11 Best Nursing Covers For Comfortable Breastfeed

Get the best nursing covers so you can feed your baby anywhere, anytime. These come in quite useful when breastfeeding your infant outside, since they make things easier on both of you.

The wide variety of nursing covers available can make it difficult to settle on the best one. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best breastfeeding covers so you may nurse your kid in public without embarrassment. Learn about the options, and then pick your favorite.

11 Best Nursing Covers

Best For Air Circulation: Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover

Muslin Nursing Cover


Baby will feel comfortable while breastfeeding thanks to the muslin cover. The infant can see and breathe easily via the open and rigid neckline.


  • Adjustable straps for a personalized fit.
  • Crafted from a cotton fabric that is one hundred percent cotton.
  • equipped with two storage compartments
  • Machine-washable


  • Possible translucency
  • Could be too narrow

Best For Sun Protection: Bamboobies Nursing Cover Shawl

Bamboobies Nursing Cover Shawl


This nursing wrap is crafted from bamboo viscose and spandex for comfort and mobility. The shawl may be washed in a machine and dried in no time.


  • UPF 50+ rated.
  • Provides sufficient protection
  • Non-irritating to a newborn’s skin
  • The universal size


  • Not something you can use as a shawl when it’s not in use
  • Potential for expansion is there

Best For 360-Degree Coverage: EN Babies 360° Full Coverage Nursing Cover

Milky Chic Nursing and Breastfeeding Poncho


Style: Nursing poncho


  • The material composition of this nursing cover is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, which together make it both long-lasting and breathable.
  • It’s not see-through because the cloth is sufficiently thick. Offers full protection in all directions while nursing.
  • The fabric’s top and bottom edges have been reinforced to keep them from fraying.
  • The poncho’s stylish appearance stems from its thoughtful design.
  • Because of its high-quality presentation in a pouch, the cover is a wonderful present for a baby shower.

Best Non-See-Through: Bozeman Infinity Nursing Scarf

Bozeman Infinity Nursing Scarf


The nursing scarf is double-layered and opaque thanks to its construction. The scarf can be stored by wrapping it around the wearer’s neck while it is not in use. The scarf can be pulled out and stretched to provide privacy for the breastfeeding mother.


  • Adaptable to a wide range of looks
  • The universal size
  • Multiple styles are readily available.
  • In a washing machine


  • It’s possible that it’s not cool enough for summer.
  • Possible loss of shape following washings

Best Stretchable: Qaqadu Nursing Scarf

Car Seat Covers for Babies - Nursing Cover


Style: Nursing scarf


  • The multifunctional scarf can be used as a nursing cover, a stroller cover, or a car seat cover for the infant.
  • The scarf is created from a lightweight, breathable, and soft material and it has excellent elasticity.
  • The maker encloses free breastfeeding pads with each shipment of the cover.
  • Easy care, machine washable fabric that is free of dangerous chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and lead.

Best For Eye Contact With Baby: Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover

Kids N’ Such Baby Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding


This apron has an extra-wide front so that the breasts are protected from exposure. To clean the baby’s mouth after burping, a burping cloth is conveniently sewed into one of the apron’s corners.


  • No-flex neckline for maximum airflow
  • cotton fabric that allows air flow
  • Includes a matching pouch.
  • Extra-wide layout


  • A burp cloth might not be the best option for absorbing spills.
  • Wording and coloring may change without notice.

Best Adjustable: Udder Covers Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers Breastfeeding Nursing Cover


Udder Covers breastfeeding covers are breathable since they are constructed from 100% cotton. The baby and mom can look each other in the eye while breastfeeding because to the high, closed neckline.


  • D-rings made of stainless steel
  • Strap that can be adjusted around the neck
  • Easily switched to the breast-feeding position
  • Stylish designs
  • Machine-washable


  • Perhaps not a good idea during the winter
  • Possible minor thinning of the material

Best For All Body Sizes: Anikea Nursing Cover Shawl

Anikea Nursing Cover Shawl


Breastfeeding in comfort with the Anikea nursing cover, a roomy shawl that can be wrapped around any size body. The material is comfortable and elastic.


  • Completely crafted from cotton
  • Fabric that allows airflow
  • One side buttons
  • Guarantees complete protection in all directions


  • For some, it could be too brief
  • Thicker fabric may be uncomfortable for some.

Best Versatility: Skip Hop Hide-and-Chic Nursing Cover

Skip Hop Hide-and-Chic Nursing Cover


This nursing cover is unlike any other, since its design lends itself to a wide variety of wear options. You can wear it over your head like a hood, over your neck like a scarf, or across your body like a poncho.


  • Open-weave fabric sewn onto the cover’s top
  • An inflexible ring can serve as a choker.
  • Supple material
  • In a washing machine
  • Features a choice of two hues


  • The drawstrings may not be the most practical option for some.
  • This protection may not be sufficient.

Best For Preventing Milk Stains: NuRoo Nursing Scarf

NuRoo Nursing Scarf


The NuRoo nursing scarf is designed to protect your clothing from milk spills thanks to its wick-absorbing fabric. It’s appropriate for use as a standard neck scarf. The polyester and spandex blend allows for airflow.


  • Wraps around your neck like a normal scarf, or
  • This scarf has snaps along the edges so it won’t fall off.
  • Modern designs
  • Washable and dryable in a machine


  • Provide adequate protection?
  • Perhaps a bit hefty

Best Soft: Seraphine Madison Maternity Summer Bamboo Poncho & Nursing Shawl

Seraphine Madison Maternity Summer Bamboo Poncho & Nursing Shawl


The Seraphine Madison maternity summer poncho is an essential while you’re out and about with your baby because it’s both stylish and practical.


  • Like a shawl, it can be wrapped around the body.
  • Outfitted with shoulder buttons
  • Easily modifiable
  • Supple material
  • Multipurpose: it can also be used as a swaddling blanket


  • The material may be a bit flimsy.

What Is A Nursing Cover?

You can keep your modesty intact while nursing your baby with the help of a nursing cover, also known as a breastfeeding cover. Whether worn or draped, the cover is used to conceal and protect the body. The baby remains covered, but the mother may see and breathe easily over the top. There are a variety of nursing covers to choose from.

What Are The Types Of Nursing Covers

Nursing apron: 

Almost everyone’s mental image of a nursing cover is of an apron, as this is the most ubiquitous style. In the nursing profession, aprons are worn over the head and consist of a big rectangular piece of fabric with a loop at the top.

Like regular kitchen aprons, some nursing aprons have ties in the back. The apron can be kept in place thanks to its neckline, which also provides a window for ventilation and allows you to keep an eye on the infant. Nursing aprons are loose and comfy, but they don’t cover your entire torso.

Nursing poncho:

It’s a full top that you wear on top of your other tops like any other piece of apparel. It has the form of a poncho, with a V-shaped opening at the front and large armholes on the sides.

Nursing ponchos are convenient alternatives to nursing aprons when discretion during feedings is a need.

Nursing shawl: 

After your infant has outgrown the need for breastfeeding, you can continue to use the shawl as a cloak. Nursing shawls look and feel very much like conventional shawls, and there is a wide range of both style and color from which to choose. If your infant is the type to pull at the cover while you’re breastfeeding, you may want to reconsider the shawl option.

Nursing scarf:

It looks like a traditional scarf, but its length allows it to cover the wearer’s chest and upper body. Scarves designed for nursing are discreet and lightweight, allowing you to wear them all day without drawing attention to the fact that you’re nursing. They aren’t quite as roomy as some of the other nursing covers, but they’re long enough to meet the minimum covering standards.

How To Choose A Nursing Cover?

When selecting a nursing cover, keep the following in mind.

Place of usage: 

When and where do you plan on utilizing the nursing cover? At the office or in the mall? Take whichever solution suits you best right now. A nursing apron is preferable if your employer provides nursing stations or separate rooms for employees to use. When you need to nurse in public but there is nowhere private to do so, like a crowded shopping mall or park, a poncho can serve as a convenient substitute for an apron.

Baby’s preference: 

While some newborns enjoy the shade of a nursing cover, others become agitated and pull at it constantly. An apron is a useful option in cases where the baby is fussy and pulls at the cover because it may be fastened around the neck and, in some cases, around the back. Nursing covers that don’t restrict movement are wonderful for babies who are more easily soothed.

The extent of coverage: 

A nursing cover serves to protect the privacy of the breastfeeding mother. Whether you need full or partial protection from the elements while breastfeeding in public, select a nursing cover accordingly. When compared to a scarf or an apron, shawls and ponchos offer substantial additional coverage.

Weather and ambient temperature: 

An apron is useful in all climates, whereas a shawl is more at home in milder temperatures. Consider the local weather when making your decision.

Considering all of this, we’ve compiled a list of 11 different kinds of nursing cover for your perusal.

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