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11 Best Toys For Hamsters To Play in 2023

You can leave the house knowing that your pet hamster will be entertained for hours with the toys we recommend. These toys encourage healthy behaviors like running, burrowing, and chewing, all of which contribute to their longevity and well-being. Since hamsters are not only blind and have long teeth, but also sensitive, you should take some precautions while choosing a toy for one. To protect the health and pleasure of your furry buddy, the toys should be all-natural, non-toxic, fun, and mentally stimulating. Browse our enumerated resources for further information.

Benefits Of Toys For Hamsters

The following are a some of the many uses for hamster playthings.


If it were free to roam its natural environment, your pet would be out looking for prey. Unfortunately, hamsters who are kept as pets rarely get the exercise they need. With the right playthings, it can maintain or even improve its fitness levels.


Crepuscular refers to the time period between dusk and dawn, when hamsters are most active. Therefore, the pet will benefit from these toys when you are unavailable to play with it.

Health Check: 

The incisors of your hamster should be examined periodically to make sure they are not getting too long. Teeth can be held in place and evened out with the use of chew toys.

11 Best Hamster Toys

Best Overall: Niteangel Hamster Suspension Bridge Toy

Niteangel Hamster Suspension Bridge Toy


This bridge toy is made out of hardwood sticks that are tied together by two bendable metal wires that can take the form of a climbing ladder, a divider for a sandbox, or even a bed. The bridge toy is both decorative and functional, helping your hamster to improve its balance and coordination while getting some exercise. It can last for a long time, doesn’t require much effort to put together, and won’t hurt your teeth if you chew on it. This bridge toy isn’t just for mice and rats; gerbils and sugar gliders can enjoy it, too!

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Best Odor-Resistant: Roundler Dwarf Hamster House

Roundler Dwarf Hamster House


This do-it-yourself hamster home is compact, so your pet has plenty of room to run around inside, sleep, and play. The hamster’s home is crafted from natural, non-toxic wood and features two viewing openings. The set, which consists of a rainbow house, a workout circle, and a rainbow bridge, is odorless, non-toxic, and simple to clean.

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Best Durable Material: Jetec Hamster Hammock Soft Bed

Jetec Hamster Hammock Soft Bed


You can hang the hammocks in a hamster cage thanks to the included hanging rings that come with the banana and pineapple hamster beds that come in a set of two. Mice, guinea pigs, cavies, and similar-sized animals can happily call them home. The sturdy, long-lasting material used to construct the bed home is both comfortable to the touch and highly resistant to damage.

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Best Non-Toxic: Xqw Hamster Track Toys

Xqw Hamster Track Toys


Your pet can be stimulated by Xqw’s several track toys. The hamster may run or walk on a variety of tracks that you can construct. Produced from safe and long-lasting ABS plastic. These toys are durable and colorful; they can endure being dropped and bumped around.

Best Eco-Friendly: Vczone Small Pets Play Toys

Vczone Small Pets Play Toys


Package contains 50g of apple sticks, a bell roller, a watermelon ball, a dumbbell, a small bell roller, a square molar block with rope, a rattan ball with a star design, another rattan ball, four pine balls, a grass ball, and a ball made from pine needles. These playthings are safe for the environment and won’t corrode because of the excellent grade wood they’re made from.

Katumo Bunny Chew Toys

Katumo Bunny Chew Toys


These chew toys are safe, long-lasting, and created from all-natural materials thanks to their construction from sticks of applewood. The teeth of your pet can be shielded from harm this way, promoting optimal development. Roughage is beneficial because it aids digestion and reduces intestinal irritation. Your hamster will be entertained for hours by these eco-friendly playthings. This set comes with 50g of applewood chew sticks, a timothy hay ball, four square grass brick biscuits, four timothy hay balls, and a water hyacinth ball.

Best Waterproof: Skylety Hamster Toys

Skylety Hamster Toys


This five-piece set has a double-story hamster home, a rainbow bridge, a seesaw, an exercise circle, and a swing. These toys are produced from high-quality wood plastic panels; they are waterproof, robust, and non-toxic; and they are ideal cage accessories. The polished, rounded, and chamfered edges of the wooden board ensure the safety of your pet.

Best Bite-Resistant: BBjinronjy Hamster Chew Toys

BBjinronjy Hamster Chew Toys


These chew toys are safe for the environment and can withstand a dog’s teething and gnawing. These entertaining toys are just the thing to keep your hamster occupied. The assortment features classic playground staples like a seesaw, swing, ladder bridge, roller bell, molar string made from an apple branch, grass carrot toy, unicycle, rattan ball, and more. These toys are bendable, so you can give your pet a new challenge every day.

Best Natural Material: Suwikeke Chew Toys

Suwikeke Chew Toys


The variety pack includes 15 different kinds of grasses and flowers: a 30g apple branch, a grass ball made of carrot grass, a grass ball made of sweet bamboo, a rose flower ball, a timothy grass cake in the shape of a heart, a grass ball made of calendula, a grass cake in the shape of a heart, a grass carrot, and so on. These long-lasting playthings are manufactured from all-natural materials and reduce irritation from growing teeth. They’re great for maintaining the digestive and oral hygiene of your hamster.

Best For Dental Care: Miumiupop Hamster Chew Toy

Miumiupop Hamster Chew Toy


The natural wood and food-grade materials ensure that the toy is safe for use. If used regularly, it can serve as an effective dental care tool for your hamster. For hours of entertainment, your pet can spin the toy’s colourful blocks. Your pet’s health and weight can both benefit from increased agility.

Elipark Small Animal Activity Toy Hamster House

Elipark Small Animal Activity Toy Hamster House


This set of four hamster toys includes a bridge, a block with rope, a hamster home, and a dumbbell. The toys can be manipulated into a wide variety of configurations due to their construction from two flexible metal wires. The hardwood sticks that make up its ladder can be molded into a variety of useful shapes, including a separator for sand, a bed, or a means of ascent.

How To Choose The Right Hamster Toys?

What follows is a list of things to keep in mind while shopping for hamster toys.


Hamsters benefit from the mental challenge presented by chewable toys. The incisors of a hamster never stop growing, so providing them with something to chew on can help reduce the risk of injury.


Be sure there are no jagged corners or big openings in the toys. You should also think about your hamster’s age and size while selecting a toy for it.


Protect your pet’s health by only giving them toys manufactured from natural, non-toxic materials.


Make sure the toys can withstand repeated uses. Since hamsters’ teeth are so sharp, toys made from delicate materials could become gnawed on.

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