Paint for Baby Handprints and Footprints

29 Best Paint for Baby Handprints and Footprints in 2023 [Nontoxic, Safe, Washable]

Engaging in hand and footprint art with your baby or toddler can be an enjoyable and uncomplicated activity that you can do right at home. From cards and canvas prints to ornaments, decorations, mugs, and tea towels, there are numerous possibilities as long as you have the necessary materials. This guide provides a selection of the best paints for baby handprints, alternative materials, and helpful tips to ensure successful hand and footprint art with your little one, while also avoiding the mistakes I made.

When choosing materials, it’s crucial to prioritize safety for your baby’s delicate skin while also considering the desired outcome. Older kids and toddlers will particularly enjoy taking part in the process themselves, while creating baby prints can be a relatively stress-free experience. Whether you’re looking to preserve those precious memories for yourself or create heartfelt gifts for loved ones, using your baby or young toddler’s hand or footprints adds a unique touch to these special keepsakes.

What Type of Paint to Use for Your Baby’s Handprints and Footprints

What are the recommended paints for creating baby handprints? It’s crucial to prioritize the safety of your baby’s skin when selecting paints for this purpose.

Considering the delicate and sensitive nature of a baby’s skin, it is essential to avoid paints that contain harsh chemicals that may cause irritation or harm. Additionally, for younger toddlers who are prone to putting things in their mouth, it’s important to take this into account as well.

The best paints for baby handprints, which are both safe and easy to clean up, are washable tempera paints. These paints are non-toxic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Just ensure that the label clearly states that they are washable.

Washable tempera paints are safe for little hands and can provide clear and distinct prints, especially when used on paper or card surfaces.

If you still have concerns about applying paint directly on your baby’s skin or the possibility of ingestion, there are excellent plant-based paints available that are entirely natural and safe to eat. Alternatively, you can explore the option of making your own homemade paint, which I will discuss in more detail below.

Is Acrylic Paint Safe for Baby Foot and Handprints?

Is it safe to use acrylic paint on a baby’s skin? Acrylic paint is a popular choice, especially for canvas or fabric, but its safety for a baby’s delicate skin is a concern.

Although acrylic paint is not inherently harmful, it does contain chemicals that may not be suitable for the sensitive skin of a newborn. Non-toxic acrylic paint is available, but it’s important to note that being non-toxic doesn’t guarantee it is safe for the skin. It might be advisable to wait until your child is older before using acrylic paint and opt for safer alternatives like tempera paints for now.

However, if you want to create permanent crafts on canvas or fabric, acrylic paint is indeed the best option. In such cases, you can purchase non-toxic acrylic paint and conduct a patch test to ensure compatibility.

To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of paint on a small area of your baby’s palm or sole of the foot. Immediately wash it off and observe for any reactions. If there are no adverse effects, you can proceed with using acrylic paint sparingly, ensuring that you wash it off immediately after making the hand or footprints before it dries. It’s worth noting that acrylic paint can also stain clothes, so caution should be exercised.

In summary, while acrylic paint is not considered harmful, it is not the best choice for a baby’s skin due to its chemical composition. It’s recommended to wait until your child is older before using acrylic paint and instead opt for safer options like tempera paints. However, if you wish to create permanent crafts on canvas or fabric, non-toxic acrylic paint can be used, but a patch test should be conducted and the paint should be used sparingly, with immediate washing and careful handling to avoid staining clothes.

Paint for Baby Handprints and Footprints
Painted handprints with art and craft equipment on a school table.

How to Make Baby Hand and Footprints Without Paint

If you prefer not to use paint on your baby’s skin, there are alternative options available that allow you to create a perfect keepsake without any paint involved.

Baby-safe ink is an excellent choice, especially for capturing the tiny hands and feet of newborns. It focuses more on creating a lasting memory rather than providing an activity. To use baby-safe ink, simply press your baby’s hand or foot directly onto the ink pad, then immediately transfer the print onto a piece of paper. Afterward, you can clean the hand or foot with a wipe or warm water and soap. This method is incredibly easy and mess-free.

Another great option is to use clean-touch baby print ink pads, which offer a wonderful solution. With these ink pads, the ink does not come into direct contact with your baby’s skin. Instead, you place the ink pad ink side down on top of the paper and press your baby’s hand or foot onto it from the back. This transfers the print directly onto the paper, ensuring a clean and safe process.

Additionally, using clay to make a decoration or ornament with your baby’s handprint or footprint is a fun alternative. This method allows you to create a unique and personalized keepsake that can be cherished for a lifetime. It’s particularly well-suited for seasonal gifts, adding a special touch to occasions like Christmas or Easter.

Our Top 7 Best Safe Paints for Baby Handprint Crafts:

When it comes to paper, the recommended options for creating baby handprints and footprints are washable tempera paint or plant and vegetable-based alternatives. These paints are child-friendly and safe, making them ideal for rainy day activities, extended school holidays, and creating last-minute gifts for grandparents.

Best Budget Baby Safe Paint for Handprints: Crayola Washable Kids Paint

Crayola Washable Kids Paint, 6 Count


In our previous baby and toddler footprint projects, we have utilized Crayola Washable Kids Paint, which has proven to be highly effective, although it does tend to create more mess compared to ink-pad style paints.

One of the advantages we appreciated is that it is nontoxic, although it may not be as clean as Eco Kids paint, and it doesn’t require any mixing.

The paint has a pleasing consistency and offers vibrant, long-lasting colors that do not fade over time.

As a basic washable finger paint, it is reasonably priced at under $1 per color, allowing you to continue using it for regular finger painting activities with older children even after capturing baby’s footprints. We did find that it may require more attempts to achieve the desired outcome compared to other options, but it serves as a budget-friendly choice that performs well if it’s the only option available.

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Best Baby Safe Paint for Handprints: DS Bundles Eco Kids Organic Veggie Fingerpaint

Eco kids veggie fingerpaint


For baby footprints and handprints, veggie-based paints like Eco Kids Finger paint and Veggie Baby’s offer the safest and non-toxic option available. These paints come in a powdered form that you mix with water, similar to food coloring, before using them. It’s important to note that these paints work best on paper and may not be suitable for use on canvas. Additionally, over time, the colors may fade. However, these paints provide peace of mind as they are safe even if they come into contact with a baby’s mouth.

We have personally used Eco-Kids with our toddler, appreciating its non-GMO organic ingredients. In the event that it is not available, Veggie Baby offers a similar product that undergoes third-party testing for lead and heavy metals, making it a great alternative.

Keep in mind that adding too much water can result in a runny consistency, making it challenging to achieve a smudge-free print. It is advisable to start with a small amount of water and adjust as needed. While veggie-based paints are the best option for true paint for baby footprints in terms of non-toxicity, there are alternatives that may produce better prints, although they may not be as non-toxic.

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Best Baby Footprints + Handprints Kit: Co Little Baby Ink Hand and Footprint Kit


Co Little’s hand and footprint kit is an excellent gift option for baby showers or new moms. It includes a picture frame measuring 11″ W x 9″ H, which features two spaces for 2.75″ x 2.75″ square photos and one space specifically designed for baby’s footprints.

The kit provides everything you need, including the paper, a clean-touch ink pad (similar to Pearheads ink pad), and a set of letters and numbers for personalizing the print with baby’s name, date, or any other desired customization. Additionally, you have the option to purchase extra clean-touch ink pads if needed for additional prints.

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Best Smudge Resistant Paint for Older Babies: MayMoi Tempera Washable Paint Sticks

MayMoi Tempera Paint Sticks, Washable Paint Sticks for Kids


If you’re searching for a clear baby handprint or footprint and your child has outgrown some of the ink pads mentioned earlier, tempera paint sticks are an excellent alternative. They offer a middle-ground option with less mess compared to traditional paint, resulting in a more defined outcome.

Washable tempera paints provide vivid colors that can be applied to your baby’s feet or your child’s hands for various crafts or keepsakes. Simply stamp the painted feet or hands onto your paper or canvas. The paint has a slightly sticky texture, so it’s important to work quickly or apply additional layers before it dries.

Despite the quick drying time, the paint delivers a beautiful, vibrant finish that is resistant to smudging, making it one of our preferred choices. When it comes to cleaning up, washing it off is generally easy with soap and warm water.

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No-Mess Baby Footprints: Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint or Footprint

Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint Or Footprint


The Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint or Footprint is not a traditional paint option but instead a clean touch ink-pad that is commonly used by midwives to capture the first handprints and footprints of newborns, including those from homebirths.

Using the ink pad is simple: you place the provided cards onto the ink pad, ensuring they are positioned correctly, and then press your baby’s hand or foot onto the card to create the print. It should be noted that this ink pad is specifically designed for newborn hands, as it measures 2.25″ W x 3.5″ H.

One of the advantages of this ink pad is that there is no ink residue to wash off, minimizing any potential mess or concerns about babies mouthing the ink. Additionally, it is relatively difficult to smudge or make mistakes with this ink pad. If you prefer not to use the provided cards, you can place the ink pad over any piece of paper to transfer the hand or footprint. In my experience, the ink pad can yield around 5-10 prints before running out.

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Best Non-toxic Acrylic Paint: Speedball Acrylic Paint

Speedball Acrylic Paint


Although acrylic paint is generally not recommended for use with babies, it is considered the best option when it comes to creating baby footprints on canvas.

Speedball acrylic paint stands out as a suitable choice, as it holds the AP certification and is free from cadmium, cobalt, and acid. It is known for being one of the most non-toxic acrylic paints available, and it is manufactured in the United States. Moreover, Speedball acrylic paints offer a wide range of colors and are reasonably priced.

In cases where Speedball acrylic paint may not be readily accessible, an alternative option is Apple Barrel. This water-based paint is AP certified, but it does contain cadmium and cobalt. It is commonly found both online and in most craft stores.

It is important to note that acrylic paint can also be used as fabric paint, allowing for creative projects on old t-shirts, for example. However, it is advisable to perform a patch test or small-scale trial before applying it to any fabric or material.

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Easiest Paint for Handprints on Paper: ReignDrop Ink Pad For Baby Footprint, Handprint

ReignDrop Ink Pad For Baby Footprint, Handprint


If you’ve ever attempted to capture a baby’s footprint or handprint using traditional paint, you’re likely aware of the sticky and messy challenges it presents. However, the ReignDrop Ink Pads offer a convenient solution to this problem, and they are available in a wide array of appealing colors.

Using the ReignDrop Ink Pads is incredibly simple. All you need to do is gently guide your baby’s foot or hand onto the ink pad and then press it onto a piece of paper. This method is by far the easiest we have encountered. Furthermore, the ink used in these pads is non-toxic, water-based, and acid-free. It can be easily wiped off and washed away during bath time. We found that smudging was not an issue, especially when compared to using regular paint, and the ink has maintained its color without fading thus far.

It is important to note that the dimensions of the ink pad are approximately 3.5 inches in length and 2.25 inches in width, making it most suitable for capturing prints of babies rather than older children.

Best Paints for Baby Handprints on Canvas:

If you’re working on canvas, using an even layer of non-toxic acrylic paint will provide excellent results. However, it is important to consider the note mentioned earlier and perform a patch test before proceeding. This will help ensure that the paint is safe for your baby’s skin.

Having a supply of kid-friendly and baby-safe paint on hand is beneficial, even if you don’t engage in frequent hand and footprint crafts with your baby or toddler. It can come in handy for various occasions, including entertaining your little one during rainy days or long school holidays, as well as creating personalized gifts for grandparents.

Crayola Washable Glitter Paint

Crayola Washable Glitter Paint Great for Classroom Projects, 6 Count


Who can resist the allure of glitter? While babies may not notice, toddlers are like little magpies and are drawn to bright, sparkly things. These washable tempera paints with glitter add a touch of sparkle to your crafts and capture your toddler’s attention.

Colorations Powder Tempera Paint

Colorations Powder Tempera Paint


Powdered tempera paint offers a more affordable option and can be highly practical for handprint crafts. Simply mix it with water to achieve the desired consistency for your projects.

Crayola Washable Finger Paints

Crayola Washable Finger Paints, 6 Count


Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, finger painting encourages self-expression and helps develop gross and fine motor skills. Although it may not result in picture-perfect handprints, this water-soluble tempera paint provides a great sensory activity, and your child will have a lot of fun creating artwork. Just be prepared for some messiness, but it washes off fairly easily.

Veggie Baby Finger Paints

Veggie Baby Finger Paints for Toddlers


Made from vegetable-based ingredients, these edible eco paints come in powder form that you can mix with water. They are perfect for sensitive little hands and toddlers who have a tendency to put everything in their mouths.

Best Paints for Baby Handprints on Canvas:

It is important to keep in mind that even though these paints are labeled as non-toxic, they may still cause irritation to delicate baby skin. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a patch test before using them.

Crayola Acrylic Assorted Colors

Crayola Acrylic Paint - Assorted Colors (6ct)


This non-toxic acrylic paint is easily washable with soap and water while still wet.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set, PROMOTCK 18


With a great selection of colors, this non-toxic acrylic paint set washes off well with soap and water while still wet.

Best Options for Handprint and Footprint Crafts Without Paint:

Here are some excellent alternatives that are safe for babies and can be used in place of paint. These options are particularly suitable for capturing newborn footprints and handprints. They are easy to clean up and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

Forever Fun Times Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

Forever Fun Times


This non-toxic and baby-safe ink is effortless to use and clean up. It works on various types of paper and card, and you can choose from black or a range of bold, bright colors.

Pearhead Little Pear Clean-Touch Babyprint Ink Pad

little pear Clean-Touch Babyprint Ink Pad


Specifically designed for newborns, this no-touch ink pad offers a mess-free option for creating first keepsake handprints without any fuss.

STAEDTLER FIMO Soft Polymer Clay

STAEDTLER FIMO Soft Polymer Clay


This soft and non-toxic modeling clay is perfect for creating casts of hands and footprints. Mold it into any desired shape and finish it in the oven.

Best Baby Handprint Kits for Easy Keepsakes:

Are you searching for an ideal baby shower gift? These baby handprint kits are perfect for the occasion! You can purchase kits that include clay, ink, or paint, providing everything you need to create a special keepsake. It’s a beautiful gift that the mother-to-be will cherish.

Little Hippo Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

Little Hippo Baby Hand and Footprint Kit


This kit includes baby-safe clay for casting hand and footprints, along with a stamp to print the baby’s name and birth year. The clay can be placed in a frame that also accommodates two photos, making it the ultimate gift for expectant or new mothers.

Little Hippo Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (Newborn Bundle)


Another clay casting kit, but this one allows you to create handprints and footprints on ornaments. These ornaments can be displayed on the provided stand throughout the year or used as adorable decorations for occasions like Christmas or Easter.

BabySquad Baby Prints Newborn Handprint and Footprint

Baby Prints Newborn Handprint and Footprint


This exquisite kit allows you to elegantly showcase your baby’s hand and footprints alongside a cherished photograph. With the use of a clean-touch ink pad, you can capture those precious prints without any mess. The included white frame adds a touch of simplicity and the phrase “You Touched My Heart” adds a sentimental touch.

GrandParentsINC Canvas Handprint Kit – “You Touched My Heart”

GrandParentsINC Canvas Handprint Kit


If you appreciate the charm of a canvas print, this customizable kit is perfect for you. It comes with non-toxic fabric paint and provides helpful hints on achieving the best handprint on the heart shape. The end result is a beautiful keepsake that truly captures the essence of your baby’s handprint.

Luna Bean Baby Keepsake Foot & Hand Casting Kit

Luna Bean Baby Keepsake Foot & Hand Casting Kit


Designed to be safe and easy to use, this kit enables you to create a flawless cast of your baby’s hand or foot. Suitable for babies up to 9 months old, it includes everything you need to capture every intricate detail of those adorable little hands and feet. The result is a treasured keepsake that holds immense sentimental value.

Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Handprint Bowls

Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Handprint Bowls


While primarily intended for older children, this irresistible kit allows you to create handprint bowls that make for charming keepsakes. The process of molding the clay into your child’s handprint shape can be a delightful activity for both of you, resulting in unique and precious bowls.

Best Seasonal Handprint Kits:

Handprint gifts and keepsakes are perfect for special occasions and make heartfelt presents for loved ones. Whether it’s a Christmas ornament, a personalized craft, or a card for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, these seasonal kits offer wonderful options suitable for all ages, from newborns onwards.

Child to Cherish Glitter Baby Handprint

Child to Cherish Glitter Baby Handprint


Using non-toxic clay, this enchanting Christmas tree decoration is simple to make and serves as a truly special memento for your tree. The clay is elegantly set within a classic wooden ring, adorned with glitter and a candy cane decoration.

Fun Express Color Your Own Picture Handprint Mother’s Day Card

Fun Express Store


Imagine the joy of receiving this heartfelt card on Mother’s Day! Designed for children to color themselves, it provides space for a hand or footprint and a photo. It’s a sweet and personal gift that your child will enjoy creating.

Hand-y Tees World’s Best Dad T-Shirt

Hand-y Tees World’s Best Dad T-Shirt


A delightful option for Father’s Day, this t-shirt kit allows children to add their handprints to a preprinted message. With three different colors of acrylic paint included, it offers a fun and meaningful gift that dads will proudly wear.

Creative Roots Handprint Stepping Stone

Creative Roots Handprint Stepping Stone


While primarily designed for older kids, you can still cast your baby or toddler’s handprint onto the stone and paint it yourself. This makes for a thoughtful gift for grandparents, particularly for Easter or other special occasions.

Best Homemade Paint for Baby Hand & Footprints:

Making your own paint at home is surprisingly easy and provides the assurance of using natural, non-toxic ingredients. If your toddler tends to put paint in their mouth, homemade paint can be a safe alternative. Here are some homemade paint recipes using simple kitchen ingredients.

Homemade Paint With Flour

Creating your own paint at home is incredibly simple and allows you to have complete control over the ingredients that come into contact with your baby’s skin. Tinkerlab provides an easy-to-follow recipe using only three basic ingredients: flour, salt, and water. The desired colors can be achieved by adding a few drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring.

Homemade Egg Tempera Paint

Little Bins For Little Hands offers a wonderfully uncomplicated recipe for homemade egg tempera paint, requiring just two kitchen ingredients. This paint has excellent durability once it dries and provides a fun sensory experience for you and your child. All you need to do is separate an egg yolk from the white, place it in a bowl, mix it with food coloring, and you’re ready to start painting.

Homemade Edible Paint

An ingenious method for creating completely safe and edible homemade paint involves using condensed milk. Juggling with Kids presents a recipe that simply involves mixing a few drops of food coloring into a small amount of condensed milk, resulting in your paint. While the paint has a thicker consistency, the final artwork will have a beautifully glossy finish, and there’s no need to worry about the paintbrush coming into contact with your child’s mouth.

How to do Baby Handprints and Footprints with Paint – Quick Tips

Follow these valuable tips to create the best baby handprints on paper, ensuring a fun and relatively mess-free activity. If you’re involving older children or toddlers, expect some mess but embrace it and let them enjoy the experience. Just remember to use the recommended washable paints for baby handprints to make the cleanup easier!

Preparation is Key:

  • Set up everything in advance. Place your thick craft paper on a sturdy surface, have your paint ready, and keep wipes within reach.
  • Ensure your baby is in a happy mood. Trying to paint the hand or foot of a grumpy baby will likely make things more difficult. Choose a time after their nap and feeding for the best results.
  • If the weather permits, undress your baby to their diaper. This prevents any accidental paint stains on their clothes.
  • Wear an apron or clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Achieving the Best Print:

  • There are two methods for applying paint to your child’s hand or foot. The first is squeezing a walnut-sized amount of paint onto a paper plate and smearing your baby’s hand or foot into it. The second method is using a paintbrush to directly apply paint to the hand and foot. I found the latter to be more effective, allowing for better paint distribution and easier maneuvering.
  • Ensure an even distribution of paint.
  • For handprints, gently separate your baby’s fingers by lightly squeezing their knuckles and pressing down firmly.
  • For footprints, ensure the toes are straight.
  • Expect a few attempts before achieving the desired results.
  • Clean your baby before the paint dries using baby wipes or a damp paper towel.

How to do Baby Handprints in Clay

Using clay is an excellent option for achieving a clear and lasting handprint, especially if you want to create a decorative ornament or keepsake. Soft, non-toxic polymer clay is readily available in craft stores or online, and it is user-friendly. By following these steps, you can create a perfect gift or a cherished display item for your home:

  • Select polymer non-toxic clay.
  • Knead the clay in your hands until it becomes soft and pliable.
  • Shape the clay into your desired form, such as a heart, star, circle, or even seasonal shapes like an Easter Egg or a Christmas bauble.
  • Place the clay on a baking sheet, preparing it for oven baking.
  • Carefully spread out your child’s fingers and firmly press them into the clay to create a clear impression.
  • If you intend to hang your creation, use a straw to make a hole at the top.
  • Utilize a knife or toothpick to write your child’s name and the date beneath the handprint.
  • Follow the baking instructions provided with the clay, keeping a close watch to avoid burning.
  • Once the clay has completely cooled, it can be painted.
  • Thread a ribbon through the top hole and hang the finished piece.

Which of These Baby-Safe Paints or Materials will you Use for your Hand and Footprint Arts and Crafts?

Hand and footprint art and crafts revolve around the creation of lasting memories, keepsakes, and cherished gifts. Regardless of the method you choose at present, it’s highly probable that you’ll explore various techniques as your children grow into toddlers or preschoolers. Personally, I find myself returning to handprint art repeatedly with my toddlers, especially during holidays, as we enjoy crafting seasonal cards for our family. It brings us joy to know that our loved ones appreciate receiving these heartfelt creations, and we have a wonderful time making them together.

FAQs: Best Paint for Baby Handprints and Footprints

What type of paint is suitable for creating baby footprints?

There are three paint options to consider for baby footprints and handprints: ink pads, paint sticks, and regular paint.

Within each category, there are different variations, such as acrylic paint versus washable finger paint, or clean touch ink pads versus regular stamp pads.

Based on our experience, clean touch ink pads work well for newborns, while paint sticks are suitable for older babies and toddlers.

In a pinch, regular washable finger paint can also be used, but it’s advisable to have someone assist you to ensure the right amount of paint is applied to a wiggly baby’s foot.

How can you create baby handprints using paint?

There are two methods for creating baby handprints with paint. The first approach involves generously applying paint to the palm of the baby’s hand and then stamping it onto a piece of paper. The second method involves pouring paint onto a paper plate, allowing the baby to pat it with their hand, and then stamping the painted hand onto a piece of paper.

In our experience, the first method tends to yield better results, as it provides a cleaner application and produces a crisper handprint. The second method, however, can be a fun sensory activity for the baby.

Pro tip: To make the process easier, have one person hold the baby while the other person creates the handprints or footprints. Alternatively, depending on the child’s age, you can place them in a high chair to facilitate the process.

Is it safe to use paint on a baby’s feet?

In general, if a paint is labeled as non-toxic, it is considered safe for a baby’s feet. However, it’s important to remember that non-toxic doesn’t mean completely free of toxins. Parents should research the brand and decide which paint they feel most comfortable using. While it’s unlikely that the soles of a baby’s feet will react to paint, it’s crucial to wash it off before their feet come into contact with their mouth. It’s also advisable not to make a habit of regularly painting their feet.

Is non-toxic paint safe for babies?

Non-toxic paints, which are typically water-based and contain fewer chemicals compared to other paints with high volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are generally considered safe for babies. However, it’s important to note that non-toxic paints are typically not tested for heavy metals or internal safety use. While it’s best to minimize the number of products used with babies, using non-toxic paint for capturing their footprints or handprints (as long as they don’t ingest it) is unlikely to cause harm.

How can stubborn paint or ink be removed from a baby’s feet and hands?

If warm water and soap don’t effectively remove the paint or ink, coconut oil can be used as a gentle and clean option. Other alternatives include vegetable oil, baby oil, or petroleum jelly if coconut oil is not available.

What type of paint is safe for a baby’s skin?

The safest paint for a baby’s skin would likely be plant-based paints made from non-GMO and organic ingredients, such as Eco Kids. These paints are derived from ingredients like ground-up potatoes, beets, turmeric, spirulina, and other food-based sources, making them safe enough for babies to consume. However, it’s worth noting that these paints tend to be messier and may not produce the best quality footprints or handprints as keepsakes.

Is acrylic paint safe for babies?

Acrylic paint labeled as AP certified by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is considered “non-toxic,” but it should still be used carefully and cautiously with babies. Although such paint may contain trace amounts of toxins like heavy metals (cadmium,

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