassemble and reassemble the three dinosaur toys included in this set. Using the low-speed, two-way electric drill, your child will have no trouble putting it back together or taking it apart. This STEM toy is a fantastic method to improve your child’s creative thinking, analytical skills, and motor skills.


  • Produced using ABS plastic, a material proven safe for use by humans
  • Animated tail wags, joints can move, and there’s a working mouth.
  • Helps kids pay attention better
  • Mixing and matching dinosaur components is possible.
  • Fast and simple set-up


  • Small components not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • The possibility exists that some of the components are weak.

Best Pressure-Sensitive Technology: Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet


The pressure-sensitive Bravokids LCD writing tablet is designed for kids over the age of three. The included writing instrument is a pointed stick that can be used like a pen to jot down notes on the tablet. This tablet is great for kids because it allows them to freely express themselves through writing or the creation of bright patterns. Your child can use it without worry thanks to the lock and delete buttons.

High-quality plastic with anti-fall and waterproof qualities ensures the product lasts. It’s possible that this rechargeable tablet will be the most effective solution to the clutter that constant scribbling on paper and the floor causes. Many different hues are available, making it appropriate for both boys and girls.


  • Built without the use of bisphenol A
  • Shock-resistant
  • Boosts inspiration Prompts you to pick up a pencil
  • Convenient battery compartment


  • Battery life may decrease more quickly
  • As a result, the colors might not be as vivid.

Best For Self-Expression: Brainspark Digit blocks Magnetic Building Blocks

Brainspark Digit blocks Magnetic Building Blocks


The ideal cubes of vivid, solid colors that make up the digit blocks can inspire children’s imagination and creativity while also aiding in the growth of motor skills, language, and spatial awareness. The set comes with a drawstring bag for transport and storage of the 48 magnetic bricks in assorted bright hues.

These digit blocks are interchangeable with other brands’ transparent or analogous sets. Large sculptures can be built using several different blocks. In addition, kids may use it with confidence because it is made out of BPA-free, non-toxic ABS plastic, has magnets built right in, and is easy to clean.


  • Facilitates emotional connection between parents and their offspring.
  • Ideal for kids on the autism spectrum
  • Decreases anxiety and tension while enhancing analytical and numerical reasoning


  • Magnetic strength varies from block to block.
  • Possible undersizing of the blocks

Best For Preschool Education: Eho Preschool Learning Math Flashcards

Eho Preschool Learning Math Flashcards


The Eho preschool learning set is a math set that features 30 addition and subtraction flashcards, a pen, and ten digital flashcards. The set also contains eleven wooden numerals. You can use it to introduce your three-year-old to numbers and basic arithmetic operations.

With its non-toxic wood and cardboard composition and rounded edges, this kit is a great way to start your child to preschool education. They’re a good size for little hands to hold on to, but not too small that they can be swallowed.


  • One storage bag is included.
  • Fosters the development of analytical and logical reasoning
  • helps with concentration, learning new colors, and more practice makes perfect


  • Perhaps there is no allure to numbers

How To Choose The Right Educational Toys For Three-Year-Olds?

In order to help you select the best educational toys or learning toys for your 3-year-old, we’ve compiled a few tips.

Learning ability: 

Individual differences in cognitive development mean that not all kids need to have the same level of academic aptitude. Pick out a toy that will help your kid learn while they’re having fun. Don’t try to teach them too much with a complex toy just yet.

Skill developing: 

There is a good chance that your kid has picked up some skills in the last three years. Pick a toy that will either challenge your kid in a fun way or help him or her reach the next stage of development.

Interactive toys: 

Pick a plaything that fosters connection between you and your kid(s) or between kids themselves. Your child will benefit from a deeper appreciation for their environment and enhanced opportunities for social development as a result of this.

Safe to play:

Kids of any age are at risk for choking or other injuries, but especially those under the age of three. Select a learning tool that is safe for your youngster by avoiding those with little pieces or pointed edges.

Children may play and learn with educational toys. They don’t make learning seem like more of a chore and instead work it into their free time. Our goal in creating this shopping guide was to help you have a more positive experience with your child by allowing you to make an informed decision when purchasing educational toys for a three year old.

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