Short Boy Names: Unique baby boy names with meaning

Short Boy Names: Unique baby boy names with meaning

Name is essential for everyone. It’s an identity for humans. But it’s very hard to find a name for a baby because it will be his identity for his whole life. It’s hard but impossible. We can find beautiful names for babies and name the babies. If you want to give your baby boy a unique name, you have to find unique names, and If you Want to give your baby trendy, chic names, you have to find trendy names. 

You can name your babies so beautifully that we’ll be proud of ourselves, but sometimes long names take too much time to say, and it’s not comfortable to call long names. Short names are easy to call but are there any pretty short names? Of course, there are tons of beautiful short names out there. 

Short names are easier for your child also. They won’t take too much time to pronounce or won’t take too much time to write. So it’s convenient for everyone. 

Back in the day, people used to name their children long names, and honestly, they were hard to pronounce and also took too much time to say. But now that trend is gone for good, and I’m really thankful for it. 

Now the trend has changed. People don’t like long names now; they like short names, which are convenient. Maybe our next generation won’t like short names because trends don’t stay still; they are changing every day. 

Well, we don’t know about the next generation, so let’s talk about ourselves. We like trendy, chic, hippie things about our generation and our names. We like short names which are chic and trendy. 

But of course, there are some names that sound pretty, and some don’t. For baby boys, we like cool names. Finding the right name for your baby boy is a duty for parents. A name that your baby boy will feel good about. It’s a present for a baby when a baby is born into the world. 

These days the trend is to have a short name for both genders. But to find the meaning of the name is very hard. For boys, names are more difficult than girls. But you don’t have to worry; we’re giving you a list of some boys’ names with their meaning. You can’t name your baby boy anything, so firstly, here are some rules that you have to follow about naming your baby boy.


  •  As it’s your baby boy, you have to find names that have similarities with you and your spouse’s name.
  • Read the meaning of the names so that you find the correct name for your baby.
  • Check the first and last name that does it ring well together.
  • Find the globally popular names because there are tons of short names that are beautiful in the world.
  • Don’t just keep a name that doesn’t make you feel good or you don’t know the meaning, so choose wisely.



  • Bo
  • Ty
  • Ed
  • Al
  • Oz

Two-letter names are straightforward to say and also pronounce. However, they are harder to find than three or four-letter names.


  • Leo
  • Eli
  • Ian
  • Kai
  • Max
  • Ace
  • Jax
  • Ali
  • Jay
  • Ari
  • Dax
  • Asa
  • Roy
  • Koa
  • Sam
  • Noe
  • Rex
  • Ray
  • Joe
  • Axl
  • Lee
  • Ben
  • Rio
  • Ira
  • Kye
  • Tru
  • Jon
  • Van
  • Rey
  • Avi
  • Fox
  • Zev
  • Mac
  • Cal
  • Jad

Three-letter boy names are really convenient. So if you wanna name boy easy and short name, then you can take a look at these-


Four-letter names are also considered short names. You can find four-letter short cool names from this list –

  • Liam
  • Noah
  • Levi
  • Jack
  • Owen
  • John
  • Luke
  • Ezra
  • Ryan
  • Luca
  • Axel
  • José
  • Adam
  • Jace
  • Evan
  • Beau
  • Gael
  • Amir
  • Milo
  • Cole
  • Luis
  • Zion
  • Juan
  • Ivan
  • Jude
  • Luka
  • King
  • Theo
  • Enzo
  • Dean
  • Finn
  • Abel
  • Alex
  • Alan
  • Leon
  • Eric
  • Joel
  • Arlo
  • Colt
  • Mark
  • Knox
  • Kobe
  • Nash
  • Paul
  • Omar
  • Kash
  • Lane
  • Zane
  • Cash
  • Jett
  • Crew
  • Cody
  • Cruz
  • Zayn
  • Kyle
  • Reid
  • Nico
  • Jake
  • Rori
  • Odin
  • Sean
  • Kane
  • Wade
  • Tate
  • Remy
  • Niko
  • Kade
  • Cade
  • Iker
  • Otto
  • Andy
  • Noel
  • Troy
  • Erik
  • Rhys
  • Hugo
  • Seth
  • Sage
  • Kylo
  • Reed
  • Kian
  • Ford
  • Adan
  • Jase
  • Gage
  • Hank
  • Eden
  • Mack
  • Drew
  • Raul
  • Case
  • Zain
  • Saul
  • Alec
  • Koda
  • Ares
  • Onyx
  • Tony
  • Duke
  • Clay
  • Otis
  • Emir
  • Aden
  • Zaid
  • Zeke

Unique Short Boy Names with Meaning

Aaron was Moses’ older brother in the Bible, and his name means ‘elevated.’
Abel: Abel was Adam and Eve’s son, and he was of Hebrew descent. It literally means’son of breath.’
In the book of Genesis, Adam is the name of the first man created. It literally means’son of the ground.’

Aiden: Aiden is an Irish name that means ‘small fire’ or ‘fiery one,’ and is associated with the Celtic God of the Sun.

‘Man warrior’ or ‘defender of mankind,’ according to Alex. It’s a Greek word that means “Alexander.”

Angel is a Greek word that means “messenger of God.” Since it was given to a character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this name has gained in popularity.

Asher is a Hebrew name that means ‘happy, blessed.’

Axel is a tough name with Scandinavian and German roots. It is a variant of Absalom and meaning “father of peace.”
Caleb is a Hebrew name that means “loyal” and “bold.”

Calvin: ‘The hairless one’ or ‘the bald one.’ It has Latin roots and is well-known worldwide thanks to designer Calvin Klein and the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.

Carter is a pleasant and short boy name that has Irish, Scottish, and English roots. It literally means ‘drives a cart.’

Chase is an English name that means ‘to hunt’ or ‘to be a huntsman.’

Dylan is a Welsh surname that means “loyal, son of the sea, son of the wave, or born from the sea.”

Ethan: It means ‘solid, strong, durable, long-lived’ in Hebrew. Ethan Hawke, an actor, and Ethan Coen, a director, are both famous bearers of this name.

Grant is a traditional short boy’s name with English, French, and Scottish roots that meaning ‘bestow, large or great.’

Henry is a Germanic name that means “ruler of the household.”

Hunter: Originally, this was the surname of hunters.

Ian is a Scottish word that means ‘God is kind.’

Isaac is a Hebrew name that means ‘one who laughs.’

Ivan: This is the Russian equivalent of John, and it signifies ‘God Is Merciful.’

Jacob is a short boy name that means’supplanter’ in Hebrew.

John is an additional Hebrew name that means ‘God has been generous.’ One of the renowned Johns in history is President John F. Kennedy.

Jordan: Jordan is the name of the river where Jesus was baptized. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘to flow downward.’

Jose is a Biblical name with Portuguese and Spanish roots that means’may God bless you’.

Levi is a Biblical name meaning ‘united in harmony.’

Logan is a Scottish name that means’small hollow.’

Luca is a lovely Italian name that means “bearer of light.”

Lucas is a Greek name that means ‘light-giving.’

Luis is a variant of the Spanish name Luis, which means ‘great warrior.’

Luke is derived from the Greek term ‘light-giving.’

Mason: A designation given to persons who worked with stone in the past.

Michael: From the Hebrew, it means ‘Who is like God?’

Miles is a Latin name that translates to “soldier.” It can also mean’merciful’ in English.

Noah is a Hebrew word that means’rest or tranquility.’

Nolan is an Irish surname that means “descendant of the illustrious one.”

Owen is a Celtic name for a youthful warrior.

Ryan is an Irish name that translates to “kingly.”

Wyatt is an English name that means ‘son of dude.’

Zachary’s abbreviated form, Zac, meaning ‘God has remembered.’

Some Cool names for a boy

The term arrow refers to a shot fired with a bow.

Champ is a word that means ‘winner.’

Dean: It means ‘valley.’

‘Hyde’ is a word that means ‘to hide.’

Kent is a word that means ‘edge.’

Reed or Reid: ‘Red-haired’ is a nickname for someone who has red hair.Ace: It means ‘union.’

Arlo is either an Italianized version of Charles or the Spanish term meaning barberry tree.

Beck is a word that means ‘stream.’

Benji: ‘Son of the Right Hand,’ as the name implies.

Boden is a German word that means ‘hill.’

Bowen is a surname that means’son of Owen.’

Brady: It means ‘wide meadow.’

Brock: It means ‘badger.’

‘From a coal town,’ says Colby.

Eli means ‘ascended, exalted, high’ in Greek and Hebrew.

Enzo is an Italianized version of Heinz, a German name. It literally means ‘laurelled.’

Ezra is a Hebrew word that means ‘helper.’

Felix is a Latin word that means ‘lucky.’

Grady: It means ‘noble.’

Hart: ‘A shallow spot in a river where deer graze.’

Leo is a Latin and English name. Its meaning is ‘lion,’ and it is a royal sign.

Lev is another name for a lion.

Liam: This name is of Irish origin and means’strong-willed warrior and guardian.’

‘Enthusiasm,’ says Reese.

Remy: It means ‘oarsman.’

Tate is a word that means ‘joyous.’

Todd: It means ‘fox.’

Trey: It means ‘three.’

What about unique short boy names?

Atlas means ‘carrier of the skies.’
‘Riverbank dweller’ is the meaning of the word ‘banks.’
Blake: It means ‘bright.’

Cyrus is a Greek word that means’sun.’

‘God is my judge,’ says Dane.

Dex: Latin for “right-handed.”

Ford is a word that means ‘river crossing.’

Holt is a word that means ‘grove of trees.’

‘Jett’ is a word that means ‘black.’

‘Dove,’ says Jonah.

Judd: It means ‘to pour down.’

Leon is a Latin word that means ‘lion.’

Lyle: It means ‘island.’

Onyx is a term that refers to a black gemstone.

Quinn: It means ‘counsel.’

Trent: It means ‘flooder.’

Wade: It means ‘to go.’

‘God is gracious,’ says Zane.

We’ve always considered short names as nicknames. But not every short name is a nickname; they can be used as a first name. They are convenient, easy and what more do you want for a name? Not everyone wants their first name to be a boring long name; some people want their first name to be short and cool. They’re some short names that are astonishingly unique and uncommon. You just have to find them for your baby boys. But don’t keep their name too odd, that people will make fun out of it.

If your baby boy has a short and unique name, then he won’t have any problem growing up with his name. His friends won’t make fun of him. Also, he will need less time to fill out his school forms. So it’s convenient for your baby boy as well.

Boy names that are short and sweet are wonderful. They’re simple to memorize, spell, and pronounce. What more could you possibly want?

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