11 Best Toddler Beds And An Ultimate Buying Guide

You may confidently move your child from the crib to a full-size bed with the help of the best toddler beds on the market. A baby’s bed is just like a regular bed in many ways, but it’s smaller and made with safety and comfort in mind. A toddler bed is very similar to a crib, but it has a few more features to meet the needs of your child as they get older.

In this article, we will discuss the merits of toddler beds and offer advice on how to choose the best bed for your child. We also provide a list of the greatest online alternatives to assist you find the right one for your baby.

11 Best Toddler Beds

Best Overall: Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed


One notable feature of this bed is that its main parts are constructed out of high-quality, long-lasting plastic, making it not only lightweight but also quite portable. The Delta Children’s plastic bed is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable toddler bed. The benefits of this product are highlighted in this video so that you can make an informed purchase.


  • allows for easy disassembly and transportation/storage
  • The bed’s many fastenings ensure that it will not fall apart.
  • The bed’s metal rods support the many plastic pieces that make up the bed.
  • The bed’s straightforward assembly instructions are outlined in plain English.
  • Maximum load capacity of 50 lbs (22.6kg)


  • Could be less encouraging
  • Children over a certain height may not fit comfortably.

Best Lightweight: Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed

Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed


Featured: The bed can be purchased in your choice of seven different colors (Cherry, Espresso, Black, Natural, Pink, Pecan, or White). You can choose a shade that both you and your toddler agree on and that complements the decor of the nursery. Here’s a video that gives you a more in-depth look at this product.


  • Built entirely out of wood yet still manages to be portable
  • The mattress is kept low, keeping the child from rolling off the bed.
  • Bed slats are produced from lightweight wood yet are sturdy enough to support the bed’s frame.
  • No harmful chemicals like latex, lead, phthalates, or bisphenol A (BPA).
  • This bin has a weight limit of fifty pounds (22.6kg)


  • Time-consuming assembly is possible if instructions are ambiguous.

Best Easy-To-Install: Orbelle Trading Toddler Bed

Orbelle Trading Toddler Bed


This bed’s simple construction makes it a breeze to set up. When there are fewer moving pieces, it’s simpler to figure out where each one goes. The brand’s minimalist aesthetic is sure to please parents. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of this item.


  • High-quality, solid-wood furnishings.
  • Both the rear and front have tall guard rails, while the sides have two more.
  • Contains everything required for a successful assembly installation.
  • The mattress is at a safe height for a toddler.
  • Up to 50 pounds of weight can be supported (22.6kg)


  • Potentially challenging assembly process
  • Possible flaws in the finish

Best Ventilated: Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed


The bed features a big canopy with cute windows, making it an ideal spot for a young child to rest peacefully.


  • Canopy attachment is accomplished by means of half-side guardrails.
  • Canopy material is premium plastic.
  • With one on each side, the toddler can easily enter and exit the bed.
  • Airflow is ensured by two mesh windows, one on each side.
  • Supports up to 25 kilograms (50 pounds) (22.6kg)


  • Maybe the tent won’t hold up.
  • Could be a pain to put together.

Best Stylish: Orbelle Trading Gray Padded Toddler Bed

Orbelle Trading Gray Padded Toddler Bed


The bed’s footboard and headboard are both tufted in a gray color, and they include crystal-like inset buttons. The sturdy wood construction of the frame is complemented by the softness and security of the foam in the headboard and footboard. There’s plenty of room for the kid to stretch out on this bed (53x30x28in).


  • Provides everything necessary for set-up
  • Fabricated from ultra-plush microfibre polyester
  • Disinfection is a breeze
  • Supports a lot of pressure


  • It’s possible that gold screws are more substantial than imagined.
  • Instructions could be a little less than clear.

Best Cartoon-Themed: Batman Batmobile Toddler Bed By Delta Children

Batman Batmobile Toddler Bed By Delta Children


Focus on: Does your youngster like Batman? Then your search can end here, because this bed was designed to look just like the Batmobile from the Batman comics and television show.


  • [Read: Baby Cribs] are sturdy little beds that can take a beating and keep on ticking. In addition to being portable and simple to set up, this bed also has a low weight.
  • Back and sides have a taller railing while the front and back have shorter ones.
  • Toddlers are safest while sleeping at the lowest possible height, and this JPMA-approved crib does just that.
  • There is a 50-pound weight cap (22.6kg)


  • He or she may be undersized.
  • Stickers are prone to tearing.

Best Sturdy: Cars Wood Toddler Bed From Delta Children

Cars Wood Toddler Bed From Delta Children


The bed is constructed from separate panels of wood that interlock with one another. A low guard rail at the head of the bed makes it safe for a young child to climb on and off without fear of falling off.


  • in the form of Lightning McQueen, the star of the Disney/Pixar film Cars. Details like wheels and logos are printed on the included decal stickers.
  • The solid wood panels make for a very solid bed frame.
  • To prevent the child from falling out, a high back guard rail and full side guard rails have been installed.
  • In order to make things easier on the customer, the manufacturer includes instructions for assembly with the bolt. This product is certified by the JPMA and complies with all of their safety standards. If you weigh less than 50 pounds, the bed is OK (22.6kg)


  • Potentially difficult to assemble
  • Possibility of a foul odor

Best Environment-Friendly: Costzon Toddler Bed

Costzon Toddler Bed


The eight-inch height and wide access point make this a secure and convenient option for a toddler’s first bed.


  • The wide hardwood panels of the frame are held together with bolts.
  • A sufficient distance between the two pieces to facilitate a child’s bedtime entry.
  • The bed comes in a variety of colors.
  • Eco-friendly, lead-free paint was used for the final coat.
  • Hardwood flooring that’s a breeze to maintain
  • Up to 50 lbs. of weight can be carried (22.6kg).


  • Not all holes will have been drilled in advance.
  • Possible ambiguity in the instructions.

Best Wooden Bed: Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed By Dream On Me

Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed By Dream On Me


The highlight is a toddler bed in the form of a miniature sleigh. This bed is a good option if you’re shopping for a present for your young child.


  • The bed’s sturdy wooden panels snap together with minimal fuss.
  • Toys can be painted with it without worry because it’s non-toxic.
  • Extensive safety is ensured by tall front and rear guard rails.
  • The bed is more secure with the middle leg on both sides.
  • If you weigh less than 50 pounds, the bed is OK (22.6kg)


  • may not be easy to put together
  • They might not have holes pre-drilled in them.

Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed


The highlight is the interactive clock with a spinner mounted on the front guard rail. A toddler’s routine includes getting ready for bed, which includes putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and reading a book. For a more interactive and enjoyable bedtime routine with your toddler, try using an erasable marker to mark off the various tasks.


  • Every panel is constructed from high-quality wood.
  • The lower bed height is designed with child safety in mind.
  • The youngster is protected from danger by the high railings as they sleep.
  • The use of vivid colors makes it appealing to toddlers.
  • There’s a limit of 50 pounds that it can support (22.6kg).


  • It’s possible the handbook is unclear.
  • Possibility of a foul odor

Best For Daytime Naps: Dream On Me Toddler Day Bed

Dream On Me Toddler Day Bed


The bed has a single high guard rail on one side and a half guard rail on the other, making it suitable for daytime use by the toddler. If you need a bed for your child, this is a great option for the living room or bedroom.


  • Easy for the youngster to get in and out of because of its low profile.
  • Natural absence of latex, phthalates, lead, and bisphenol A
  • Features a sliding drawer for extra storage at the foot of the bed.
  • Manufacturer supplies all necessary hardware for quick and simple assembly.
  • A choice of five hues is offered.
  • 50 pounds is the greatest load it can support (22.6kg)


  • Possible underestimation of size.
  • The depth of the holes may not be sufficient.

What Is A Toddler Bed?

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, a toddler bed is any bed that can fit a normal infant crib mattress (1). A typical crib mattress is 28 inches (71 cm) wide and 52 inches (133 cm) long (2). Keep your baby’s mattress in a toddler bed if you’ve previously invested in a full-size crib.

The Dimensions Of A Toddler Bed

Minimum bed size is 130cm (51 5/8 inches) in length and 27 1/4 inches (69cm) in breadth. The market now includes larger versions of toddler beds.

The Right Time To Introduce The Toddler Bed

The best time to transition to a toddler bed is after the child is 15 to 18 months old. You should also see if your child is ready for a bigger bed. Do not force your toddler into a toddler bed if he or she continues to avoid sleeping in one beyond the age of 18 months. Wait a month or two and give it another shot. By the time they’re 20 months old, most children have adapted to sleeping in a toddler bed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Toddler Bed?

The following are some benefits that a toddler bed provides.

Transitioning to a grown-up bed: 

Transitioning from a crib to an actual bed as an adult is made easier by the existence of “toddler beds,” which are sized between the two extremes.

Safer than full-size bed: 

Toddler beds have side bars and are shorter than regular beds. This bed is perfect for infants and toddlers until they can move on to a full size bed.

Makes things easier for the parents: 

Cribs confine infants and toddlers, restricting their movement and encouraging total dependence on their parents. When using a toddler bed, a youngster can easily climb on and off the bed without help. It helps tremendously when the toddler actually needs to use the restroom, as is the case during potty training.
However, a toddler bed serves no purpose if it doesn’t accommodate your child’s needs.

What To Look For In A Toddler Bed Before Buying?

Here is a guide to help you choose a crib or toddler bed:

Low bed height: 

No specific height requirements exist, but it should be low enough that a toddler can sit on the edge of the bed with their feet flat on the floor. Consider a low-to-the-ground toddler bed if you’re worried about your child falling out.

Guard rails: 

Typical toddler beds feature a back rail and side rails that extend about halfway down the bed. Many toddler beds also feature a front rail to stop toddlers from falling out or coming too close to the edge while they sleep.

Sturdy legs: 

Perhaps the bed will seem a little heavier with the protection rails installed. Toddler beds typically have two extra legs for support and for making the bed more sturdy and stable.

Assembly style: 

Choose a bed that has easy-to-understand directions for setting it up. To protect the safety of your kid, it is important to put together their bed appropriately.


Materials for toddler beds include both wood and plastic. Plastic is lightweight and simple to clean. Wood is stronger and can resist greater abuse than other materials. Pick the one that best fits your needs and the needs of your young child.

Tips For Toddler Bed Usage

Observe the weight limit: 

A typical toddler bed has a weight limit of 50 pounds (22.6 kg). Keep an eye on the toddler’s weight and the bed’s capacity to avoid any untoward incidents.

Check for loose joints:

Inspect the bed on a regular basis to make sure there are no squeaky parts or loose screws. Check for loose joints more frequently if the toddler is active and hops on the bed.

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