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13 Best Summer Shoes For Toddlers in 2023

The wonderful summer weather encourages outdoor play and other activities for kids. For this reason, toddlers’ best summer footwear should be adaptable to a wide range of conditions. Summer shoes, whether it’s the heat or the rain, have to be hardy enough to handle both conditions while yet being lightweight and easy to slip on and off. Check out our compiled list of the best toddler summer shoes right here!

13 Best Summer Shoes For Toddlers

Best Breathable: Tombik Toddler Boys & Girls Beach/Pool Slides Sandals

Tombik Toddler Boys & Girls Beach/Pool Slides Sandals


These toddler-friendly sandals are perfect for the summer and come in a rainbow of hues. The adjustable elastic shoulder straps make it simple to put on and take off your child while providing them with support. The footbed of the slipper is curved, providing a cushioned platform upon which you can do any activity. It’s waterproof and features a plush lining for your toddler’s comfort thanks to the PU upper and non-slip rubber outsole. If you want to learn more about the product, check out the video below.


  • Straps, broad and padded
  • Compatible with a wide range of wardrobes
  • Wearable in any environment
  • Breathable


  • Your feet may slide forward, which can be very uncomfortable.
  • Potentially short-lived
  • It’s possible that the straps will start ripping soon.

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Best Anti-Skid: Daclay Children Casual Shoes

 Daclay Children Casual Shoes


This pair of summer shoes for toddlers is cute and fashionable, and it is made from a material that allows air to circulate. The outsole is pliable, so it’ll feel great under their feet. These shoes are made with a cushioned sole that is great for running and walking, and they are gender-neutral.


  • Mesh fabric
  • Ribbons on the back and the tongue make it easy to put on and take off.
  • Nonslip surface
  • Consistently high-quality aesthetics and hues


  • The laces could easily rip.
  • Toddlers could find it difficult to wear and might have pain in the heel

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Best Flexible : STQ Boys Girls Water Shoes Quick-Dry Sandals

STQ Boys Girls Water Shoes Quick-Dry Sandals


These shoes feature a slip-on style that makes them suitable for use in a variety of settings, including the beach, the pool, the street, etc. Your youngster will feel at ease in these shoes thanks to the sturdy rubber soles and the minimal construction. These sneakers are washable and have an interior design that is cushioned and padded for stability and breathability. The outsole’s traction pattern doubles as a cushioning system. Please watch this video evaluation of the product to learn all about it.


  • Possesses a closed-toe design that prevents injury.
  • Modular construction
  • A fastener that hooks and loops around itself
  • With a detachable insole


  • The safety of the strap is questionable.
  • There is a possibility that soles will not hold up.

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Best Odor-Resistant: Hobibear Boys Girls Outdoor Sandals

Hobibear Boys Girls Outdoor Sandals


These shoes have a synthetic sole and a leather footbed for extra comfort in a range of sizes. Your child’s feet will be safe and clean with these closed-toe esandals. Your child will enjoy playing in these shoes thanks to the rubber outsole, which is both flexible and resistant to slipping. These shoes are great for formal events, casual gatherings, and everyday use.


  • Odor-resistant
  • Provides a firm footing and good grip for safe walking.
  • Toe cap with impact absorber
  • A fastener that hooks and loops around itself


  • In some cases, footwear might emit an odd odor.
  • The wide ankle design may be irritating.
  • The sole may degrade quickly.

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Best Skin-Friendly: Dadawen Boys Girls Water Shoes

Dadawen Boys Girls Water Shoes


Dadawen’s toddler summer shoes come in a variety of colors and are crafted entirely of synthetic material with rubber soles. You can take these sneaker/water shoe hybrids anywhere you go. The hook-and-loop fastener makes them convenient to put on and remove, and they clean up well. An elasticized opening ensures a snug and comfortable fit for this pair of sneakers.


  • has a mesh fabric that is gentle on the skin
  • Airy and lightweight
  • Adaptable sole
  • Structured to prevent slipping


  • Sometimes the strap just won’t hold.
  • It’s possible that it smells funny.
  • The sole may be susceptible to damage.

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Best Water-Friendly: Okilol Toddler Slip-On Sandals

Okilol Toddler Slip-On Sandals


Okilo’s slip-on sandals for kids have a time-tested design that will keep them steady and comfortable all day long. There are vents built into the design for air flow. They’re created out of a lightweight, flexible EVA material, so they’re also very easy on the back.


  • Water-friendly
  • Simple slip-on style for on/off wear
  • Foam-padded sole
  • Shoes with built-in shock absorption


  • The bottom of your soles could simply detach.
  • Possibility of shoe shrinkage
  • The edges may begin to separate.

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Best Slip-Resistant: Cior Boys & Girls’ Breathable Mesh Slip-On Sneakers

Cior Boys & Girls’ Breathable Mesh Slip-On Sneakers


These lightweight mesh toddler summer sneakers are made from a stretchy Lycra blend. The laceless sneaker’s protective sole ensures your kid’s feet stay safe and cozy. The shoes are durable and simple to clean, making them perfect for trips to the pool or the beach. The airy top makes them easy to dry off quickly.


  • Has a soft, bendable sole
  • The perfect fit for infants and toddlers of all ages
  • Rubber outsoles that are both slip- and impact-resistant.
  • Increased airflow is provided by the honeycomb structure.


  • It’s possible that the Velcro strap won’t hold.
  • Possibility of a foul odor
  • Possibly subpar in quality

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Best Anti-Collision: Nautica Kids Sports Sandals

Nautica Kids Sports Sandals


These infant summer shoes are made with a rubber sole, and they have open panels and a bump protector to keep your youngster safe. The materials used to make the footwear are lightweight, breathable, and resistant to water. These shoes are sturdy and long-lasting, and they have a slip-resistant outsole to keep your youngster safe on any surface.


  • Prevention of Collision through Safe Design
  • Comfortable and pliable sole
  • Features a mesh construction that allows air to flow freely
  • Superior grip and stability.


  • Possibly subpar in quality
  • Rather than using stitches, materials are bonded together.
  • The sole may be susceptible to damage.

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Best Padded: Comwarm Toddler Girl Boy Summer Closed Toe Sandals

 Comwarm Toddler Girl Boy Summer Closed Toe Sandals


These shoes are ultralight and will provide your youngster with a great deal of comfort, making them ideal for any activity. These shoes feature an ergonomic shape and are crafted from a lightweight and cushioning EVA material. Baby’s feet will be safe from scuffs and scrapes thanks to the anti-collision design. They’ll fit your kid’s feet snugly, provide excellent traction on any surface, and are simple to clean.


  • Easy-to-use Velcro closure
  • Airy and quick-drying
  • Cushioned insole
  • Soles that don’t slip


  • Possibility of Odd Smell
  • Velcro fasteners may fail to do their job.
  • Possibly subpar in quality

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Best Waterproof: Apakowa Lightweight Quick-DrySandals

Apakowa Lightweight Quick-DrySandals


These sneakers are lightweight and flexible, and they dry out quickly. Your child’s feet will stay cool and dry all day thanks to the fabric lining of these shoes. You won’t have to worry about your toddler’s feet getting harmed thanks to the EVA insoles. Since rubber doesn’t skid, the child is safe from falls. These shoes are long-lasting and fashionable; they’re perfect for any sport, exercise, or casual outing.


  • Features a closed construction for added safety for your child’s feet
  • The tire tread pattern on the rubber outsole is complex.
  • Betters hold
  • Waterproof


  • It’s possible the straps won’t do their job.
  • It’s possible that the shoes won’t fit.
  • It’s possible that this won’t hold up for very much longer.

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Best User-Friendly: Merrell Childs’ Bare Steps Water Shoe

Merrell Childs’ Bare Steps Water Shoe


These rubber-soled, extra-wide summer sandals for toddlers are crafted from a combination of leather and textile and are designed to accommodate their developing feet. The outsole contains flex grooves to make it feel like they’re walking barefoot, and the rounded edges conform to your kid’s foot. The slip-on style of these sneakers makes them easy to put on and take off.


  • Created from previously used resources
  • Closing using Velcro
  • Additional traction provided by soles with angled grooves
  • Water-friendly


  • It’s possible that the shoe’s rounded back will cause blisters if they rub against the skin.
  • The insoles may be paper-thin and irritating.
  • It’s possible that the shoes won’t fit.

Best Stability: Oaisnit Sports Sandals

Oaisnit Sports Sandals


These toddler summer shoes include a transparent upper and a soft inside, allowing your child’s feet to move freely. They are sturdy, malleable, and easy to transport. With a sturdy outsole and a slip-on style, these shoes are convenient in every way. Protect your child’s feet with the non-slip design of the rubber sole. These sandals are great for the beach, the pool, the park, the prom, or any other summer event. These white shoes are really versatile because they go with any ensemble.


  • Water-friendly
  • Suitable for use in the house
  • Ensures maximum grip and stability
  • Skin-friendly


  • After repeated uses, Velcro’s effectiveness may decline.
  • Might create blisters or sores in your child’s foot

Best Long Lasting: Smajong Kid’s Garden Clogs Open Toe Sandals


These summer slippers from Smajong are great for lounging about the house, going to the pool, or even the beach. Your infant or toddler will be captivated by the adorable dinosaur pattern. Water won’t be able to collect inside the slipper because it has perforations in the sole. This material is strong and durable.


  • Adapted for use in two different ways
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Designed with a grippy bottom
  • With a stylish sole that provides superior traction.


  • Possibility of becoming overly rigid and unyielding

How To Choose The Right Summer Shoes For Toddlers?

Here are some things to consider when purchasing a pair of summer shoes for your child.


Synthetic-leather footwear, on the other hand, lasts a long time. They’re not only portable, but also lightweight and weatherproof. Outdoor use is ideal for mesh and cloth constructions.


Your child’s footwear ought to have reliable grip and traction on the outsole. The flexibility and durability of plastic and rubber make them ideal for use in the great outdoors.


Cushioning in your child’s footwear can help absorb impact while they run and play. Such summer footwear is buoyant and comfortable.

Style and color:

Pick something that can be worn with anything and can be used in the great outdoors.

FAQs: Best Summer Shoes For Toddlers

How to measure a toddler’s shoe size?

A household ruler is all you need to determine your child’s shoe size. Take a centimeter-accurate measurement from the back of the heel to the tip of the big toe. To make it more wearable for your toddler, you can also extend the length by half an inch.

Are toddler and infant shoe sizes the same?

Babies’ and toddlers’ footwear are interchangeable. The main distinction is that the toddler sizes will be denoted with a ‘T’ next to the size number.

How often do I need to buy new shoes for my child?

Your child will require new shoes every two to three months because of their rapid development in the first two and a half years of life (beyond this age, development slows down significantly).

Can my toddler put these summer shoes on by themselves?

They are either slip-ons or have Velcro straps, so yes, your child can wear them. Children between the ages of 21 and 30 months old can typically begin wearing some shoes with parental support.

Blisters on the foot are common in the summer if you are not properly prepared. Your little one needs a good pair of summer shoes that will keep their feet dry and cool. To get the best summer footwear for your kid, keep in mind that they need to be made from materials that are both safe and long-lasting. This means finding shoes that are non-slippery and don’t emit any unpleasant odors. They need to be airy and comfortable to wear, thus features like cushioned straps are a must. Furthermore, it is important to get shoes that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

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