15 Best Funny Books For Kids That Make Them Laugh

Considering that the best treatment is laughter, why not get the funniest books for kids to keep them entertained. One of the best habits you can teach your child is reading because it can help them develop their language abilities and keep them interested. Funny books are great sources of entertainment for your kids and promote good reading habits. Your child can end up laughing so hard they roll on the floor. Here are some of our top recommendations for amusing children’s books that you might buy.

15 Best Funny Books For Children

Best Bedtime Story: Interrupting Chicken


Author: David Ezra Stein

A young red chicken is shown getting ready to go to bed at the start of the story. He requests a bedtime tale from his father. But given that the tiny chicken has a habit of interrupting, his father is unsure if he should read a story. The father does attempt to read, but unsurprisingly, the little chook interrupts once more! The plot is amusing, and the drawings make the major characters even funnier.

Best Humor: Be Quiet!

Be Quiet!


Author: Ryan T. Higgins

Rupert, the mouse, addresses the audience at the beginning of the story and promises to write a book without any words. It implies that there won’t be any speech bubbles. Rupert asks his pals to stop talking to him, but they carry on. When Rupert and his buddies wind up discussing not talking in the novel, the plot turns comical.

Best For Reading Practice: The Book with No Pictures

The Book with No Pictures


Author: B. J. Novak

There are no photos in the book, as implied by the title. There is only text across, all in huge print. At the start of the book, the author instructs the reader to speak the words aloud. The book is filled with many amusing and goofy words that are printed in colored ink to encourage the child to read them out loud. The book “The Book with No Pictures” will make people laugh a lot, especially if parents and kids read it together.

Best Sweet And Funny: XO, OX: A Love Story

XO, OX: A Love Story


Author: Adam Rex

In the tale, an ox falls in love with a famous gazelle. The ox finds the bravery to write a letter proclaiming his love for her despite being a simpleton and being out of her league. The gazelle is well-liked and initially doesn’t regard the ox any differently. But as their interactions increase, the gazelle starts to fall for the ox, and the two end up being close friends. The ox and the gazelle’s humorous letters, which are used to advance the plot throughout the book, add humor.

Best Interactive: This Book Just Ate My Dog!

This Book Just Ate My Dog!


Author: Richard Byrne

From one page to another, Bella, a young woman, walks her dog. However, as she turns the page, Bella’s dog’s leash remains in her hands while the dog itself vanishes in the book’s fold. Bella uses the physicality of the book to pull her dog free since she needs to liberate her puppy right away. The narrative is amusing and engaging.

Best Easy-To-Read: I’m Bored

I’m Bored


Author: Michael Ian Black

A young girl complains to the reader about being bored. While idly wandering around, the girl finds a potato. It turns out that the potato can talk. The girl does not agree with the vegetable’s assertion that kids are uninteresting. Without realizing it, the potato has comically turned the tables on her as she recounts all the enjoyable activities kids can engage in.

Best Rhyming Story: The Hiccupotamus

The Hiccupotamus


Author: Aaron Zenz

The story centers on a hippopotamus who has a severe case of the hiccups. The hippo keeps hiccupping, and every time he does, someone around is startled. Three animals, an elephant, a rhinoceros, and a centipede, decide to discover a treatment for the “Hiccupotamus” after becoming tired of his loud hiccups. The story is written in rhymes, and each page has adorably drawn animal images.

Best Illustration: Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey


Author: Suzanne Lang

In this tale, we are introduced to Jim Panzee, a monkey who awakens one morning to discover the sky to be so blue and the bananas to be so sweet. How is it possible to be sad on such a day?

Jim can be and does complain about anything. Jim Panzee’s animal buddies inquire as to the cause of his grumpiness, but he refuses to respond and continues to deny it. The book mixes amusing writing and graphics to carry the narrative till the conclusion, where we discover the true cause of Jim’s grumpiness.

Best Educational: Blue Hat, Green Hat

Blue Hat, Green Hat


Author: Sandra Boynton

An illustration of an animal wearing an item of clothing in various colors can be found on each page of the book. The book is instructional, but the animals’ expressionless faces and a turkey who consistently dresses incorrectly make it humorous. She carries her shirt on her head and her pants on her hand. It’s a great comic book for kids because of the vibrant illustrations and humorous prose that goes with them.

Best Entertaining: The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit


Author: Drew Daywalt

Duncan, a young boy, finds that all of his crayons have vanished from the box one day. Inside the crayon box, there aren’t any crayons; there’s only a bunch of letters. Every crayon’s letter is a complaint. Since Duncan makes him work harder, the red crayon complains that he needs to take a break. Because so much of the purple crayon’s color bleeds outside the lines, he is not happy. Each crayon has a ridiculous justification for quitting, which adds to the humor of this children’s book.

Best Fantasy: Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom


Author: Julia Donaldson

This book tells the tale of a witch and her pet cat as they soar through the air on a magical broom. The witch falls on the ground to look for her lost hat after a blast of wind blows it away. In exchange for returning the hat to the witch, a dog that finds it requests a trip on the broom. Witch concurs.

However, the witch keeps misplacing a number of items, and whenever an animal finds one, they anticipate a trip on the broom. The gang eventually runs out of room on the broom, and while flying, they also come upon a dragon. This book is pretty funny because of the adorable illustrations of the animals on the broom.

Best For Vocabulary: The Pigeon Needs a Bath

The Pigeon Needs a Bath


Author: Mo Willems

The story opens with a man asking the reader for assistance in catching an extremely unkempt pigeon. However, the pigeon refuses to take a wash and offers a number of funny justifications for leaving. The pigeon finally gives in and takes a bath, but not before carefully checking the water in his bathtub.

Best Book About Animals: This Is a Moose

This Is a Moose


Author: Richard T. Morris

In this amusing tale, we witness a documentary filmmaker choose a moose to be the lead character. However, the moose is not acting as the director had hoped. Why? Considering that the moose does not wish to be one. Instead, it aspires to become an astronaut. After that, a funny chain of occurrences occurs in which various woodland animals assist the moose in realizing his dreams.

Best Graphic Novel: Dog Man: A Graphic Novel

A Graphic Novel


Author: Dav Pilkey

In the graphic novel “Dog Man,” a criminal fighter who is half dog and half man is introduced to the reader. The superhero known as “the dog man” uses his superhuman strength and keen sense of smell to apprehend criminals. The book is chock full of hilarious illustrations and writing that will make kids smile.

Best Page-Turner: The Monster At The End Of The Book

The Monster At The End Of The Book


Author: Jon Stone

The protagonist of the book is Grover, the puppet monster. Because a monster is waiting at the book’s end, he doesn’t want the reader to turn the pages. However, if you do, Grover will resurface and warn you that doing so will bring you closer to the monster. The child will enjoy the humorous story and keep turning the pages until the last page, which contains a pleasant surprise.

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