10 Best Heaters For Baby Rooms

Staying warm and cozy is the first goal as winter approaches. You and your children will be warm and cozy with the best heater for baby rooms. Room heaters give you the impression that you are being protected from the chilly weather outside while also promoting restful sleep. It can be difficult to control the temperature in a baby room because only the ideal temperature is beneficial to the infant. Read the article to learn about safety precautions to take when using heaters, a ranking of the best heaters, and things to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Safety Tips While Using Heaters For Baby Room

Here are a few safety recommendations for utilizing room heaters.

  • For information on your room heaters and instructions unique to your model, read the manual.
  • Experts advise against using a room heater while you’re sleeping because it could cause fire incidents. Warm the space up front and turn it off while you sleep.
  • In the baby’s room, never leave the heater on unattended. The heaters can be used safely when they are being watched.
  • Make sure the heater has a label on it that says it has passed independent testing. It must be CSA International certified, have the UL mark from Underwriters Laboratories, or the ETL label from Intertek.
  • A smoke detector is required in the nursery, and it needs to be checked periodically.
  • Avoid using extension cords since they could cause the heater to overheat and catch fire. Instead, plug the heater straight into the outlet.
  • Never connect other devices to the heaters.
  • To protect your health, stay away from room heaters that run on paraffin, gas, or kerosene.
  • To make sure that the baby’s room doesn’t get too hot, keep a separate thermostat alarm set.
  • Place the heater at least three feet away from bedsheets and curtains.
  • Regularly and carefully inspect for damage.
  • Keep infants away from heaters when they are playing.
  • Before each usage, carefully check the heaters for any damaged or loose plugs or connections. If there is damage, avoid using.
  • To prevent mishaps, install the heaters in the right locations and keep them away from doorways and busy areas.
  • Set the heaters down on a level surface. There is a possibility of overheating and starting a fire if the object is put on an uneven surface.
  • The heaters should be unplugged and securely kept when not in use.

10 Best Heaters For Baby Room

Best With Auto Shut-Off Function: Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

With its extended ceramic pieces and safety features, the Lasko Ceramic Heater is a great choice for the nursery. It has an integrated oscillating fan that moves warm air around the space. The heater has a heating capacity of up to 1500W. It is portable, lightweight, and slim.

With the simple operation of the digital display screen, you may choose between temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The temperature, oscillation, and timer, which can be set for one to eight hours, may all be adjusted via the remote control. The space heater is fire-safe and instantly turns off if it overheats. View the product review by this YouTuber.


  • Wireless control
  • electronic display
  • pleasant exteriors
  • Small but powerful


  • possesses no tip-over protection

Best With Multi Heat Modes: Air Choice Electric Radiator Heater

The Air Choice Electric Radiator Heater has 250 Sq Ft of coverage and provides rapid heating. The thermostat on this oil space heater can be adjusted to assist maintain the proper temperature in the space. With a remote control, you may change the device’s three different modes—low 600w, mid 900w, and high 1500w—to the optimum temperature for the size of the room. This heater, unlike others, has no fans, which helps reduce the spread of dust. When the device tilts more than 45 degrees or when the temperature hits 122°F, it turns off automatically. You may view the current temperature and heating mode on an LED digital display. You may get a quick review of the product in this video as well.


  • Allergy-friendly
  • Tip-over protection
  • No-fan style
  • dual-safety defense
  • rapid heating


  • Not appropriate for a big room

Best Noiseless: Aireplus Space Heater

This oil-filled radiator heater with a digital thermostat successfully heats the space with its 1500Ws of heating output and seven fins. It has a digital display, soft-touch buttons, and an appealing control panel. For enhanced comfort, there are three heating options: 600, 900, 1500 watts, and Eco mode. It has a remote control, a 24-hour timer, and a temperature control range of 40°F to 95°F. Check out this YouTuber’s video about the benefits and drawbacks of the product if you need further persuasion.


  • Noiseless
  • Effortless operation
  • various heat settings
  • a child-lock feature
  • Rolling wheels


  • Too hot to touch panel
  • Perhaps not the best choice for a small room

Best Quick-Heating: Air Choice Space Heater with Remote

A distinctive room heating experience is offered by the Air Choice Space Heater with remote control and one-hand design. There are three options available for the portable ceramic heater: fan, warm, and hot winds. This heater contains a timed feature with a range of one to twelve hours, as well as a remote control with sensitive and long-distance sensing capabilities. The adjustable thermostat includes a 120-degree oscillation and three distinct power settings. The device automatically turns off when it becomes too hot. In addition, you can change it from 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Baby-safe
  • heating up rapidly
  • Efficient
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • loud fan
  • more power is used

Best Cool-Touch Surface: Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

The safety of a baby is prioritized in the design of the Vornadobaby Heater. There are no sharp edges that could cut a youngster on its curved surface. The exquisite design of the object enhances the aesthetic appeal of the nursery. It operates quietly, includes a kid safety button, locking controls, and sensors that turn off when the proper temperature is reached.


  • A programmable thermostat
  • A cool-touch exterior
  • Tip-over defense
  • automatic shutoff
  • a five-year warranty


  • Only appropriate for tiny rooms

Best Overheat Protection: Asterion Portable Office Heater

The 13-inch tall Asterion Portable Office Heater is a tall, rectangular body with a flat, rounded bottom that is ideal for confined places. You may fix the orientation you require by adjusting the oscillation by 72 degrees. The running mode and temperature are displayed on the digital LED display panel. The timer can be set to run for between 0.5 and 24 hours.


  • Automated thermostat
  • efficient heat transfer
  • a simple operation
  • Handles to make objects more portable
  • preventing overheating
  • Tip-over defense


  • Only appropriate for small to medium-sized rooms
  • Problems with temperature control could arise.

Best Compact: Coolast Small Space Heater

This personal heater swiftly and evenly warms the space thanks to PTC heating technology. It serves two purposes and can also be used as a typical electric fan. The heater has a 45-degree oscillating design that enables even air circulation. Dust filters, an LED indicator, built-in grips, a power switch, and a tip-over switch are all features of the heater. If the heater falls over or becomes too hot, it shuts off automatically.


  • powerful and portable
  • compact, simple-to-use buttons
  • Making cleaning simple
  • low amount of noise


  • Perhaps not the best for everyday use
  • Safety concerns

Best For Consistent Warmth: Aikoper Space Heater

The convection heating system of the Aikoper Radiator Space Heater generates a lot of radiant heat while maintaining a cool surface temperature.

This heater is secure to use thanks to its rustproof steel, permanently sealed oil compartment, ABS flame-resistant material, tail fin separation, tip-over, and overheat prevention. It includes three heating modes (600, 900, and 1500W), an adjustable temperature range between 41°F and 95°F, and is constructed with an energy-efficient and smart thermostat.


  • Utilizing convection heating
  • Compact
  • operation without noise
  • gives off constant warmth
  • Easy maneuverability is made possible by the four caster wheels and handles.


  • possible heating problems
  • It might not be appropriate for heavy-duty use.

Best Flame-Resistant: Toyuugo Portable Electric Heater

This heater heats up really quickly since it uses a PTC ceramic heating element, which is highly effective. This tiny heater is perfect for use in private areas. It is simple to use and produces little noise. It is safe to use thanks to its double overheat and thermal fuse protection, tip-over auto shut-off feature, and flame-resistant material. Imported quality ABS flame-retardant (V0 grade) housing is used for the fuselage.


  • rapid and efficient heating
  • compact style
  • portable and practical
  • simple operation
  • constructed with flame-resistant materials


  • There could be concerns with quality.
  • possibly inappropriate for larger rooms

Best For Low Power Consumption: Numifun Infrared Space Heater

A superior quartz heating element and a radiation wave heating technique are used by the Numifun Infrared Space Heater to quickly and evenly distribute the heat. Instead of just sending warm wind out, it warms the environment directly. Depending on the ambient temperature, the device automatically modifies its operating power. Carrying handles, overheating, and tip-over protection are included, and there is an adjustable heat setting to save fuel and maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.


  • straightforward short-range heater
  • Infrared heater that is silent
  • little power usage
  • Lightweight
  • Compact


  • Thermostat problems could occur for users.
  • emits an odd chemical odor

How To Choose Right Heater For Baby Room?

Choosing a heater for the baby’s room should take into account the following factors.

Type: Commonly used to heat a single room, ceramic heaters—also known as convention heaters—take time to warm up the space. Spot heating works effectively with radiant heaters, whereas infrared space heaters heat air with infrared quartz bulbs. Micathermic heaters are hybrid designs that combine radiant and convection heating.

Design: There are two different kinds of heaters: personal heaters and floor heaters. Personal heaters are used to warm up tiny places and are intended for specific purposes, whereas floor heaters are space-saving, compact, vertical, and portable. Choose a design that won’t topple.

Programmable thermostat: The room heaters’ operating time is controlled by a thermostat. Most heaters have high to low settings, which aids in determining the desired temperature.

Heater size and heating capacity: The size of the heater is determined by the room size. Small heaters are made to heat only a small area, but larger heaters, though they use more energy, may swiftly warm an entire room.

Timer: With this function, you can program the heater to run for a specified amount of time. To avoid overheating and conserve energy, the device automatically turns off when the timer expires.

Remote control: This gadget makes it simple to modify settings or toggle on/off from a distance.

Noiseless operation: The noise level of room heaters with fans is higher than those without fans. Micathermic heaters are the quietest of the ones that are available. It is best to use a quiet heater in the baby’s room because noisy heaters can make the baby uncomfortable while they sleep.

Safety features: Installing a heater approved by independent testing labs, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratory), ETL (Intertek), or CSA (Canadian Standards Association), to verify that the heater complies with voluntary safety standards, is one of the most important considerations when using heaters in the baby’s room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of heater is best for a baby’s room?

Various things may influence your decision regarding a heater. For instance, if you want to keep the humidity level in your baby’s nursery at a healthy level, a humidifying heater can be a good option. If your region frequently has power outages, you can decide to use an oil heater because they assist maintain a comfortable room temperature for a longer period of time than other heaters. Additionally, a safe heater is the finest heater for a baby’s room.

How do I know if my baby is cold or warm enough at night?

If your baby’s hands or feet feel cold or warm to the touch, examine the nape of their neck. Consider putting on one more layer of clothing if they are cold to keep them warm.

What is the best temperature for a sleeping baby?

It’s crucial to place your infant in a room with the right temperature for sleep. According to experts, a baby’s optimal room temperature should be between 68 and 72°F (1).

Your child’s room needs a heater when it becomes chilly for maximum warmth and comfort. It helps if the heater has a timer and a programmable thermostat so you can easily set the hours of operation. However, the heater shouldn’t be too loud because it can wake up your infant. For greater control to run the heater from a distance, you can select one that is remote-controlled. However, while utilizing a heater in a baby’s room, some safety measures must be taken. Therefore, before installing one, carefully read the directions.

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