13 Best GPS Watches For Kids To Use As Tracking Devices

Parents can’t always be aware of where their kids are. Additionally, kids might not enjoy having their parents constantly watch them. To easily track your child’s position, we have put together a list of the top GPS watches for kids. With the assistance of the modern GPS watches for children, parents may rest at ease knowing where their children are at all times. You wouldn’t have to keep calling or texting them to make sure they’re okay. These GPS watches are stylish gadgets with a built-in way to track your location. You can easily locate your child using one of these posh GPS watches. Children love them because they are fun to use and have numerous interactive features.

So continue reading as we present a ranking of some of the top GPS watches for children. Since these watches could have games, you might wish to employ parental controls like time limits to prevent excessive use or game addiction.

13 Best GPS Watches For Kids

Best Durable And Comfortable: Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

The Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is cool, elegant, and simple in addition to having amazing functionality. The gadget, which is well recognized for its long-lasting battery life, can operate for over 30 days on just one charge! Additionally, this smartwatch’s 4-sport mode feature will make it even more appealing to your child if he enjoys sports. One of the most popular smartwatches worldwide, the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch features a lightning-fast built-in GPS and a daily activity record.


  • enduring and cozy for children
  • Water-resistant
  • Tracks all outdoor activities and sports
  • records sleeping time and keeps an eye on heart rate
  • information on the weather and sends emails, SMS, and social media updates.
  • compatible with both iOS and Android

Best Quick Location-Tracking: TickTalk 3 Kids Smartwatch

Not your typical smartwatch, this one. The gadget has a ton of interactive features that both you and your youngster can enjoy because it was made with kids in mind. A wonderful option if you will be gone for a long period of time because the built-in camera enables 2-way video calling and messaging over 4G/LTE or WiFi. Additionally, its GPS tracking function is exceptionally quick and precise. The dial of the TickTalk 3 Kids Smartwatch is reversible and has a contemporary, durable design. For a thorough understanding of the product, you may also watch this YouTube video.


  • Features for 2-way video, voice, and SMS
  • Instant messaging settings for texts
  • features for quickly tracking your location
  • Compatible with all carriers and waterproof
  • Track numerous watches on a single map.
  • A reminder app is available.

Best Built-In Camera: Karaforna Kids Smartwatch

The Karaforna Kids Smartwatch is one of the top GPS watches for children and offers something for everyone. The wristwatch is a specific kid safety device that offers a sophisticated GPS + LBS tracking system with a camera, voice calling, and a remote monitor feature that lets you hear your child’s voice and see where they are. Additionally, the built-in games are sure to keep your child occupied. That clearly benefits both parties.


  • Integrated camera for immediate calling
  • SOS distress signal
  • keeps contact information and images
  • possesses an alarm, a lamp, and a self-dialing mode.
  • No class interruptions are guaranteed with the Do-Not-Disturb option.
  • Pedometer and footprint monitor

Best Anti-Lost Feature: Karaforna Smartwatch For Kids

The freedom your child deserves is yours to grant. Because you can quickly track or detect their location using a smartwatch. like the Karaforna Smartwatch For Kids, which monitors children’s movements and notifies parents if a youngster is missing. The best aspect is that two-way voice or video calling lets you help or communicate with them as well. The Karaforna Smartwatch For Kids will not let you down when it comes to keeping you in touch with your child while allaying all of your key concerns.


  • improved security with GPS and LBS location tracking
  • Call up to three numbers on SOS in an emergency
  • interactive entertainment
  • a lost object feature
  • Touch screen HD
  • Waterproof
  • supports apps for the phonebook and alarm clock

Best Two-Way Communication: Phyulls Waterproof Smartwatch

In addition to being quite useful for features like calling and tracking your fitness, this smartwatch for kids is also a lot of fun. It contains a SIM card slot that supports 2G networks, an MP3 player for music, and a camera to develop hidden photographic talents, making it perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Two-way calls make it simple to locate your children and get in touch with them in an emergency, making them an essential parenting tool.


  • environmentally friendly silicone
  • makes three SOS calls.
  • includes games
  • rapid response interface
  • includes a USB port.

Best In-Built Games: Aiwiep Kids Smartwatch

This smartwatch is perfect for kids between the ages of three and fifteen because it is packed with useful features including a video recorder, MP3 player, calculator, illumination, and alarm clock. Additionally, it has built-in features like border-forming magic stickers for the photos your child takes. Additionally, it includes a motion sensor for healthy play and a pedometer to assist kids in tracking their walks and caloric intake.


  • Continual guarantee
  • Contains 16 built-in instructional games.
  • durable 400mAh battery
  • consists of a 1 GB memory card
  • 1.54-inch HD touch screen with full color

Best Safe And Reliable: Duiwoim Kids Smartwatch

Are you concerned that your child’s safety may be in danger? Invest in a dependable smartwatch rather than an expensive smartphone. The Duiwoum Kids Smartwatch makes sure you are constantly updated about your child’s safety. If you’re looking for one of the best GPS kids’ tracker watches, this one is a terrific option thanks to its cutting-edge waterproof technology and real-time GPS + AGPS + LBS tracking system. You won’t ever need to be concerned about your child’s safety again because you can easily find out where they are.


  • a tracking system with three positions
  • SOS emergency loop calling mode for three seconds
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • pedometer, remote camera, and alarm
  • Texting and two-way voice calling capabilities on a smart phone
  • Tracking your footsteps and an interactive math game
  • DND setting to prevent distractions during lessons

Best Battery Life: Donerton Tracker Smartwatch

Use the Donerton Tracker Smartwatch to monitor your heart rate, sleeping habits, and overall fitness. It gives you simple access to other phone capabilities like calls and texts in addition to giving you a thorough study of your sleep. Because of the watch’s extreme durability and waterproofness, you can keep track of your statistics whether exercising or having fun in the water. It has a lengthy battery life that lasts for seven days of typical use, providing you with a cozy and practical tracking device to use.


  • 24-hour cardiac monitoring
  • extensive touchscreen
  • Fit for outdoor activities
  • Four fashionable clock faces
  • dependable GPS tracker

Best With HD Touch Screen: LiveGo 4G Kids Smart Watch

The LiveGo 4G Kids Smart Watch is a great option if you’re searching for a GPS watch for your child that is packed with features. It accepts 4G nano SIM cards, has a distinctive, liftable dial, a stylish look, and offers voice, group, and even video calls. Additionally, you can change the brightness level to protect your child’s eyes. Additionally, it has a few games, a calendar, an alarm clock, Bluetooth connectivity, and other helpful functions.


  • 360-degree rotating dial
  • back and front cameras
  • a two-way conversation
  • GPS tracker and SOS call
  • whole HD touch screen

Best Advanced: Juneo TKSTAR GPS Tracker

Don’t like big smartwatches? The Juneo TKSTAR GPS Tracker smartwatch is an option at that point. It offers an anti-shedding function, which is a motion sensor that alerts the child and the parent when the watch is slipping off the hand, in addition to looking wonderful on your child’s hand. Doesn’t that sound cool? One need not give a damn about theft or loss. In addition, the smartwatch is radiation-free and environmentally safe.


  • a cutting-edge, premium smartwatch
  • Waterproof
  • GPS + LBS technology for quick position tracking
  • You can use an SMS or website to track your location.
  • compatible with both iOS and Android

Best Waterproof: CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch With GPS Tracker

Another smartwatch is available here that enables audio and video calls so you can always keep in touch with your kids. It comes with a number of smart tools and safety-enhancing capabilities, including a flashlight, camera, photo album, arithmetic games, and an alarm clock. Additionally, it contains an SOS one-touch button that, when held down for a long time, alerts you and lets you know that your child needs you. To assist you find your lost watch, it also has an anti-lost button and an integrated GPS location system.


  • an intercom voice call
  • Touch screen HD
  • Waterproof to IP66
  • Voice recorder and selfie camera
  • with a school mode
  • Screwdriver, magnetic charger, and user guide are all included.

Best For Audio And Video Chat: Cosmo JrTrack GPS Tracker Smartwatch

Parents are concerned for their children’s welfare and want to be aware of where they are at all times. For worried parents, the Cosmo JrTrack GPS Tracker Smartwatch is a godsend. Modern technology enables two-way communication via a straightforward touch screen. Parents can follow their kids using the Cosmo app on their smartphones. A SIM card is also pre-installed in the watch.


  • For children aged 5 to 12, it is appropriate.
  • It offers crystal-clear video and voice conversation.
  • It rejects odd calls.
  • The strap is constructed from silicone.
  • To fit your children’s sizes, the strap contains holes for adjustment.
  • It contains an SOS alert mode and is water-resistant.

Best Built-In MP3 Player: YENISEY Smartwatch for Kids

This is the best smartwatch if you want to make sure your child is secure because you can add contacts and it has 2G capability. It is simple to use, with a hip and trendy look, and an SOS button for emergencies. Additionally, it differs from standard smartwatches due to its smart capabilities, including two-way calling, a camera, an alarm clock, a calculator, and seven integrated educational puzzle games.


  • integrated MP3 player
  • operating system for iOS
  • HD touchscreen at 1.54 inches
  • a 1 GB micro SD card is included
  • No app is needed

Now that you’ve looked at the top GPS watches for children, find out more about their advantages and what to look for in a smartwatch before buying:

What Are The Benefits Of A GPS Watch For Kids?

A parent cannot always be the child, which brings us back to the beginning, and serious worries like “what if my child gets lost” or “is in a tough circumstance” can be incredibly distressing. To keep parents at ease and provide youngsters the flexibility to enjoy their alone time, GPS watches for kids are a terrific solution. Here are a few advantages:

  • You can always communicate with your youngster.
  • It will only take a touch to access their current position.
  • You can listen in on their surroundings or covertly observe them.
  • Kids can send you images or update you on their everyday activities.
  • Kids can pass the time by playing interactive games on some GPS watches.
  • You may also track their daily steps and create reminders for them to drink water and wash their hands.

What Qualifies as the Best GPS Watch for Children?

Your selections will determine this. These days, GPS watches for children also include a music player and a plethora of engaging apps. The following features of a smartwatch are ones to look for, though, as the child’s safety is the main issue here:

  • Modern GPS + LBS tracking system with accurate real-time location
  • Kid- and user-friendly
  • HD touch screen technology and an extended battery life
  • Voice and video calls with two-way communication
  • Geofencing and SOS emergency alarm modes
  • Anti-theft and anti-loss functionality
  • In case of emergency, track their whereabouts covertly via remote voice and video monitoring.
  • Your handheld device should be compatible with the smartwatch.
  • Finally, it need to be sturdy and waterproof.

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