11 Best Nike Shoes For Kids

If you want to get your kid interested in sports, now is the time to start. In order to be physically strong and healthy, children need to be on their feet, running, leaping, moving, and participating in sports. Additionally, if you get your child a pair of the best Nike shoes for kids, they will be safe from harm. When it comes to kids’ footwear collections, Nike has some of the best options available today. Do you not believe that your tiny champion merits the very best?

The best Nike shoes for kids of all ages are listed here. If you see something that can benefit your kid, don’t hesitate to make a purchase.

Nike Running Shoes For Kids

Children that spend a lot of time playing outside tend to run a lot, whether or whether they participate in organized sports. That’s excellent and ought to be fostered. To further inspire them, consider presenting them with a pair of Nike running shoes or trainers.

Best Overall: Nike Boys Grey Flex 2014 Running Shoes


Nike Boys Grey Flex 2014 Running Shoes


These shoes come in a stylish gray and white color scheme and include a textured rubber sole and a partly mesh upper for breathability and support. And this video review will teach you even more about the item.

  • The forefoot is wrapped in a padded and supportive inner sleeve of the outer mesh.
  • The long, thoughtful grooves let you glide effortlessly.
  • There’s a sock liner in the bottom for comfort and stability.
  • These kicks come in sizes that work for both toddlers and teenagers.
  • Since they aren’t heavy, the kid can run without worrying about his or her feet hurting.

Best For Girls: Nike Kids’ Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoes

Nike Kids’ Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoes


Girls between the ages of 8 and 12 who enjoy running or jogging will enjoy these sneakers. Different colors of blue, pink, green, and red, as well as white, are just some of the color combinations available. These footwear also include the following features:

  • Bottom sole made of rubber
  • Flexible, deep grooves that help the foot bend and move in its natural way
  • Cushioning for the heel and sole throughout the entire duration of movement.
  • White and silver mesh covers the entire top, and no-sew overlays keep you cool.
  • There’s a wide range of sizes for these shoes to choose from. If you get the perfect size and color, your kid is sure to adore them.


Best Casual: Nike Kids Roshe One SE (GS) Running Shoe

Nike Kids Roshe One SE (GS) Running Shoe

The Nike Kids Roshe One SE is a great choice if you’re looking for a casual running shoe that can double as an everyday shoe. There are more than 20 different colorways and designs to choose from, just like with most other Nike shoes. Here are some considerations to make before purchasing the footwear in question. Check watch this video before you buy anything else so you know exactly what you’re getting.

  • Mesh atop
  • Bottom sole made of rubber
  • A waffle pattern on the outsole increases grip.
  • Ankle protection is provided by a padded collar.
  • Cushioning and lightweight construction thanks to a full-length midsole.
  • The footwear is both sturdy and fashionable thanks to the employment of a port wine and a prime pink suede mesh. There’s a wide range of sizes for these shoes to choose from.

Best Comfortable: Nike Girl’s Presto Extreme Running Shoe (PS)

Nike Girl’s Presto Extreme Running Shoe (PS)


The Nike Presto Extreme is a great option for your lady athlete, whether she’s into jogging, running, or other sports. The shoe comes in a variety of colorways, some of which are pink and black, blue and black, red and gray, blue and black, and black. These kicks have it all:

  • soles made of white suede
  • There’s a bootie mesh top for ventilation.
  • Midsole padding that is both light and cushioned
  • With the hook-and-loop closure, there’s no need to keep the shoes in place.

The smallest foot size for which these shoes can be purchased is a size 4.

Sports are not limited to athletics. But what if your kid is keen on sports like football, basketball, baseball, or tennis? Oh, well, you can get choices like that at Nike as well!

Nike Sports Shoes For Kids

Kids might avoid injuries and feel less pain when playing sports when they have proper footwear (1). Here are a few kids’ Nike sports shoes to consider purchasing.

Best Supportive: Nike Boys Red Team Hustle D 6 GS Leather Basketball Shoes

 Nike Boys Red Team Hustle D 6 GS Leather Basketball Shoes


The ideal pair of basketball footwear would feature a combination of flexibility, lateral support, and ankle stability. These basketball kicks offer a synthetic upper and a mesh inside for breathability.

  • shoes with a rubber bottom
  • Cushioning in the midsole
  • Movement is facilitated by deep flex grooves.
  • Traction-enhancing herringbone pattern
  • There are a number of colorways available for the Hustle D6 basketball sneakers. These include red, black, and white; black, blue, and white; white, black, and yellow; white, black, and gray, and white. Shoe sizes range from infant to teen.

Best For Flexibility: Nike Jordan True Flight GG Girls Basketball Shoes

Nike Jordan True Flight GG Girls


Does she have any interest in basketball? The Nike Jordan True Flight basketball sneakers are what you should get her. The soles of the shoes are made of high-quality suede. Additionally, there are:

  • The adaptable design creates a protective shell around the child’s ankle and foot.
  • A leather upper with Nike’s synthetic leather, durabuck, and neoprene providing a lightweight, cushioned sole for the entire foot.
  • There are four colorways to choose from, and the shoes come in a variety of sizes for older children.

Best Lightweight: Nike Kids’ Jr. Victory VI Dynamic Fit FG Soccer Cleat

Nike Kids’ Jr. Victory VI Dynamic Fit FG Soccer Cleat


Nike’s Junior Victory VI soccer cleats are perfect for young players who play on grass fields.

  • Improve your feel for and command of the ball with the help of the soft leather cover and the embossed texture of the speed ribs.
  • Include a sock liner with a low dynamic fit that wraps the ankle and cushions the foot.
  • Lightweight and textured for grip and traction, the outer layer is best used on firm, natural surfaces.
  • These kicks are only offered in big kid sizing.

Best For Skateboarding: Nike Eric Koston Canvas Grade School Skate Shoes

Nike Eric Koston Canvas Grade School Skate Shoes


To stay upright while skating, your feet play a crucial role. Your daughter will have more control on the skateboard and maintain her balance in the Nike Eric Koston Canvas Grade School Skate Shoes.

  • These canvas skate shoes are built to last and offer a ton of flexibility for riding.
  • Your daughter will look hot in animal print.
  • For use on skateboards, the sole is sturdy.
  • These sneakers are not only affordable (less than $50), but also comfy and environmentally beneficial. These sneakers are a great investment if your kid is just getting into skating.

Best Cushioned: Nike Boy’s SB Portmore II Skateboarding Shoe.

Nike Boy’s SB Portmore II Skateboarding Shoe.


Skateboarding is a popular and hip activity among young males. They can stretch their muscles and practice dangerous moves without risk in this sport. The Nike SB Portmore skate sneakers are designed with young men like that in mind. These shoes have the following features:

  • The suede uppers are supported by a leather lining, and the rubber outsoles provide traction.
  • Low-top, slim sneakers made specifically for skateboarding
  • Extra padding at the heel provides relief, especially when running or jumping.
  • The vulcanized structure provides unrivaled pliability and a plush, responsive ride.
  • The Herrington traction pattern improves the boy’s board feel, allowing for more secure and confident control. The shoes come in a variety of colorways for older children, including black, white, and dark red, but only in large sizes.

Girl’s Nike Hyperdiamond Keystone GS Softball Cleat


Nike New Girls Hyperdiamond Keystone GS Softball

Will your daughter be playing softball this spring? Does she play softball? If so, she should get her hands on a pair of Nike softball cleats. Softball is a fun and safe sport for kids thanks to the brightly colored cleats. In addition to their visually pleasing design, the shoes also:

  • due to the synthetic nature, they are lightweight. The girl can run quicker and with less weight thanks to the ease with which she may run in these shoes.
  • The sole is completely cushioned and supported by the Phylon midsole, which runs the length of the shoe.
  • The rapid flex technology integrated into the outsole’s solid rubber construction makes walking in the shoe a breeze.
  • Digital pink, black and white, black and white, atomic red, and electric green are just some of the color options for these cleats. They come in sizes that work for both little ones and bigger ones.

Boy’s Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro (GS) Baseball Cleat


Boy’s Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro (GS) Baseball Cleat

The Nike Huarache pro baseball cleats for boys come in a variety of eye-catching colors, including blue, black, white, and gray, and are among the greatest shoes you can acquire for your aspiring baseball star. The sneakers include enticing details that are developed with the players’ comfort in mind.

  • These baseball shoes are made of synthetic leather, making them both lightweight and environmentally sustainable.
  • Phylon, a lightweight material, is used throughout the whole length of the midsole to ensure the foot is cushioned and supported while playing.
  • TPU mesh is used for the upper, making it both durable and breathable.
  • The soles of your shoes will stay cleaner for longer thanks to the geometric divots that trap dirt.
  • These kicks come in sizes that work for both tiny and big kids.

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