13 Best Laptop Toys For Kids

The advent of the digital age has facilitated the early introduction of children to computers and other electronic devices. It’s important for kids to be comfortable using tablets and laptops, as these devices are no longer reserved for adults in the workplace. The top laptop toys for kids are designed to get kids comfortable with using laptops from an early age.

There is some danger in letting young children use a real laptop. Your child may inadvertently delete crucial files, or there may be a food/drink accident. A child is better served by having their own toy laptop on which they can practice at will.

Children’s laptop toys come in a wide variety, and many of them have impressive specs. We’ve compiled a shortlist of the top ones you can bring home to your kiddo, depending on what it is you want to instill in their minds.

How We Selected The Best Laptop Toys For Kids

We’ve taken into account things like durability, cutting-edge features, and child safety to create this list of the top laptop toys on the market right now. Your child’s sensory and cognitive development can benefit from the many functions of these laptop toys. We carefully selected just those goods we knew would be good for kids and wouldn’t put them in danger. In addition, they have received positive feedback from customers on several online retail platforms.

Advantages Of Toy Laptops

Advantages of these pretend laptops include the following.

Introduction to technology: 

Toy computers are a great way to get kids interested in technology at a young age, and they come in a wide variety of bright colors and are surprisingly portable. They are able to encourage a child’s interest in technology.

Fun learning: 

The games included with these computers are not only fun to play, but also beneficial to the user’s motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. The computers also feature engaging games that help kids learn basic math skills, new words, and more.

13 Best Toy Laptops For Kids

Best Laptop With Learning Activities: VTech Brilliant Creations Advanced Notebook

VTech Brilliant Creations Advanced Notebook:


The sight of a laptop, just like Mom and Dad’s, will make your child squeal with joy. Your child may get a head start on developing all the skills necessary for school with the help of the VTech Brilliant Creations Advanced Notebook, which features a 4.55″ LCD screen, high-quality animations, a mouse, a touchpad, and 120 learning activities. Your kid may pretend to be a computer expert with this toy, thanks to its functional mouse and QWERTY keyboard that mimics a real computer’s. Your child will have an engaging experience thanks to the high quality sound produced by the notebook’s internal speaker.

The National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) gave this laptop toy a gold medal and the National Parenting Center gave it its Seal of Approval in 2012. Any kid between the ages of five and eight would benefit greatly from using this children’s notepad.

Best For Pretend Play: My Own Laptop

Mi propia laptop de LeapFrog, rosa, Verde
Visita la tienda de LeapFrog


Your children may have fun with this kid-friendly laptop while also learning about the alphabet, music, playing make-believe, and using a computer. The many laptop modes for education are “Messages,” “Music,” “Games,” and “Alphabets.” He may practice his singing with 16 different songs and melodies, learn the names of the alphabet and animals, and even write and receive fake emails. In addition to customizing their child’s play, parents can also connect to the Learning Path online to monitor their child’s progress in the game. The laptop can be personalized to include your child’s name in several ways. The ideal size of the handle means that your toddler can have fun even when you’re on the go. Two and up can enjoy My Own Laptop.

Best Laptop Toy With Carry Handle: VTech Tote & Go Laptop:

VTech Brilliant Baby - Laptop para bebé, color rojo


VTech’s Tote & Go Laptop is a great way to introduce your kid to the world of pretend computer play. Your child will obtain a solid education with more than 20 different learning exercises covering topics like numbers, spelling, shapes, alphabet, and more. The easy-to-read buttons and full-size keyboard of the VTech Tote & Go Laptop make it a great educational tool. Your child can use it on any flat surface, as the mouse can be moved and clicked on a special pad. A volume control with three settings is also included.

This toy laptop may be linked to a personal computer, allowing you to access a wider selection of games, music, and stories. Kids may easily bring it along on outings and parties thanks to the convenient carrying handle.

Best Laptop With Bright Screen: Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn Color Flash Laptop

Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn Color Flash Laptop:


Fisher-Fun Price’s 2 Learn Color Flash Laptop is similar to other learning laptops in that it lets youngsters experience what it’s like to use a computer while also delivering age-appropriate games. The laptop’s special ability to change color inspired its moniker. Your child can alter the laptop’s background color with the use of a button at the bottom right of the keyboard. The color changing feature won’t help him learn anything, but it will be fascinating to his senses.

Uppercase and lowercase letters on the keyboard are enlarged to make typing easier for kids. The vivid screen is the main selling point of this laptop toy. Around the perimeter of the action window are also icons for a file system and a trash can. Children between the ages of three and five are the ideal users for this toy laptop.

Best Laptop Toy For Beginners: VTech Brilliant Creations Beginners Laptop

 VTech Brilliant Creations Beginners Laptop


Learn with your little one as they take their first steps into the digital world with the VTech Brilliant Creations Beginners Laptop. This bright laptop has a real LCD screen and a functioning mouse for extra engagement. Kids will have a blast with the 80 different games and activities that may help them master important skills like reading, writing, matching, and counting.

Your child will be more interested in playing with the laptop if it makes cheerful and engaging noises. Your child’s learning will benefit from this as well as from the stimulation and development of his senses.

Best Laptop Toy For Toy Story Fans: Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop

Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop:


It’s time to go “to infinity and beyond”! You probably guessed that we were talking about Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear’s voice is included on the Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop, which is in the shape of a spaceship. The computer comes preloaded with 30 different games and activities to help kids learn to read, both in English and Spanish. Buzz Lightyear narrates the various educational games and apps on the laptop, which teach kids anything from typing to logic to math to problem solving with the help of familiar characters. The mouse has a space alien design and fold-out wings, so your kid will adore it.

Best Interactive Laptop Toy: LeapFrog My Talking LapPup

LeapFrog My Talking LapPup:


Your youngster will learn colors, shapes, numbers, and the concept of opposites while enjoying 40 fun songs and games with an adorable animated puppy friend. As it interacts with your kid, the puppy’s face lights up and its mouth moves as it plays and sings. To play an interactive game of “peek-a-boo” with your child, simply have them lift and close the laptop’s lid. Your child’s knowledge can be expanded by linking the laptop to the online LeapFrog Learning Path.

Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Laptop:

Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Laptop


Give your kiddo the freedom to take his education and his fun with him wherever he goes with the Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Laptop. Word games, mathematical puzzles, musical instruments, and other games are just a few of the 60 tough games and activities your youngster will have at his fingertips. There is no need to buy any other software in order to play the built-in games on the laptop. The laptop is a one-time purchase that will solve all your problems. Your kid will get a realistic experience thanks to the real keyboard and multi-directional button. This laptop is small and lightweight, so it can easily fit into any bag and travel with your child wherever he goes.

VTech Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop

VTech Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop


Give your little girl a princess in your life a laptop. Your little girl may study with her beloved Disney Princesses—Bella, Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella—on the VTech Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop. It’s fashioned like a heart, and the edges are carved intricately. Adding to the merriment is a cursor in the shape of a heart. She has a hidden drawer in her bedside table that unlocks with a magic key in order to protect her valuables. VTech’s Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop in pink is perfect for girls aged 4 to 7.

WinFun Advanced Pro Laptop Learning System Bilingual Black

WinFun Advanced Pro Laptop Learning System Bilingual Black


To help your kid out with their homework, here’s a great resource. The four available settings on the Bilingual Advanced Learning Children Laptop are music, games, math, and language. The learning mode is easily accessible via five clearly labeled function keys. A full keypad with 56 buttons is also included. Are you interested in changing the English to Spanish language setting? Then you need only use the spacebar to proceed.

LEXiBOOK Educational and Bilingual Laptop Toy

LEXiBOOK Educational and Bilingual Laptop Spanish/English - Toy for Children


The name pretty of gives it away, but the Bilingual Educational Toy Laptop by Intelligent Bookworms is a laptop that helps kids study subjects like math, language, and music in both English and Spanish. Your kid will get some practice in reading, math, and comprehension with these exercises. To set up this comprehensive learning tool, you need neither a disk nor any supplementary wires or cartridges (which can be pricey).

The Bilingual Educational Toy Laptop from Intelligent Bookworms is constructed from high-quality plastic that won’t break easily and will endure for a long time with proper care. There are no moving parts, so it’s also safe for kids.

Discovery Kids Toy Laptop

Discovery Kids Toy Laptop


The Discovery Kids Toy Laptop is a great way to give your kid a taste of what it’s like to use a real computer. This toy is packed with learning opportunities, including games, puzzles, music creation, and more. Your children’s cognitive development can be aided by the laptop’s conversational vocals and many interesting sounds.

The laptop instructor will even affirm the user’s strengths and progress as a learner. Additionally, there is a full-sized keyboard and a mouse that looks and functions much like the real thing to get kids comfortable with computing basics. There are more than 30 games to choose from.

Disney Princess Style Collection Laptop with Phrases

Disney Princess Style Collection Laptop with Phrases


With the Prasid English Learner Kids Laptop, your child may get a head start on his education without having to deal with any unnecessary mental strain. This chic laptop toy for kids has a colorful keyboard and an LCD display. There are built-in audio guides, volume controls, and a special mouse interface. Your child will flourish and gain cognitive advantages from the laptop’s games and activities. The game’s difficulty can be changed to suit your preferences.

How To Choose The Right Toy Laptop?

Consider these guidelines when searching for a kid-friendly laptop toy.


It’s crucial to select a laptop for your child that includes fun and challenging games appropriate for his or her age and level of development.


Pick up a pretend laptop that isn’t too bulky, as it will need to fit into your kid’s backpack. Pick one with big keys also, as that will make it easier for kids to learn to type.


It’s important to think about how long the toy laptop will last. It should be able to tolerate heavy use and abuse.

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