11 Best Flying Toys Your Kid Will Love To Play

Check out our selection of the finest flying toys to make the best choice if you’re seeking for ways to increase your child’s time spent playing outdoors and away from screens. Flying toys keep kids interested and provide them a constructive way to release their energy. Even though kids today must spend a lot of time on their phones for educational and other purposes, having flying toys can ensure that your child spends time outside playing in the sunshine and fresh air.

Children begin their exploration of physics and aerodynamics with flying toys. These toys come in a variety of designs, such as those with motors, remote controllers, and rechargeable and replaceable batteries. Read on and make your decision.

11 Best Flying Toys

Best Stretchable: Namii W Rubber Chicken Slingshot

Namii W Rubber Chicken Slingshot


Stretchability is made possible by the use of the rubbery TPR materials in Namii W’s flying toy bird. The item can be cleaned with soap and water if it becomes soiled. These kid-friendly toys may be kneaded and have the greatest flexibility. Put your index finger under the chicken’s head and tug the tail with the other hand. The toy’s flight is an instant mood enhancer in any situation.


  • Safe to wash and maintain
  • Safe for the environment
  • Features a set of ten playthings
  • Not easily fractured
  • Included is a tube of water beads.
  • Slings, each in its own wrapping


  • The tail can be a little weak.
  • Walls may be marred.

Best Fall-Resistant: AMERFIST Flying Ball Toys

AMERFIST Flying Ball Toys


The internal positioning of the propellers in the drones offered by AMERFIST prevents mishaps and eliminates the need for remote controls. The premium ABS used to create these flying spinner toys is flexible enough to endure numerous collisions. This toy has a built-in battery that enables charging via a USB port. The drone is surrounded by vibrant lights that provide for an enjoyable experience both indoors and outside.


  • 360-degree spin
  • Non-toxic
  • Lightweight
  • In 25 minutes, it will be fully charged.
  • Can be played for up to 10 minutes
  • Fall-resistant


  • Putting your hands under it could make it unsteady.
  • One possible action to halt it would be to flip.

Best Stretchable: Kizplays & TIECKE Flying Ball

Kizplays & TIECKE Flying Ball


When these flying balls hit the ground or collide with other things, they stop spinning. In this manner, neither you nor the propellers will suffer any harm. To safeguard your safety, this toy starts to fly 3 to 5 seconds after being turned on. The drone may be controlled by raising your hand when it senses your presence, which causes it to fly higher.


  • Constructed from ABS, a substance that poses no health risks to users.
  • Rotor blades that can be removed and adjusted
  • Capacitive sensor
  • Capable of being recharged
  • Luminous disco LEDs
  • Fast-acting charge


  • Maybe not equipped with a control panel
  • Possibly won’t take off in opposite directions

Best Hands-Friendly: Toys By Battat Disc-Oh Flyers

Toys By Battat Disc-Oh Flyers


The flying disc from B.toys moves and illuminates while you pull the string to launch it into the air. This toy’s ergonomic disc launcher design makes it easy to grasp while it creates glowing patterns during flight. Your toddlers can watch it either inside or outside, which provides for a fun activity and allows them to get some much-needed vitamin D.


  • Grip that won’t slip
  • Specifically sized for children’s hands.
  • Simple battery removal and installation.
  • Included LED lighting is built in.


  • The pull string can break if you use it too roughly.
  • Inconvenient for some people to utilize.

Best Battery-Powered: Daron Sky Fighter Flying Toy

Daron Sky Fighter Flying Toy


The blade in the middle of this fighter plane, which is powered by batteries, shortens its duration in the air. Your youngster will enjoy launching these flying plane toys during playtime and feel like a tiny pilot thanks to them. These flying airplane toys take off quickly when the swivel is pushed at the right degree. You may easily grasp it after the allotted fly time has passed and bring it down to get ready for landing.


  • Front propeller made of plastic
  • Uses no additional controls
  • Easy-to-carry construction
  • Built to last


  • Possible lack of installed batteries
  • Pre-assembly is not allowed.

Best BPA-Free Material: Discovery Toys Sky Spin Flying Aerial Disc Launcher Deluxe Edition

Discovery Toys Sky Spin Flying Aerial Disc Launcher Deluxe Edition


To keep your child interested, the launcher and the included wings rocket into the sky and fly quickly. Pulling the string will lock one of the launcher’s given wings. Your kids can learn to regulate altitude and direction with this toy. This disc launcher is perfect for developing kids’ gross motor skills while teaching them about physics and aerodynamics. It is both entertaining and instructive.


  • Increases dexterity of the eyes and hands
  • Fabricated with safe, BPA-free materials
  • Aids with motion analysis and figuring out how to manipulate directions
  • Strengthens the ability to keep your eyes on a moving object
  • Simple, pull-string-and-handle design.
  • With an additional set of four wings


  • A string may not be easily replaced.
  • Be a little tricky to reel in

Best for Swift Flying: Sumind Magic Flying Butterfly

Sumind Magic Flying Butterfly


Twenty parts in 20 different colors, patterns, and designs make up Sumind’s flying toy butterfly set. This toy has paper wings and can fly easily and fast with the aid of a rubber band. You can use these butterflies as stocking stuffers for Christmas to thrill your little children and make a wonderful present. Sumind’s butterflies are inserted into cards to let them come alive.


  • A lightweight and simple launch system
  • The butterfly’s head is movable, so it may be pointed in any
  • The two most common types of structural support are plastic and wire.
  • High-speed flight


  • Potentially short-lived flight time
  • maybe brittle

Best Lightweight: Playmaker Toys Flying Chicken Slingshot

Playmaker Toys Flying Chicken Slingshot


You only need to use your hands to launch the flying chicken from Playmaker Toys into the air. It’s simple to amuse your kids as the animal flies throughout the room. Your youngster will erupt in laughter as you stretch out the chicken’s legs, insert your index finger below its head, and hurl the bird at walls. Your kids will love the amusing sound that is generated each time the toy drops on the floor.


  • The dog will enjoy playing fetch with this toy.
  • Moves quickly
  • Easy-to-carry construction
  • Designed with secure pockets for storing things


  • Since it contains a battery, washing it may be dangerous.
  • Depending on your preferences, the volume may be too high.

Best For Indoors And Outdoors: SYMA 2-In-1 Remote Control Drone & Car

SYMA 2-In-1 Remote Control Drone & Car


The flying automobile toy from SYMA includes a Land and Aerial mode that transforms it into a drone for flight. With the remote control, you may fly the car around or drive it when the modes are switched, which also aids in anti-interference, quick reaction, and long distance control. These flying toys for kids can resist collisions both indoors and outside due to the use of sturdy plastic in their construction.


  • Easily manageable
  • Featuring a variable-speed design,
  • LED light and a swiveling design make this a must-have.
  • Extra-Long Playing Time
  • Stop in the nick of time to save the drone!
  • Distinctive swashbuckling rotor blade action


  • Possible underestimation of size
  • This battery may not last very long.

Best Portable: Ariel Flying Pig Stress Toy

Ariel Flying Pig Stress Toy


The Flying Pig Stress Toy by Aerial is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and is filled with foam. This little pig can resist being squeezed, punched, or thrown to relieve all of your stress without getting any creases or wrinkles. When a tense scenario develops, you can utilize this toy, which is soundless and the perfect size to be placed on your work or study desk.


  • Lightweight and pliable
  • Constructed from polyurethane
  • The easiness of usage
  • The ideal size to fit comfortably in the palm
  • A rainbow of hues is yours to choose from.


  • Maybe won’t make a peep
  • A tight fit is possible.

Best For Nighttime: Bastex LED Light Slingshot

Bastex LED Light Slingshot


To launch Bastex’s LED Light Slingshot, you simply need to fold the wings, fasten the rubber band, and turn on the lights. The flying toy helicopter gently descends after taking to the air. With just your arms and an elastic, you can launch the toy up to 200 feet, which is an entertaining sight, especially at night. These tiny toys are simple to use and a terrific way for kids to spend the time.


  • Fast-flying
  • Obtains a Great Height
  • Wide, rubber bands
  • LED lights powered by a battery
  • Included are a total of 12 components.


  • Potentially fragile fins.

After looking at some of the most entertaining flying toys for kids, let’s examine how to make the best selections.

How To Choose The Right Flying Toys


You can choose from a variety of aerodynamic toys available on the market according on what the recipient or your child prefers. You can fill Christmas stockings with or give entertaining items like helicopters, cars, drones, animals, and discs.

Flight time: 

Look for a flying time that is sufficient for toys like vehicles, helicopters, drones, and airplanes, which may be between 5 and 10 minutes. You can choose indoor toys like these because they will be close to the power supply and avoid the annoyance of short flying durations.


Some toys, like flying animals, can be launched into the air with nothing more than elastic bands and your own power. However, those who use technology require batteries or can be recharged via USB cords. Make your decision based on the option that is most convenient for you.


To maximize your child’s safety, look for toys constructed of strong, long-lasting materials that are also non-toxic and BPA-free. These toys have a long lifespan and can endure bumps and falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a flying ball?

A flying ball, sometimes known as a hover ball, is a kind of hand-operated drone. To use the flying ball, simply turn it on by pressing the power button, then shake it.

How should I fly a toy plane?

Toy airplanes that can be tossed and then built are ready to fly. However, remote-controlled aircraft can’t take to the skies until their batteries are fully charged. After giving it a full charge, the remote control can be used to fly the toy plane.

At what age can I introduce flying toys to my child?

Children as young as three can enjoy the thrill of playing with manual flying toys. And by the time they’re nine, they could be ready for battery-operated, more complex toys. When playing with flying toys, children of any age should always have an adult present (1).

Kids and grown-ups alike are enamored with anything that can take to the air, and this includes toys. These gadgets are great for getting kids of all ages away from electronic devices and directing their boundless energy into constructive play. The greatest flying toys can encourage your child to spend more time outside while also fostering the development of fine and gross motor skills through play. Children’s play with these toys can help them develop essential abilities like socialization and motor control while also introducing them to the principles of aerodynamics. If you want your kid to have the best possible time with the toy, think about what they’re into.

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