15 Best Roblox Toys To Buy

Here you will find only the finest Roblox playthings. Roblox toys are miniature versions of the players, vehicles, and characters found in the Roblox video game franchise. Jazwares, a gaming company, produces these toys along with others like them as well as consumer electronics, collectibles, and musical instruments.

There is a code in every Roblox toy or playset that can be redeemed for a digital good on the Roblox website. These can be any component of a virtual toy, such as a complete toy, a set of accessories, or a piece of gameplay equipment.

If your child is a fan of the video game or enjoys collecting, we have compiled a list of some fantastic toys from the brand that you can purchase for them. Remember that the Roblox toys aren’t meant for children younger than 36 months, and that playing with them requires adult supervision. What follows is a guide to helping you select the ideal toy for your kid.

Types Of Roblox Sets

Let’s talk about the many categories of Roblox sets before we go into the actual list of toys.

Single or two-character sets: 

Packs in one or two figures and their identifying accoutrements. They’re perfect for young people who enjoy assembling dioramas out of individual figures.

Mystery pack sets: 

These come in packs of six and can also be purchased as character-revealing cubes. There’s a code inside each figure that may be redeemed for a digital Roblox item. If your kid like surprises, they might be a better option.

Famous character sets: 

Typically, they feature four to six Roblox characters and the items they use in a given setting (a game, a universe, or a city).


Two or three Roblox characters inhabit the themed buildings. For each figurine, they offer a whole suite of complementary pieces.

15 Best Roblox Toys

Best Legendary Characters: Roblox Champions Of Roblox 6 Figure Pack

Roblox Champions Of Roblox 6 Figure Pack


This Roblox six-figure bundle features six legendary figures based on real-life historical figures from the two warring kingdoms, the Knights of Redcliff and the Korbloxians. Deathspeaker, Mage, General, The Overseer, Redcliff Elite Commander, and Alar Knight of the Splintered Skies are all interchangeable parts that can be used to form new characters. Codes hidden inside the toys can be redeemed for the premium digital content.


  • Inspire creative role-playing
  • Sculptures with incredible attention to detail
  • Durable
  • The perfect present
  • Personas are modifiable


  • Perhaps too little for young children.
  • A firm leg-snap is not guaranteed.

Best Mystery Pack: Roblox Series 7 Mystery Figure Six Pack

Roblox Series 7 Mystery Figure Six Pack


Bring Roblox to life with these 24 treasures from the seventh season. Your kiddo may use the materials within to construct six unique characters and store them in their Robox cube. In addition to the exclusive digital item, the box also includes a collector’s checklist. Toy box appropriate for kids above the age of six.


  • Made from durable plastic
  • Conveniently pre-assembled for instant use.
  • Inspires more original thought
  • Packed separately for each use


  • Choking hazard due to small parts
  • It is possible that some of the numbers are interchangeable.

Best Accessories And Props: Roblox Zombie Attack Playset

Roblox Zombie Attack Playset


This zombie invasion playset features four well-known figures along with a plethora of other pieces. Some of the unique Roblox games, like Apocalypse Rising, Neighborhood of Robloxia, and Zombie Rush, have inspired these action-packed figurines. Kids older than six should read it.


  • Inspire creative thought
  • A Variety of Game Modes Skillfully Designed Characters
  • Poseable limbs
  • Eye-catching, vibrant hues


  • Instances of authority may fall
  • Figure components might not snap together reliably.

Best For Fun And Entertainment: Roblox Celebrity Sharkbite: Duck Boat Vehicle

Roblox Celebrity Sharkbite: Duck Boat Vehicle


Winds blow, waves crash, and sharks spring into action. This exciting Roblox package includes a SharkBite swimmer, one vehicle, accessories, a collector’s checklist, and a redeemable code, all of which may be used to provide your youngster a fun-filled day. Each item comes with a unique code that may be used to access the premium content on the Roblox website. Ages 6 and up are encouraged to read it.


  • Promote Speculative Play
  • It’s a duck’s life in the water!
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Sizes for ducks are very typical.


  • Possible tail separation in sharks
  • Small pieces make it inappropriate for young children.

Best Priceless Artifact: Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Deluxe Playset

Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Deluxe Playset


Plan the perfect museum heist or foil would-be burglars before priceless items are stolen. These pieces would allow you to relive Badimo’s Robust game Jailbreak, which won a Bloxy award. There are six different personalities represented: Sneaky Criminal, SWAT Boss, Thieving Criminal, Scared Cop, Kempt Collector, and Unkempt Collector. If your child is younger than six, this book is not for them.


  • Accessorize whichever you like.
  • Foster pretend play
  • Rounding off rough spots
  • Complete numbers


  • Time spent assembling could be an issue.
  • The appearance of the walls is that they are not very sturdy.

Best Creativity And Imagination: Roblox Celebrity Fashion Famous Large Playset

Roblox Celebrity Fashion Famous Large Playset


For kids who enjoy playing with toys that encourage them to use their creativity, this is a great option. Included in the package are 26 fashionable outfits, hairdos, and accessories from Pixelated Candy’s hit Roblox fashion game. The judges want to see Ice Bear and Peacy Alex with fresh hairstyles and a ready-to-walk attitude.


  • There is a promo code inside every box.
  • Put together in seconds
  • Modular jewelry set
  • Artwork that’s both eye-catching and fashionable


  • Contains possible tiny parts; not recommended for children under 3.
  • Getting dressed each day could feel like a hassle.

Best Roleplay Game: Roblox Prison Life Game Pack

Roblox Prison Life Game Pack


The Roblox jail life game bundle is inspired by the roleplaying genre. One could experience the hardships of incarceration and put away their daring escape plans by recreating iconic events from their time behind bars. It comes with two playable characters, some extras, a redeemable code, and a checklist for collectors. For kids over the age of six, this could be a fantastic present idea.


  • Components that can be switched out
  • provides a means of entertainment for a long time and encourages thought and innovation
  • Improves one’s ability to think critically


  • It could be tough to remove the firearm.
  • A few of the tiny extras might not be compatible.

Best Mix And Match Set: Roblox Punk Rockers Mix & Match Set

Roblox Punk Rockers Mix & Match Set


If your kid is into punk rock and other similar genres, they could enjoy this Roblox Punk Rockers set. The instruments and wacky hairdos in the mix-and-match kit allow children to imagine their own groovy dancers. There are 16 small collectibles in the set, enough to assemble four figures. The virtual character can be accessed by redeeming a code. Ages 6 to 15 are targeted readers.

Best Colors And Design: Roblox Action Collection – Golden God + Two Figure Bundle

Roblox Action Collection – Golden God + Two Figure Bundle


Utilize the Roblox action figures to create one-of-a-kind figurines. Because you can swap out pieces to create your own unique figure, it’s a lot of fun to play. The many supplied accessories allow you to give the figures a personal touch. As an added bonus, each pack comes with a redeemable code that can be used to obtain a unique digital item. Spruce up your Roblox wardrobe and have fun customizing your favorite Roblox characters.


  • An Appearance of Metal
  • Consists with long-lasting components
  • Arouse the boundless creative juices
  • Adapters that work with it


  • Lack of a container to keep the toys in
  • Miniature, easily misplaced parts

Best Open-World Action Genre: Roblox Jailbreak: Great Escape Large Playset

Roblox Jailbreak: Great Escape Large Playset


Four classic characters and a wide variety of playthings are included in this massive Great Escape set. The 24 pieces can be rearranged in a variety of ways to reveal any of the five series’ characters. In the open-world action game Jailbreak, your young gamer can reenact their favorite epic breakout moment. Developing a strategy with your fellow inmates to break out of prison is the goal of the game.


  • Superb for making believe and playing roles
  • Superior sculpting
  • Accessorize it however you like!
  • Durable


  • One or more of the parts could be easily broken.
  • Contains small pieces that pose a choking hazard

Best Fashionable: Roblox High School Game Pack

Roblox High School Game Pack


This Roblox playset comes with two figures, skateboards, lockers, and caps from the game. The protagonist is a high school girl who is well-liked by her peers for her chic sense of style and positive attitude. The other is a well-liked and respected student at the high school level. He skateboards to school every day and never fails to make it there in time.


  • Mobile arms and limbs
  • Accessory parts that can be attached and detached
  • Be able to both open and close the locker
  • Intricate workmanship can be seen on skateboards, a locker, and a book.


  • It’s possible that the backs of the figures don’t show as much detail.

Best Child-Friendly: Roblox Abominator Vehicle

Roblox Abominator Vehicle


A Robox Q Q Rockstar, a guitar, a detachable roof for use in convertible mode, a roll cage, and a spiked bumper are all part of the Roblox Abominator vehicle set. This wild ride protects you from zombies and other fantastic beasts. The purpose of this set is to have as much fun as possible racing your turbocharged muscle car through The Neighborhood of Robloxia. Children over the age of six are the target audience.


  • Fabricated using polypropylene
  • Comes with some sweet shades
  • Pose allows for sitting or standing.
  • Grippy wheels for simple control
  • Accessory parts that can be attached and detached


  • The safety cage may look shaky.
  • It’s possible that some of the components are a bit fragile.

Best Classic Game: Roblox Ultimate Collector’s Set Series 2

Roblox Ultimate Collector’s Set Series 2


Encourage your child to use Roblox’s canon characters in their own original story. The package includes 24 characters from Series 2, as well as 24 redeemable tickets and a variety of accessories and replacement parts. All virtual item coupons must be redeemed through Roblox’s official website. Children over the age of six are encouraged to read it.


  • Poseable limbs that can be adjusted into the correct position
  • Strong physiques
  • Assemble the figures by swapping out their components.
  • Encourage originality


  • There is no supplied container or box for storage.

Best Immersive Set: Roblox Operation TNT Playset

Roblox Operation TNT Playset


Set the scene for Roblox’s greatest mining adventure with this set of tools. From titles like Berecaa’s Miner’s Haven and Cindering Sharp Scooter Mines to Widgeon’s Mining INC and Defaultio’s Mining Tycoon, this set brings you four playable characters, a variety of accessories, and vehicles.


  • Adapters that work with it
  • Rounding off rough spots
  • The packs contain a unique code that may be entered online for redemption.
  • Exquisite workmanship


  • Contains small parts that pose a choking hazard.
  • Inclusion of only a select few accoutrements

Best User-Generated 3D World: Roblox Night of the Werewolf Six Figure Pack

Roblox Night of the Werewolf Six Figure Pack


Each box in Roblox’s Night of the Werewolf set contains a unique code that may be used to access a renowned character in the game. Find the werewolf among a group of friends is a game that requires your child to mix and match the collector series’ five figures. Children over the age of six can enjoy it.

How To Choose The Right Roblox Toys?

Here are some things to think about before getting your kids a Roblox toy.


The recommended age range for play with each Roblox playset is clearly labeled. Due to the presence of small moving parts and accessories, their usual age recommendation is set at six and up. And since it can be linked to an online game, it may be more entertaining for older kids as well.

Understand Roblox:

Toys are the offline representations of popular digital icons. Everyone in the collection of figurines has a unique name, as well as a distinct appearance, wardrobe, and character. They should inspire your child’s imagination and provide hours of fun. For this reason, it is crucial to study their preferred media and identify their favorite personalities. You may also just ask them to pick out a Roblox toy that they’d like.

Redeemable codes: 

Scratch-off cards with redeemable codes are typically included with Roblox toys. You can use them to buy game credits or virtual item keys. First, make sure the toy contains the code before you buy it.

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