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9 Best Optimus Prime Toys in 2023

We’ve put up a list of the top Optimus Prime toys if your kid is a fan of the Transformers to assist you in making the best choice. Children all across the world like the various character toys with fascinating features and realistic details from the Transformers franchise. Children choose Optimus Prime toys over all other possibilities. The heroic commander of the Autobot troops who battles the bad guys to defend the Earth is named Optimus Prime. To promote imaginative play, these toys have automatic movements, sound effects, and lights.

However, picking the ideal toy could be challenging given the many types and features. Explore our selection of toys to find one that appeals to your child’s interests and preferences.

9 Best Optimus Prime Toys

Best Easy Conversion: Transformers Optimus Prime Toy

Transformers Optimus Prime Toy


One of the most popular toys among fans of Transformers is this Optimus Prime one! The classic Cyber Commander series, which this 11-inch toy is from, is advised for children above the age of six. This robot toy can be changed into an Optimus Prime vehicle in just six easy steps. Kids can easily convert this Autobot leader because there are instructions available. Therefore, get this toy to contribute to your kids’ Autobot vs. Decepticon toy collection and aid in the completion of their Transformers series toy collection. Here is a video that provides a thorough analysis of the product.

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Best Water Canon: Playskool Optimus Prime Toy

Playskool Optimus Prime Toy


Get your kids this timeless Heatwave the Fire-Bot toy, which was influenced by the Transformers Rescue Bots television series. They will adore this toy that converts in just one simple motion from a robot to a truck and back again; all you have to do is pull the central section. It includes an energize gear water cannon that the figure wields in robot mode and that, while in vehicle mode, attaches to the fire truck. As impressive as this Optimus Prime may look, it is one of the most straightforward yet engaging toys for kids. With this transformer toy, they may embark on their imaginative and inventive rescue adventure. You can better comprehend the product after seeing this video.

Best Mini-Con Weaponizers: Transformers Robots In Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime

Transformers Robots In Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime


With the help of this Optimus Prime Toy, which was inspired by the Transformers: Robots in Disguise series, you may join Bumblebee’s crew to battle the Decepticons. The mini-con weaponizers Aerobolt figurine is included with this 11-inch power surge toy figure. The Optimus Prime toy’s chest may be equipped with the mini-con weaponizers figure to help activate its wings, cannons, phrases, lights, and battle sounds. With just one easy action, this toy can be transformed into a shield. This toy figure may occupy and amuse your youngster and is suggested for kids aged 5 and up. Additionally, you can download the Transformers: Robots in Disguise app and scan the toy figure to access a variety of fun playable items for your kids. View this video to see a full review of the product.

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Best Ion Blaster: Takara Tomy MV 6 Legendary Optimus Prime Transformers

MV 6 Legendary Optimus Prime Transformers


Beginners who have just discovered their love for this series will benefit greatly from this Takara Tomy Transformers BumbleBee Optimus Prime Toy. The red and blue colors of this toy figure will make you think of the original and vintage Optimus Prime figure. The toy includes a face mask that you can quickly close or open. A replica of the ion blaster from the BumbleBee series is also included in this set of toys. When in vehicle mode, the ion blaster is attached to the robot’s back and turns into a component of the tank. Your little one will be quite pleased to see how quickly a robot turns into a truck.

Best Evil Matrix Of Leadership: Ultra Pro USA Shattered Glass Ratchet and Optimus Prime WFC-GS17

Action Figure 2 Pack Transformers Generations


If your child enjoys the War Of Cybertron and Voyager Class series, then you should include the action figures Shattered Glass Ratchet and Optimus Prime to your collection of Transformers. These toys are a part of the Generations Selects special edition and were influenced by the Transformers comic book by IDW titled Shattered Glass, in which an Autobot and a Decepticon exchange sides. In this tale, the toy Optimus Prime is the antagonist, and the Ratchet action figure is the hero. Your child would adore using these models to act out fresh missions in their imaginations. Both figures can be transformed into vehicles; Shattered Glass Ratchet takes 22 steps to become an ambulance while Shattered Glass Optimus Prime takes 31 steps to become a truck. An evil Matrix of Leadership accessory that can be attached to Optimus Prime’s chest is included in this set of Transformers.

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Best Easy Assembly: Revoltech Transformers Optimus Prime Toy

Revoltech Transformers Optimus Prime Toy


Revoltech’s gorgeous sci-fi Optimus Prime toy, which was influenced by the film Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, will delight your kids. With 19 points of articulation, this 6-inch tall figure is flexible and has a maximum number of action prompts. It also appears war-ready. This figurine has four different sorts of weaponry and interchangeable hands for your child to play with. Although this Optimus Prime toy cannot be transformed into a vehicle, it still provides hours of entertainment. It is one of the most popular action figures among kids who are passionate about expanding their collection of Transformers. Additionally, the figure’s assembly will keep your kids occupied and engaged.

Best LED Illuminated Eyes: 3A Transformers Optimus Prime Toy

3A Transformers Bumblebee: Optimus Prime Deluxe Scale Collectible Figure


This Optimus Prime toy’s 53 points of articulation let it to carry out a number of tasks flawlessly. It is 11.2 inches tall and has a hard exterior. Children love to play to win new fights and assemble the metal elements of this figure. The Transformers DLX Optimus Prime figure set now includes this new toy. This towering figurine symbolizes the valiant Autobot leader, a formidable foe of the Decepticons. Its LED-illuminated eyes, which are turned on by a small switch on its forehead, are one of the nicest characteristics that will pique your child’s curiosity.

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Best Auto-Spin: Hasbro Transformers Animated Roll Out Command Optimus Prime

Hasbro Transformers Animated Supreme - Roll Out Command Optimus Prime


By purchasing this Roll Out Command Optimus Prime toy, you may fulfill your kids’ desire to amass a collection of Transformers toys. It transforms quickly from robot to Earth vehicle, and kids can do it with no problem. When the figure speaks, the animated version plays sound effects. This toy figure includes electronic speech that says, “My name is Optimus Prime,” as well as other special effects including lights, sirens, and battle sounds. Your kids will also love seeing how the truck uses an auto-spin technique to change into the robot’s upper torso. It also comes with an ultra-axe that you can attach to the figure’s hand to activate the plasma blade that pops out!

Best Attractive: Transformers Mv5 Pre Leader ExTerrestrial Action Figure

Transformers Mv5 Pre Leader ExTerrestrial Action Figure


Every child’s fantasy has come true with this limited-edition Platinum Edition Transformers Optimus Prime toy! The Silver Knight Optimus Prime action figure is a robust 10-inch tall figure that comes with a powerful sword of judgment. The games that your child plays with it are more enjoyable because it is shielded against Decepticons by its Silver Knight Shield. In just 15 steps, this warrior figure can change into a semi-truck. The sci-fi action film Transformers: Age of Extinction served as inspiration for this toy, which is advised for children above the age of eight. Therefore, purchase this special version to aid your kids in their Transformers conflict.

We advise that you read through the following ideas to help you make the best choice for the greatest Optimus Prime Toy to make your child happy and pleased.

How To Choose The Best Optimus Prime Toy

Kids’ choice

You must be aware of your child’s preferences in order to select the ideal toy. To make your choice easier, attempt to find out which Optimus Prime toys your child like among the market’s variety based on movies and television shows.


Before choosing an Optimus Prime toy, always verify the recommended age range. Not all of the figures are suitable for youngsters under 10 years old. For youngsters under the age of eight, some of the conversions may involve 30 difficult steps. As a result, before bringing one home, check the age.

Fun features

Examine the toy’s other entertaining qualities in addition to turning it into a truck. Your little one won’t grow tired of the toy too quickly because the majority of the Optimus Prime toys have shields and weaponry that make them more fun to play with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Optimus prime toys safe?

Optimus prime toys are not suited for children under the age of three due to the small parts. Verify the label and any accompanying warnings before making the purchase. Check to see that no projectiles are launched into the air by the toy (1).

What was the first Optimus prime toy?

Transformer toys are often larger and transform into much larger toys when their buttons are touched. Optimus prime toys come in a range of sizes, with the largest measuring 22 inches in height.

What was the first Optimus prime toy?

The original Optimus Prime toy was the Diaclone combat convoy figure. Generation 1 toys are those that have been around for roughly 30 years.

How do I know if my Optimus prime is real?

The toy’s authenticity can be verified by looking at the manufacturer’s label and the production year listed.

The greatest Optimus Prime toys described above are a gold mine for Transformers lovers. The kids really like the characters and they really like the way they fight the bad guys. However, when picking such a toy for your kid, you should take into account his or her preferences. Adding this personal touch will make the present even more meaningful to the recipient. Keep in mind that some of these toys may not be suitable for children under 10. Finally, have a look at the toys’ additional characteristics to pick the one that would be the most interesting for your kid to play with.

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