11 Best Stem Toys For 3-Year-Olds And A Buying Guide

The reason why science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) toys are so popular today is because, from birth until the age of five, children’s brains establish synaptic connections in the millions every day. Because of this, introducing STEM concepts to them at a young age is ideal, and what better way than through play, which is widely recognized as the most effective method of learning there is. Toys that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) help children develop a love for learning while encouraging them to play and discover the world around them.

These days, pre-schoolers are already adept at coding, generating intricate sceneries, and constructing. Every parent is interested in giving their child a leg up, and one way to do that is by encouraging them to develop their talents in the STEM fields. In this article, we will discuss the 11 top STEM toys for 3 year olds, with the goal of assisting you in your search for toys that will help your child develop their STEM abilities as they have fun playing.

11 Best STEM Toys For 3-Year Olds

Best Non-Toxic: Brickyard Building Blocks – 163 Pieces

Brickyard Building Blocks – 163 Pieces


There are 163 parts total, including blocks, nuts, bolts, wrenches, and movable wheels, to encourage your child’s curiosity and inventiveness. Using a screwdriver or wrench, you can easily assemble everything. It’s big enough for four to six kids to play at once, and there are 42 different designs in the tinker toys handbook for kids of all skill levels to try out. This top-rated STEM toy for 3-year-olds is safe and contains no harmful substances like phthalates, cadmium, lead, or BPA despite its brilliant colors and fun design. There are no pointed edges or cleaning issues, and everything is completely dishwasher safe. It’s a fantastic method of teaching people to work together and think creatively, as well as improving their social and communication skills. Your kid can keep the parts together and out of harm’s way with the included transparent storage box. Watching this video review will give you more information about the item.

Best Sturdy: FunzBo Build-A-Garden – Small

FunzBo Build-A-Garden – Small


Toddlers may exercise their imagination and inventiveness with this 46-piece flower playset. Each piece is designed to improve color perception and serve as a visual stimulant, therefore they are all quite vivid. It’s possible to build countless unique flower arrangements by rearranging the parts. All of the components of this STEM set for 3-year-olds are constructed from high-quality, kid-safe, non-toxic materials; they are safe since they have no sharp edges and are very simple to clean. Kids may develop their fine motor skills while learning about over ten colors and identifying flower parts including leaves, stems, pistils, and stamens with this toy.

Best BPA-Free: Skoolzy Peg Board Stacking Toy

Skoolzy Peg Board Stacking Toy


Improve your child’s dexterity and grasp with this 36-piece peg form sorter and stacker. It comes with a toy drawstring bag and 12 pieces of foam in a variety of colors and forms that may be used on an orange board that measures 8 inches square. Large pegs make it easy for a child as young as three to grab and construct towers. The geometric forms can be interlaced for construction, making them useful for older people with conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and stroke recovery.

This STEM toy for three-year-olds has been shown to be effective in fostering the development of a wide range of skills, including improved hand-eye coordination, the introduction of basic mathematical concepts, the encouragement of cooperation and sharing, the improvement of fine motor skills, enhanced visual perception, and the creation of patterns. These toys have been certified as non-toxic and contain no harmful substances like bisphenol A (BPA), lead, or phthalates (PVC plasticizers).

Best Flexible: Rainbow Toyfrog Straw Constructor

Rainbow Toyfrog Straw Constructor


This STEM activity set for 3-year-olds consists of 300 brightly colored straws and connectors, and it is designed to foster children’s creativity, inventiveness, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color awareness. Children won’t even realize they’re learning important life skills like construction, engineering, reasoning, critical thinking, science, arithmetic, and rudimentary mechanics as they play with these straws and link them to form all sorts of imaginative forms. This toy is BPA-free, produced from non-toxic material, and is easy to clean. A reusable bag is included for stowing the parts when they are not in use. Straws and connectors snap together securely, so kids can use their imaginations to construct anything from a fort to a boat to a rocket to an airplane to a tower to robots to a bridge to a tunnel. The straws can be bent into any shape, making it easy to create structures like arches and tubes.

Best Multilevel: CozyBomB Monkey Balance

CozyBomB Monkey Balance


It’s a great approach for youngsters as young as three to learn numbers and is also a fun STEM activity. The set includes a monkey balance, two pans for using the balance, 30 cards (both sides are useful), 19 monkeys, and 10 numbers. Weight and balance are introduced as foundational ideas, and the game’s other benefits include enhanced cognitive abilities including memory, concentration, problem solving, and critical thinking. There are three different challenges in this game: learning to count, recognizing numbers, and doing simple arithmetic operations. The toy’s plastic construction ensures that your youngster will never be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Best Environment-Friendly: Snaen 30 Lab – 47 Pieces Science Kit

Snaen 30 Lab – 47 Pieces Science Kit


30 fun activities to make rainbow rain, rainbow fountains, erupt volcanoes, bottle blowing balloons, and more will allow your youngster to discover the wonders of science for themselves. The chemicals are stored in separate bottles that kids may open with ease and securely reseal for reuse. For each of the 30 experiments, this set of 15 colorful cards provides clear directions on both sides, progressing from the easiest to the most difficult.

This science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) plaything is ideal for kids aged three, since it encourages independent learning through exploration and discovery. This eco-friendly 47-piece kit includes safety glasses, eight chemical bottles, seven measuring cups, six balloons, five measuring spoons, four huge test tubes with scales, three droppers, a funnel, a table tennis, and a candle.

Best For Brain-Development: Skyfield Wooden Animal Puzzles

Skyfield Wooden Animal Puzzles


These brightly colored, cute animal puzzles are made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly wood that has been carefully polished to a high shine and adhere to all safety regulations. Your youngster will always be safe while playing, thanks to the rounded corners. The four animal puzzles (elephant, fish, frog, and hippopotamus) not only help your children learn to identify animals and colors, but also improve their focus, attention span, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills as they work to complete the puzzles.

This STEM set for three-year-olds has brightly colored pieces that stimulate the mind and the senses, and group play fosters social development and communication. Pieces of these puzzles are substantial enough for kids to hold without dropping them; they measure 5.8 by 5.8 by 0.6 inches. The puzzles can be stored easily in the included pouch bag, and they also come in a gift box with your own personalization.

Best Easy To Assemble: Free To Fly DIY Take Apart Dinosaur Toys

Free To Fly DIY Take Apart Dinosaur Toys


This dinosaur construction set features three different species, including a blue tyrannosaurus rex, a green triceratops, and a brown velociraptor. Children will be captivated by the vibrant colors and realistic details, all while their cognitive development (including their ability to concentrate and think critically) is supported. The dinosaurs’ movable jaws, hands, and feet allow them to strike a wide variety of positions.

Kids can even build their own dinosaur by piecing together several models. Easy to install, this kit features a low-speed electric drill with two different types of drill bits as well as three different types of manual screwdrivers. This dinosaur STEM toy for 3 year olds is made of safe, long-lasting ABS plastic, and the dinosaurs have rounded corners to prevent injury.

Best Durable: Laradola Construction Combo 5-In-1 Toy

 Laradola Construction Combo 5-In-1 Toy


These toys may be built into 5 distinct vehicles, including a truck, mixer, crane, excavator, and bulldozer, or merged to form a massive robot. Children can develop their creativity and curiosity, as well as their motor abilities, when they spend far less time in front of screens.

The toys’ ABS plastic construction is both non-toxic and long-lasting; its thickness and smooth finish ensure that children won’t damage themselves while playing with them. Assembling the various pieces is quicker and easier because they may all be joined to one another magnetically. The addition of light and sound functions to this STEM toy for 3-year-olds increases its appeal. Kids will have a blast with this toy for hours, and they’ll pick up valuable problem-solving skills in the process.

Best Odorless: BigShu Magnetic Tiles

BigShu Magnetic Tiles


This STEM toy encourages children’s imagination, creativity, visual discrimination, and hands-on play through its set of 48 multicolored magnetic blocks, concept booklet, and storage bag. This, in turn, helps youngsters become more self-reliant and mature individuals. The seven-colored magnetic blocks are constructed from ultrasonic-welded, high-quality ABS plastic that is completely non-toxic and odorless. They also feature rounded corners for further safety. This STEM toy for kids aged three promotes the development of important abilities such as shape and color recognition, hand-eye coordination, social interaction, spatial awareness, and logical reasoning while adhering to strict international safety requirements.

Best High-Quality Packaging: Koviti Science Kit

Koviti Science Kit


Bring science projects to life for your child by giving them hands-on experience through 30 engaging activities. There are 30 easy-to-follow instructions included, and kids can use them to make all sorts of cool stuff including a rain rainbow, colorful fountain, volcano eruption, underwater flower, candle that absorbs water, and milk animation.

The components of this STEM set for 3-year-olds include eight containers of chemicals in sturdy containers, seven cups for measuring, six balloons, five measuring spoons, four huge test tubes with scales, three droppers, a table tennis set, safety goggles, a funnel, and a candle. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education introduces kids to these disciplines and helps them develop key soft skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, imagination, and patience while also improving their capacity for hands-on learning.

Now that you’ve read our list of the 11 best STEM toys for 3-year-olds, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you shop for your darling tot to ensure they get the most out of their purchase.

How To Choose The Right STEM Toys For 3-Year Olds

Age appropriate

In an effort to stretch their dollar, many parents may purchase toys intended for slightly older children so that their children can enjoy them for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for STEM toys because you can tell by the toy’s age suggestion whether or not it’s appropriate for your 3-year-developmental old’s stage.

Interesting and interactive

In order to serve its intended purpose, a STEM toy must pique your child’s interest. If you find that your child has a preference for a certain type of toy, you may give them the reins when it comes to selecting a STEM toy that will help them learn more effectively. In addition, select a STEM toy with multiple applications, as this encourages growth and development in your youngster.

Magnetic construction toys

Sets of these toys, which are both visually appealing and educational, are ideal if you want to help your youngster develop fine motor skills and an aptitude for solving problems. As it involves all four Cs (creation, building, critical thinking, and curiosity), it is ideal for developing kids’ creative skills.

Cash register toys

Toys like these help children develop essential math skills while also providing hours of imaginative play. This is great for their creativity and their education since kids will learn the value of honesty and how to budget their money.

Block sets

Once again, we have a straightforward STEM toy that helps kids develop their analytical and problem-solving abilities by introducing them to the fundamentals of engineering. In this activity, kids are free to create any buildings they like and learn firsthand why some designs are more sound than others when it comes to the structure’s base. It also provides instruction in geometry, arithmetic, and counting, as well as the basics of number and measurement systems. Combining and classifying numerical data allows them to recognize patterns and identify relationships.

Science kits

To encourage youngsters’ natural interest in learning and the world around them, as well as their ability to think critically, science kits are the ideal STEM gift. The information in these kits will help kids develop the observational skills necessary to ask the right kinds of questions. Kids learn to trust their gut and have an insatiable curiosity, even if they don’t all become scientists.

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