9 Best Healthy Cereals For Kids To Enjoy Their Breakfast

The first meal of the day, breakfast, should not be skipped. It gives us the fuel and vigor we need to remain busy all day. The best cereals for kids are designed to be nutritious food sources that are simple to make and serve.

Cereals pair well with a wide variety of different dishes. Cereals can be combined with milk, fruits, chocolates, and other foods to provide a delectable and wholesome breakfast. Additionally, there are many different tastes of cereal, which keeps kids engaged in eating it. Let’s go through the top cereals you should bring home for your kids.

9 Best Breakfast Cereals For Kids

Best Sugar-Frosted: Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal Frosted Mini-Wheats

This well-liked morning food is well-known for providing vitamins topped with icing. These Frosted Mini-Wheats typically include 5g of fiber per serving. While the cereal is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and is low in salt, the icing is sweetened with sugar. To give your child a full meal, combine it with fruit and fresh yogurt. To assist you in making your choice, watch this video review of the product in depth.


  • bite-sized, crunchy, and prepared to eat
  • made entirely with whole grains
  • No synthetic dyes or preservatives
  • High fructose corn syrup is absent.


  • Maybe overly sweet for some people

Best Gluten-Free: Nature’s Path Millet Rice Sweetened with Fruit Juice

This vegan cereal doesn’t include any GMO ingredients and is USDA-certified organic. Each bowl supposedly contains 30g of healthy grains. It is low in sugar, has enough fiber, and lacks artificial coloring. Natural fruit juice is used to achieve the sugar flavour. This breakfast cereal is gluten-free and wheat-free, making it a good option for kids who have a wheat allergy. When compared to traditional cardboard cereal boxes, the packaging used to make the breakfast cereal’s exterior box consumes fewer raw materials.


  • tart and sweet in flavor
  • USDA-certified organic
  • No synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives are used.
  • Perfect for nutritious daytime snacks


  • Quantity could be a little low.
  • Possibly leave a bad aftertaste

Best Vegan: Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola, Pumpkin Cinnamon

Quinoa, millet, and chia seeds are the main components of this morning cereal with granola for children. It is vegan, gluten-free, and doesn’t include any GMO components. Because it is sweetened with coconut sugar, which has a lower glycemic index than refined sugar, children appreciate the flavor of it because it is sweet. Additionally, the coconut oil used to bake the granola has medium-chain fatty acids that are easily turned into energy rather than being stored as fat.


  • Contains energy-boosting low-glycemic sweetener
  • offered in two varieties
  • Each component increases the nutritional value.
  • Fit for vegan, paleo, and keto diets


  • The flavor of cinnamon might not be pronounced.
  • Chia seed flavor may taste bad when combined with milk.

Best Non-GMO: Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten-Free Cereal, Maple Buckwheat Flakes

This cereal contains a lot of fiber and is prepared with organic ingredients. It contains no GMO grains and is manufactured from buckwheat. 33g of whole grains are supposedly present in one meal. It gets its sweet flavor from maple syrup and sugar. It is crunchy, delicious, and free of gluten—exactly how kids adore their breakfast. Watch this video to learn more about this product if you’re interested.


  • USDA organic certification
  • easy to prepare
  • without the use of artificial pesticides
  • excellent source of vitamin C


  • Possibly too crunchy for some people
  • Quantity might not be enough.

Best USDA-Certified: Nature’s Path EnviroKidz Koala Crisp Chocolate Cereal

It may be difficult for even picky eaters to say no to this alluring crisp chocolate cereal. The USDA has approved this cereal as being organic. Gluten, GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are not present. With some warm milk, it tastes great. So, keep it for the mornings when your little devil won’t eat and you’re forced to trick them into eating breakfast.


  • made with cocoa from fair trade
  • hefty, crunchy, and sugary
  • ideal between-meal snacks
  • complements a range of milks.


  • Possibly boring for some people
  • possibly not enough fiber

Best Protein-Rich: Kashi GO Honey Almond Flax Crunch Breakfast Cereal

It is stated that this cereal has a high protein and fiber content. Nine grams of protein and eight grams of fiber are provided in each serving. Almonds, whole flax seeds, and oats are all ingredients in this delicious multigrain cereal. GMO-free grains are not present. Your child will enjoy a full breakfast if you serve the cereal with milk.


  • Ideal for nutritious on-the-go nibbling
  • offered in a range of tastes
  • Excellent method to include flaxseed in your diet


  • Quantity may seem a little low.

Best Kosher-Certified: Arrowhead Mills Cereal, Puffed Rice

Children who should follow a gluten-free diet can eat this cereal. One serving of this whole grain, puffed brown rice has 60 calories. Salt and sugar are not added. It is nice and crispy. This kid-friendly rice breakfast cereal is trans-fast-free and has a Kosher certification. It can be consumed as a regular snack or savored with milk.


  • not salty at all
  • fiber, vitamins, and minerals abundant
  • generous amount
  • tastes toasted and crunchy


  • Quantity could be a little low.

Best Single Ingredient: Nature’s Path Kamut Khorasan Wheat Puffs Cereal

Wheat puffs are sweet, crispy, and nutritious. Whole Kamut Khorasan wheat is the sole component in this morning cereal. It is organic, sugar-free, and vegan. To make the cereal a complete breakfast for your child, you can add milk and fruits.


  • sustainable bags
  • Artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives are not used.
  • wholesome lunchtime snack
  • appropriate for people with sensitive stomachs


  • possibly including some husk or skins

Best Low-Fat: Barbara’s Bakery Puffins Cereal

This oat- and corn-based breakfast cereal is strong in fiber. 5g of fiber are present in one serving. Sugar, fat, and salt levels are modest. GMO substances are not present. For kids with food sensitivities, it could be a good alternative. For a great breakfast, combine the cereal with milk, bananas, and brown sugar.


  • offered in a variety of tastes
  • Utilizable in various snack recipes
  • is not overly sweet in flavor


  • Possibly too crunchy for some people

Packaged Cereals Vis-À-Vis Homemade Breakfast

The first meal of the day should ideally comprise a variety of portions selected from a few of the five food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and quality proteins), each rich in nutritional value, according to Dr. Robert Murray of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Proteins and lipids offer energy and satiety over time, whereas carbohydrates provide fuel (1). Eggs, yogurt, fruit smoothies, and whole-grain toast are typical American breakfast items that can give your child most of the nutrients they require.

But what should you do if you have a crucial meeting and are already running behind schedule? There are times when it is impossible to provide your child a fancy breakfast. Packaged cereals come to the rescue in these situations.

Cereal for breakfast is simple to prepare and enjoy. However, they frequently have high sugar content (2) (3) and low fiber levels, making them a poor choice for breakfast for kids. However, several brands sell whole-grain cereals with little added sugar. Although these cereals are not a substitute for a consistent prepared breakfast, they can occasionally be used as a quick breakfast choice for the kid.

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