10 Best Ice Skates For Beginners To Buy And Buyer’s Guide

The best ice skates for beginners may make skating fun even for a beginning. When it comes to leisure activities, ice skating is at the top of the list, both for those who want to participate and those who just want to watch. The grace with which skaters glide across the ice might convince even those who aren’t particularly fond of risky activities want to give it a try at least once.

Skaters use blades fastened to their shoes to propel them across the ice. If you’ve always wanted to skate but haven’t known where to start, our list below will help you find the best skates for beginners. This collection has been meticulously studied and tried, so you may skip the hassle of looking for a method that simplifies and enlivens your study sessions.

Types Of Ice Skates

Figure Skates

Particularly designed for the sport of figure skating, figure skates are a more lightweight style of ice skate that are ideal for learning the sport. Because of their flexibility, figure ice skates may be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort to the feet, making them ideal for long periods of practice.

Hockey Skates

While figure skates typically have toe picks, hockey skates do not. In contrast to figure skates, hockey skates are equally suited to novice skaters. They provide excellent ankle support and have a more symmetrical design than comparable products.

Recreational Skates

Recreational skates, often manufactured from plastic and suitable for short-term usage, are a perfect option for individuals who only want to spend a day or two having fun on the ice.

Double Runner

Double runners are another option for novice skaters, especially young youngsters who are just starting out on the ice. The twin blades improve stability and make it easier to develop good skating balance.

10 Best Ice Skates For Beginners

Best Child-Safe: Lake Placid Boys Nitro Double Runner Figure Ice Skate

Lake Placid Boys Nitro Double Runner Figure Ice Skate


These double runner blade ice skates are an excellent choice if you’re in need of a pair of skates that will provide you with a high degree of stability. These beginner-friendly ice skates include a low center of gravity and a design that eliminates the need for regular sharpening. Longevity champions Skates have superior balance, making skating easier and more enjoyable. With a synthetic outsole and a smooth vinyl top, plus faux fur edging and lining, these skate shoes will keep your feet toasty as you glide around the ice. These indoor/outdoor ice skates are built with the safety of young skaters in mind. You can’t go wrong with these soft, forgiving ice skates for your first time out on the rink. This video provides additional information on the product.

Best Durable: Jackson Ultima Classic SoftSkate 380 – Fleece Lining

Jackson Ultima Classic SoftSkate 380 – Fleece Lining


These women’s skates are long-lasting and stylish. The ice skates are a stunning shade of white, and the reinforced vinyl upper ensures that they will hold up well. If you want to take up ice skating and are just starting out, these are the skates to have. The cushioned rolling collar and tongue assist hold your feet in place without sacrificing comfort, and the padded tongue keeps your feet toasty. Watch this video for further explanation.


  • Ultima Mark I blade, factory-sharpened for precision and safety
  • PVC outsoles that require zero upkeep
  • Supportive of the ankles.
  • The sizing is accurate.


  • Some people may be put off by the blade guard’s seeming fragility.
  • It’s possible that some people will find the structure to be too rigid.

Best For Easy Balance: American Athletic Store Double Runner Ice Skate – Flower Shower

American Athletic Store Double Runner Ice Skate – Flower Shower


So you’ve decided to take up ice skating as a hobby and have been practicing regularly. These fashionable skates include bright floral patterns in colors like yellow, pink, and red. The uppers of these ice skates are made from tough vinyl, and they have a closed toe design to keep your feet warm and comfy while you put in your time at the rink. The double-runner steel blades not only add to the pair’s longevity but also make it simple to maintain a stable grip. These ice skates include a water-resistant sole as an added feature.

Best Comfort: Riedell 625 Soar Ice Skates

Riedell 625 Soar Ice Skates


These durable ice-skating shoes for novices have a straightforward lacing system and come in a variety of supple shapes to ensure your comfort on the rink. The velvet upholstery is padded with foam for extra comfort and support. The 20-point support rating of these boots means they require no upkeep whatsoever. These adult novice ice skates are designed to keep your feet dry, so you won’t have to worry about wet boots when ice skating. To enjoy skating with ease on ice, a rink, or a pond, choose the correct size from the available options.


  • For greater mobility, the tongue is split.
  • Comfortable quilted linings add padding.
  • Durable PVC outsoles that are surprisingly lightweight
  • Grip-enhancing stainless steel blades


  • Some people may not like how flimsy plastic lace ends feel.
  • Some customers may find the sizing to be a little off.

Best For Reliable Performance: Rollerblade Bladerunner Figure Ice Skates

Rollerblade Bladerunner Figure Ice Skates


The white ice skates have an ankle support and strengthened uppers to ensure a comfortable and effortless glide. They’re built to last with a dependable lace closure and hooks. This allows you to fine-tune the fit by tightening or releasing the laces. These are among of the best ice skates for beginners since they require almost no upkeep while providing excellent speed and maneuverability. If you want to learn more about this item, I recommend watching the video.


  • Sharp, rust-proof stainless steel cutting edges
  • Stability padding in the form of a tongue and ankle area.
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.
  • The enhanced mobility is a result of the toe pick’s design.


  • Some people may find the fit to be too snug.

Best Heavy-Duty: Tour Hockey TR-750 Ice Hockey Skate

Tour Hockey TR-750 Ice Hockey Skate


The stainless steel blades on these heavy-duty beginning ice skates for hockey ensure that you may have a good time without worrying about harming yourself. These skates are unlike any others because of the composite quarter panels that wrap around your feet and provide support and protection. The extra hockey laces further contribute to the skates’ ease of use, making them a top pick among hockey skates.


  • Felt tongue padding
  • Ankle support with a synthetic outsole and upper
  • soft brushed tricot lining for comfort
  • Appropriate for presenting as a present


  • Some people may find the fit to be uncomfortable.
  • Possible need for regular sharpening

Best Flex Notch: Skate Guru Jackson Figure Ice Skates For Women – Artiste

Skate Guru Jackson Figure Ice Skates For Women – Artiste


Women’s figure ice skates from Skate Guru come with skate protectors from Guardog, making them an excellent choice for beginners. The pair has a beginner-friendly support rating of level 25, meaning they have everything you need to start skating confidently. The microfiber lining and cushioned topline make for happy feet. The flex notch on these ice skates allows for a greater range of motion. So go ahead and get up your own pair so you can dominate your next ice skating outing.


  • Comfortable tongue made of a breathable mesh material and foam-backed vinyl
  • Perfect sizing
  • Easy-to-clean PVC outsole with a stylish design.
  • Stability is increased by screwing the blades to the handle.


  • One possible criticism is that they are too cumbersome.

Jackson Ultima Women’s Artiste Figure Skates

Jackson Ultima Women's Artiste Figure Skates


These Jackson Ultima are perfect if you want to look your best when skating. These boots are ideal for novice figure skaters and can be used for both ice shows and free skating. In order to provide you with the most amount of comfort and support possible when performing spins, lifts, and other maneuvers on the ice, they are lined with microfiber and have memory foam padding at the ankles. The flex notch also makes it easy to switch from free skate to performance mode.

Riedell Pearl 114 Women’s Figure Skates

Riedell Pearl 114 Women's Figure Skates


These Riedell skates are great if you’re the type of skater who only does it in the winter or occasionally for enjoyment. If you’re looking for a pair of skate boots that look good and function well, look no further. The split tongue and padded achilles tendon collar provide superior stability and comfort when skating.

CCM Super Tacks 9350 Ice Hockey Skates – Senior

CCM Super Tacks 9350 Ice Hockey Skates - Senior


These CCM Super Tacks skates are ideal if you’re interested in giving ice hockey a shot this winter. They include an elevated holder for better control and a pre-sharpened stainless steel blade, in addition to an ergonomic boot for a snug fit. The inside is lined with thick foam for added protection from the puck and hickey sticks.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ice Skates For Beginners


Getting a pair of ice skates that fit snugly is essential because skating requires a specific pace and a lot of control while you’re doing it. Skates can be difficult to control if they are excessively loose. Skating for extended periods of time could be painful if the skates are too snug. If you want to ice skate with confidence, it’s important to get a pair of skates that fits you properly.

Skating level

You should also consider your skill level while making a purchase of ice skates. Find soft, flexible ice skates if you’re just starting out. Skates with more stiffness are better for more advanced skaters since they allow for more complex maneuvers including jumping, spinning, and stopping. Beginner ice skates that aren’t too rigid are ideal if you’re still learning how to skate or planning to start.

Boot material

Because of their better flexibility and control, leather boots are commonly used in novice ice skates. There are vinyl boot options for ice skates if leather isn’t your thing. Fleece boots aren’t a good idea since they can make it hard to move your feet, which can be very uncomfortable.


It is advised that beginners start out with ice skates that have blades already attached. These ice skates are lightweight, simple to maneuver, and don’t need to be sharpened often. Once you’ve progressed to the intermediate level and learned to carefully evaluate the nuances of blades, you should start buying them independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I skate with unsharpened skates?

Skating with dull blades is dangerous because they make it harder to maneuver and balance. Skates that have been properly sharpened have a stronger grip on the ice and allow for more control.

Can you lose weight by ice skating?

Consistently burning between 300 and 650 calories per hour makes ice skating a fantastic calorie-burning activity. Skating on ice is an excellent way to maintain physical fitness because it uses virtually every muscle group.

The goal of every ice skater is to move with grace and ease across the rink. However, rigorous practice is required before you can make the transition to graceful ice skater. Finding the appropriate pair of ice skates is crucial at this stage since they will give you the grip and balance you need to move about the rink with ease. Always try on a few pairs until you find one that fits just right, with blades that are securely attached for optimal support, and is made from a flexible, yet gripping material like leather or vinyl. Also, think about how experienced you are with skating before selecting your decision. The best ice skates for beginners are included on our list.

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