09 Best Nursery Furniture Sets For Your Baby

If you are expecting a new baby or have already given birth, you may be wondering what nursery sets would be best for your little one. You likely have a lengthy list of things to accomplish at this point, and one of them is probably preparing the nursery so that your newborn feels at home there.

Here is our compiled list of the top nursery sets to assist you in these endeavors. Pick one that is chic, adaptable, and secure for the child.

Benefits Of Nursery Furniture Sets

Here are a few returns you might expect from buying a nursery set.

Offer style and elegance

The room wouldn’t need to be rearranged, but it still needs to look good. Your baby will spend a lot of time in the nursery, so it’s important that the space be comfortable and attractive.

Facilitate seamless organization

It’s not only a crib that comes with the nursery set. A changing table that stores your materials neatly and performs daily changes is also necessary. Afterwards, dressers and nightstands can store your belongings neatly out of sight.

Decrease stress

A few things will go wrong even if you’ve done your best to plan beforehand. However, if you have a full nursery set, you won’t have to worry about locating separate pieces of furniture and decor. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters.

9 Best Nursery Furniture Sets

Best Compact: Dream On Me Jayden Convertible Crib

Dream On Me Jayden Convertible Crib


This nursery set may serve four purposes in one convenient package: as a crib, a changer, a little daybed, and a twin-size bed. Its little size makes it well-suited to cramped quarters. The pinewood used to create this nursery set is sourced from New Zealand. It has a simple form with soft, gentle arches and a solid spade feed. This video will tell you everything you need to know about the product.


  • Change table with three drawers that may be detached
  • Fully stocked with a change mat and safety strap
  • The baby can be safely buckled in with the click of a button.
  • includes a factory-issued mattress pad that is one inch thick


  • The size of the restrooms may not conform to norms.

Best Space-Saving: Stork Craft Steveston Convertible Crib

Stork Craft Steveston Convertible Crib


Convertible infant furniture includes two open shelves and a deep drawer for stowing away necessities. A waterproof vinyl changing mat and a secure strap are included with the attached changing table. The nursery set may be easily transformed into a full-size bed, daybed, or toddler bed. A mattress on a height-adjustable foundation is a convenient solution for sleepers of varying statures. View this video for further information before making a purchase.


  • Constructed from premium pine and composite materials.
  • Many different non-toxic coatings are readily available.
  • The perfect addition to any contemporary home
  • Method to Reduce Room Obstruction


  • There’s a chance the foot of the front railing will bow.

Best Water-Resistant: Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib

Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib


This crib has been evaluated and found to be safe according to the requirements set out by the JPMA. It is made from renewable New Zealand pinewood and painted using a process that avoids the use of hazardous substances like phthalates and lead. This infant cot may be transformed into a daybed, a full-size bed, or a toddler bed. The mattress can be set to one of three different heights for your comfort. See the video for additional information.


  • Change table with attached storage (two shelves, two drawers)
  • Strap-on changing mat with safety buckle
  • Synthetic lumber that complies with the Toxic Substances Control Act
  • Lead and other hazardous substances were tested for.


  • A diaper changing pad could be too flimsy.

Best Microfiber Fabric: Costzone Baby Glider And Ottoman Cushion Set

Costzone Baby Glider And Ottoman Cushion Set


The rocking glider’s rubberwood and bentwood construction ensures that it will stand the test of time. The chair’s ball bearings make swaying incredibly effortless. You can rest assured that your back and arms will receive the utmost in comfort thanks to the ergonomic design and padding of the armrests and backrest. The ottoman is soft and supportive, perfect for resting tired feet and legs on.


  • Including a high-quality sponge
  • Very elastic
  • Microfiber fabric’s softness
  • Padding cover that can be removed


  • Perhaps not malleable

Best With Adjustable Mattress: StorkCraft Windward Two-Piece Nursery

StorkCraft Windward Two-Piece Nursery


The complete nursery needs are met by the two-piece set. Features a JPMA-approved convertible crib that converts to a full size bed with headboard, a toddler bed, and a daybed. In addition, a changing table with a waterproof vinyl surface and safety straps has been included. The table features two handy open shelves.


  • Conforms to all US federal safety regulations.
  • Modern and applicable layout
  • Made with superior components
  • Adjustable bed with three different positions


  • Not guaranteed to be suitable for all locations

Best Sturdy: Sorelle Furniture Palisades

Sorelle Furniture Palisades


The crib has four different functions in one, as it converts to a full-size bed, a day bed, and a toddler bed. The four large drawers of the dresser are perfect for stowing away the baby’s necessities. The changing table includes two shelves, a hamper that slides out, and a strapped-down changing pad for peace of mind. It has a sturdy anti-tip kit that may prevent things from falling off shelves.


  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Style and design that exude elegance
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Build to last


  • There’s a risk of splintering and cracking in the crib rails.

Best Comfortable Surface: Delta Children Nursery Furniture Set

Delta Children Nursery Furniture Set


A convertible crib, changing pad, four-drawer dresser, changing top, glider, crib sheets, and a crib mattress are all part of the seven-piece nursery set. The crib can serve multiple purposes, evolving into a toddler bed, full-size bed, and daybed. The mattress may be readily placed in either of its two positions. The crib is both ASTM and JPMA approved for safety.


  • Core of foam and fiber
  • Surface that is both sturdy and pleasant to sit on
  • fastenings for fabric straps in the form of screws
  • An impermeable cloak


  • An incongruous clash of accessory hues

Best Functional: mDesign Horizontal Dresser Unit

mDesign Horizontal Dresser Unit


The mDesign Horizontal Dresser Unit has five detachable drawers, perfect for storing and organizing miscellaneous items. They are useful for storing anything from clothing to diapers, baby items, socks, and onesies. Its adaptable layout means it can go just about anywhere—from your bedroom to your living area to your baby’s nursery. You can use this furniture as a dresser to store your night lights, diaper warmer, pictures, and other little items. The dresser is lightweight, but its hard top and convenient handle make it a breeze to open and shut. There are several color options for this dresser unit, including gray, turquoise, and polka dots.


  • Setup is a breeze.
  • Proven footing
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant


  • It’s possible the first impression you get is of a strange odor.

Best Convertible: Evolur Belmar Convertible Crib

Evolur Belmar Convertible Crib


The five-in-one convertible crib is made with care and quality from kiln-dried hardwood and five veneers. Shiplap accents and curved lines of a single route are used in the design of the headboard. The subtly curved armrests add a touch of refined heft. There are three different mattress heights to choose from, so you may adjust it as your child does.


  • Elegant simplicity
  • Simple to alter
  • Handles made of antique brass
  • Durable three-tiered slides


  • It’s possible that it won’t last.
  • Could lose its luster

How To Choose The Right Baby Furniture Set?

Consider these guidelines as you shop for a baby’s first piece of furnishings.


It’s important to pick a nursery set that complies with the minimum requirements for safety established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) (CPSC). Also, look for the JPMA seal of approval when shopping for a product for a child (JPMA).


It’s best to spend your money on a nursery set that will last a long time and can be used with different decor schemes. Nothing beats finding a set that can be used in multiple configurations down the road.

Style and comfort: 

Make sure the nursery furniture is cozy and fitting to the baby’s age and gender. It ought to go together with the overall decor.

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