13 Best Kids Ski Jackets With Buying Guide

A trip to a ski resort, especially if it would be your child’s first time skiing, sounds like a fantastic idea. However, your kid won’t have a good time skiing unless they have the necessary gear. The top-notch ski jacket for kids will keep your kid toasty, dry, and cozy on the slopes. Waterproof shells are standard on some jackets, while others have powder skirts sewn into the lining to keep snow outside. Your kid may benefit from a jacket that has a hood, pockets that are actually useful, provides adequate insulation, and doesn’t restrict his or her range of motion. To help you make a well-informed choice, keep scrolling down to learn more about the kids’ ski jackets.

13 Best Kids’ Ski Jackets

Best Lightweight: Gemyse Ski Jacket

Gemyse Ski Jacket


The Gemyse ski jacket will keep your kid toasty on the slopes. Both the outer layer (made of water-resistant and durable fabric) and the inner layer (made of fleece) are intended to keep your child warm and cozy. This kid’s snow jacket is not only durable but also comfortable and easy to move around in thanks to its breathable material and strategically placed ventilation zippers. For added insulation, it incorporates a velcro cuff and a stretchy glove with a thumb hole. You can ski, camp, hike, snowboard, and skate with this jacket. In addition, the DWR finish and water-repellent coating keep your kid dry. In order to get a better understanding of the jacket, watch this video.

Best Water-Resistant: Mountain Warehouse Honey Kids Ski Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Honey Kids Ski Jacket


Mountain Warehouse’s ski jacket is treated with a DWR treatment, making it waterproof and snowproof. Your child will be warm and cozy thanks to the fleece interior. You can keep the snow out of the jacket thanks to its powder skirt. This jacket is adjustable at the cuffs and features multiple storage pockets; it can be washed in a machine. Also, you may choose from a variety of colors to get a jacket that your kid would love. To find out more about the jacket, watch the video provided.

Best Insulation: Wantdo Waterproof Ski Jacket

Wantdo Waterproof Ski Jacket


To keep you toasty and comfortable on the slopes, Wantdo has designed a ski jacket with removable hood, sturdy zipper, elastic cuffs, hand pockets, chest pocket, and windproof placket. This jacket is ideal for wet conditions thanks to its 10000mm waterproof outer layer. This anorak garment is fleece-lined to keep you warm and can withstand strong winds. This jacket has convenient pockets for stowing small items. This multi-layer garment is ideal for skiing, camping, and other winter and summer outdoor activities. Check out the clip to learn more about this kid’s ski jacket.

Best Multilayer Design: Zshow Boys Waterproof Ski Jacket

Zshow Boys Waterproof Ski Jacket


Whether your kid is snowboarding, skiing, or skating, the Zshow ski jacket will keep them toasty. This coat is layered for protection, with a plush fleece lining, high-elastic padding, and a windproof, four-way stretch outer layer. To some extent, it acts as a windbreak, keeping the heat within and the frigid air outside. Your youngster will be safe from the rain thanks to the 10000 mm waterproof rating. Your kid will be nice and toasty in this jacket thanks to its double-entry design, adjustable cuffs, zipper panel, and button placket. The handy pockets also provide a secure place for your child to keep all of their essentials.

Best For Movement: Creatmo US Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

Creatmo US Boy's Waterproof Ski Jacket


In the winter, your child may experience discomfort in their hands when playing outside. Creatmo’s ski jacket has waterproof pockets that double as hand warmers and storage space. This coat has a Teflon coating, making it ideal for wet weather. Features that set this jacket apart include a hood that can be removed, removable cuffs, and an SBS zipper. Additionally, the taffeta-lined armpits and durability of the fabric make for unrestricted arm movement.

Best Versatile: Yingjielide Waterproof Ski Jacket

Yingjielide Waterproof Ski Jacket


An elastic snow skirt that can be adjusted around the waist keeps snow out of the jacket no matter how hard you happen to land. Your little angel will be toasty even on the coldest days thanks to the polyester insulation and micro polar lining. Protect yourself even more with the full-length zipper and button closing. The outer layer of this jacket is water-repellent to the tune of 2000 millimeters, and the velcro elastic cuffs do a good job of keeping out the chill. One of the coolest things about it is that it has zipped compartments and a cap that’s only half put back together.

Best For Girls: Wulful Waterproof Ski Jacket

Wulful Waterproof Ski Jacket


Your little angel will be toasty and comfortable in the Wulful girls’ ski jacket. Its windproof construction, featuring reinforced stitching, is perfect for those chilly winter nights. The exterior fabric of this jacket has been treated with a water-repellent finish to help keep your children dry on wet and snowy days. The jacket will keep the cold out, so your kid can relax and enjoy his or her time skiing or snowboarding. This jacket is unique because of its removable hood, cuff adjustability, covered buttons, and zippered front. Its useful pockets are a bonus for stowing away personal items.

Best Zippered Pockets: Afilok Ski Jacket


The Afilok ski jacket will keep your kid dry on the slopes. This jacket is made from waterproof material with a water-resistant index of over 10000 mm. You can rest assured that your kid will be warm and dry within this snowproof coat. The simulated cotton stuffing in between the layers makes the jacket insulated, lightweight, and warm, while the three-layer construction keeps you dry and wind-free. The jacket is windproof and has an adjustable cuff design. What’s more, it has a zipper breast pocket, perfect for keeping your essentials close at hand. This jacket may be closed with a zipper and snaps, providing both warmth and safety, despite its lightweight construction.

Best Quick-Dry Material: Ohsnmaksl Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

 Afilok Ski Jacket


The ski jacket is made from long-lasting material that is also water-resistant. Its outer layer is tough enough to withstand the weight of snow, and its waterproofing is rated at over 10,000 millimeters. The breathable outer shell, plush inner lining, and cozy cotton padding will keep your child toasty and cozy. A powder skirt style, an internal drawcord hem, a snap closure to block the wind, adjustable cuffs, and stretchy gloves with thumb openings all contribute to the garment’s focus on the wearer’s comfort.

Best Adjustable: Free Soldier Boys Girls Waterproof Ski Jacket

Free Soldier Boys Girls Waterproof Ski Jacket


The ski jacket used by Free Soldiers is protected by a DWR finish that repels water even when it’s pouring down. The cozy cotton content will keep you toasty even in the coldest conditions. This jacket has excellent heat retention properties, is lightweight, and is breathable. It has a hood that can be removed and a stand collar to keep the wind out of your child’s neck, head, and ears. These stretchy gloves with a thumb hole will keep your kids toasty, and the hook-and-loop cuff can be adjusted to the perfect size. The powder skirt, which can be adjusted for optimal protection, is a welcome addition for outdoor activities like skiing, camping, and more.

Best Design: Skieer Girl’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

Skieer Girl's Waterproof Ski Jacket


Skieer’s girls’ ski jacket includes a removable faux fur hood for added warmth and protection from the wind. The flannel lining of the jacket’s collar will keep your child’s neck toasty and safe. The simulated cotton stuffing in between the layers makes the jacket insulated, lightweight, and warm, while the three-layer construction keeps you dry and wind-free. The outer layer of this children’s ski jacket has a waterproofness rating of 10,000 millimeters, so your little one won’t get wet or cold even if it rains. Plus, the hook-and-loop cuffs may be tightened to seal out the cold and keep your kid’s hands toasty.

Best Machine-Washable: Helly-Hansen Legend Insulated Kids Ski Jacket

Helly-Hansen Legend Insulated Kids Ski Jacket


Helly-kids’ Hansen’s ski jacket has a fully taped seam seal to keep out the elements while still allowing for ventilation. It works well for strenuous outdoor pursuits. This jacket is waterproof thanks to a durable water repellent coating. Your kid will be cozy and protected thanks to the high collar and chin guard. This winter jacket is perfect because to its cozy tricot lining. This jacket has a removable hood and articulated sleeves for ease of movement.

Best Coverage: The North Face Boys’ Freedom Triclimate Jacket

The North Face Boys’ Freedom Triclimate Jacket


The North Face’s kids’ snow jacket is waterproof, warm, and breathable for use in the snow and rain. The eco-insulated inner jacket is constructed from recycled polyester, keeping you warm even in damp conditions. This jacket can be worn in two different ways: as an inner layer under another garment or as an outer layer on its own to ward off the chill. Those areas of the body around the armpits, shoulders, and chest will be free to move freely when wearing this jacket. Features such as a powder skirt, a hood that can’t be removed, pockets that actually hold things, and cuffs that can be loosened or tightened will keep your young one cozy and happy. Having a separate compartment for a ski pass is what really sets this jacket apart.

How To Choose The Right Kids’ Ski Jacket?

When shopping for a ski jacket for your child, keep the following in mind.


The rate at which moisture vapor is transmitted is used to determine this (MVTR). There is a 24-hour scale for this. These grams represent the amount of sweat that was lost via the jacket. Pick a lightweight, airy fabric to keep your kid cool and comfy.

Protection from rain:

This rating specifies the amount of time the jacket’s fabric can resist the effects of water. Waterproofness ratings for children’s ski jackets can be found anywhere from 1000 millimeters to 20000 millimeters.

Taped seams: 

Ski jackets for kids are typically made with entirely or critically taped seams. A garment is considered fully taped if all of its seams are taped, while a jacket is considered critically taped if only its most vulnerable seams are taped. The best protection from the elements is provided by these seams when they are properly bonded.


Verify if the jackets are made of a suitable material. Some of them may be completely impervious to water, while others will just repel it. Choose the product that has been constructed using high-quality cloth and finished to last.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a ski jacket and a winter snow jacket?

Different from winter snow jackets, which are made to keep you warm and snug, a ski jacket is made specifically for the sport of skiing. Ski coats have the qualities of being waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The winter coats are warm and multi-layered. The ski jacket is made for sports, but the winter jacket is not.

Are powder skirts necessary for the kids’ ski jackets?

Powder skirts, also known as snow skirts, are a crucial item of clothing that should be worn under your jacket at all times. In addition to the usual snaps, it also features an elastic band. When the fasteners are fastened, the jacket is sealed off from the snow. Skiing jackets without powder skirts are not recommended.

How should I machine wash a ski jacket?

Ski jackets need to be washed in cold water with synthetic water or ski jacket detergent. Then, after a thorough washing, tumble dry it on the lowest heat setting. Cleaning this ski jacket on a regular basis will maintain it clean, water-resistant, and breathable. It’s a great way to make the jacket last longer, too!

How often should I wash my child’s jacket?

At the very least, you should wash the jacket once per season. However, you should wash your kid’s jacket at least once every two months if he or she wears it every weekend.

Are all ski jackets waterproof?

No. Some ski jackets, but not all, are designed to repel moisture. Double Water Repellency (DWR) ski coats are not water-resistant, but rather water-repellent. Select a Gore-Tex jacket if you need a watertight coat.

If you want to keep your kid healthy while skiing or snowboarding, you need to make sure they stay dry. However, not every coat is built to withstand the snow and wind equally. The best way to keep your kid warm and dry on the slopes is to get them a ski jacket that fits them perfectly. Make sure the ski jacket you choose up for your kid has a snow skirt, a seam seal, and the ability to keep them warm. Your kid will have a blast in the snow with all the fashionable options available.

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