13 Best World Globes For Kids To Know About Geography

It is your job as a parent to encourage your child to pursue the interests that will serve them well as they mature. Gifting a child with the best globe for kids is a great way to encourage their interest in learning about other cultures and expanding their horizons.

Globes are an indispensable tool for learning about the world’s geography since they provide a more holistic and interactive perspective than flat maps. Spend some quality time with your kids by testing their geographical knowledge with a series of fun quizzes.

We have compiled a list below of some of the best globes on the market that you and your child may use. So, scroll down and select one for your budding explorer.

13 Best Globes For Kids

Best Interactive: PlayShifu Educational Globe for Kids


The interactive and interesting design of this globe is its true genius. It’s simple to navigate the globe’s huge size and find specific locations. This kid-friendly globe has an accompanying app that simulates a trip to different countries and regions across the world. Visuals, narratives, statistics, landmarks, innovations, and quizzes are all available within the app’s many interactive sections. The program is compatible with a wide variety of mobile platforms. A passport, sticker book, and instruction manual are all provided with the globe to make the experience even more exciting for your kids. Watch this reviewer’s unfiltered video to learn more about the product and how it works.


  • Children’s digital globe with games
  • With four hundred key points and a thousand interesting details
  • Intelligent characteristics embedded in a 10 inch sphere

Best 3D Puzzle: Learning Resources 3D Puzzle Globe

Learning Resources 3D Puzzle Globe


There are labels for six continents on this 8-inch globe for kids. Children may have a lot of fun while learning about the world’s continents, seas, famous places, animals, and more with a puzzle globe. Children’s World Puzzle Globe is a fun way to learn about geography while also helping them hone their fine motor and spatial reasoning skills. The puzzle pieces are all nice and hefty, so even toddlers can play with it. This Learning Resources globe is an excellent example of how playfulness may be included into the educational process. Watching this video can help you understand the product better.


  • 14-piece package includes a 3D puzzle globe.
  • Pieces of varying hues
  • Children’s plaything

Best Decorative: USA Toyz Illuminated Globe

USA Toyz Illuminated Globe


USA Toyz’s interactive globe includes a lot more than simply a world map. All 88 constellations are listed, along with the zodiac signs that correspond to them. The globe’s LED light source is readily available and simple to swap out, further enhancing its user-friendliness. The steel and chrome pedestal that the globe is mounted on is both strong and long-lasting. This globe can be used as both a study aid and a nightlight. Finally, an instructional pamphlet on the constellations and an app that lets you learn more about them are included. Please view this video for a complete explanation of the product.


  • The World in Three Parts
  • 13.5-centimeter-tall lighted sphere with a full 360-degree axis of rotation

Best User-Friendly: LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe


This globe’s clever layout makes it simple to operate. A touch screen and stylus are built into its base. This globe’s standout feature is the stylus’s ability to tap anywhere on its surface. The world’s information and games are at your fingertips whenever you touch the screen. The countries, continents, capitals, flags, languages, landmarks, and currencies are all displayed on this LeapFrog globe. Accompanying touchscreen features educational movies and animations to pique kids’ interests in learning.


  • Integrates advanced capabilities
  • Display: LED; 2.70 in.
  • Instructional Smart Globe Benefits Students

Best Compact: MOKOQI Levitating Globe

MOKOQI Levitating Globe


In large part due to its convenient operation, this globe made by MOKOQI has become quite popular. This globe, like most others, features labeled representations of the continents and individual nations. Because of its small footprint, it works great as a study table accessory. Because of its straightforward interface, even kids can use it with ease. Helpful for students just beginning to learn about the world’s various nations and continents. The globe and its lit base come with a power supply.


  • 360-degree rotatable sphere with three LED beads that levitate
  • Pocket-sized globe

Best Light-Up: Little Experimenter 3-in-1 World Globe

Little Experimenter 3-in-1 World Globe


This Little Experimenter globe is a great choice if your youngster is interested in more than just finding familiar places on a map. It not only illuminates the constellations but also shows the names of countries, cities, deserts, oceans, and seas. A secret sensor activates this function whenever the lights are turned out. The globe can be turned through a full circle with ease and is very intuitive to use. Because of the map’s bright color scheme, even the youngest of students will have no trouble keeping track of where they’ve been.


  • The World in Three Parts
  • Constructed-in light-projector
  • Using only eco-friendly materials
  • Long-lasting

Best Standard-Colored: Waypoint Geography World Globe For Kids

Waypoint Geography World Globe For Kids


This acrylic Waypoint Geography globe has excellent design and construction. It has a sturdy plastic base. The globe rotates smoothly and securely while perched on the stand. Countries, continents, landscapes, and bodies of water are all depicted in exquisite detail on the globe’s geographical map. Using the universally-accepted color-coded map, even the youngest of explorers may quickly and easily locate specific locations everywhere on Earth. This globe is preassembled, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.


  • 12 inch colorful globe
  • Contemporary frontiers
  • Instructional Aid

Best Learning Tool: Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Discovery Educational World Geography Kids

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Discovery Educational World Geography Kids


Oregon Scientific’s globe stands out among its competitors thanks in part to the fact that it may be used as a talking globe thanks to the incorporation of modern technologies. Capital cities, historical events, and even national anthems are discussed. There are more than 2000 pieces of data stored in this globe’s internal memory. Using a touch pen, children may easily navigate the tablet’s many interactive features. The globe’s cordless design makes it convenient to take it anywhere you go. It runs on three easily-replaced AA batteries. In the end, the world comes to life thanks to its innovative augmented reality app. We included this Oregon Scientific globe, with its many useful features, among our top picks for children’s globes.


  • There are 19 games on the smart globe.
  • Education Resource Featuring a Detailed World Globe

Best With Voice Feature: Educational Insight Talking Globe For Kids

Educational Insight Talking Globe For Kids


This globe from Educational Insight is perfect for kids just starting to learn about the world around them. The animal rights activist Bindi Irwin narrates this volume full of information on the world’s plants, animals, and human settlements. Children can easily see and read maps on the 12-inch globe. Because of how easy it is to use, even young kids can handle it. The pen’s speech function can be triggered by touching any location on the world map. The success of the smart globe is due to its integrated speaker and stylus-like pen.


  • Conversational Globe
  • Instructional Aid
  • Kid-friendly
  • In-depth globe

Best For Writing And Marking:TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Wooden Stand

TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Wooden Stand


This TTKTK globe has been designed with a smooth, flat surface that is ideal for note taking and highlighting. You can use it for note taking and wiping it off with the supplied cloth. The matte finish of the globe prevents strain on the eyes from staring at its surface for long periods of time. This globe is resistant to dust and water, and can be taken anywhere. It features the usual assortment of maps plus 88 constellation patterns. With its inherent illumination, it can serve as a desk lamp.


  • Globe with lights on it
  • Powerful USB-operated wooden pedestal
  • Enjoyable and instructive

Best Sturdy: Little Chubby One 7-inch Globe – Educational and Decorative Piece

Little Chubby One 7-inch Globe - Educational and Decorative Piece


Made with a metal frame and a metal base, Little Chubby One’s globe is built to last. Every child needs to learn the geography lessons this globe offers. It’s a great tool for honing your geographical acumen. Countries, continents, capitals, lakes, and boundaries are all marked out. Stunning in design, it’s perfect for sprucing up a nightstand, bureau, or study. This would make a great birthday present for a child, niece, or nephew whose special day is coming up soon.


  • Sphere of 10.5 inches in Diameter
  • Educative LED Globe Globe
  • In-depth globe

Best Easy-To-Read: TCP Global 4″ Old World Style Globe, 360° Rotation – Compact Gold Mini Globe

TCP Global 4" Old World Style Globe, 360° Rotation - Compact Gold Mini Globe


This globe is made of high-quality ABS plastic that will last for years. This globe’s political map is labeled with an understandable legend, so even young children will have no trouble finding their way around the globe and learning about the many countries, continents, and bodies of water. It is up-to-date with respect to cartography and employs a natural scale of 1:90,000,000. It’s not only a great way to teach kids about the world around them, but it also looks great on a shelf or desk.


  • The World, in a Four-Inch Sphere
  • Labeled and elaborate globe
  • Turning in a complete circle
  • Simple-to-read parallel grids

Best Detailed: Juvale Spinning World Globe

Juvale Spinning World Globe


By holding this globe in your hands, you can pique your kids’ interest in other countries and continents. Its eight-inch diameter makes it handy for eating, studying, and other activities in any setting. It may be viewed from any angle and followed effortlessly. This one serves all of your needs, whether you’re using it to educate geography, explain world events, or measure distances.


  • Exhaustive and academic
  • Plastic of the highest grade.
  • Base is detachable
  • Large enough font size to be easily read


  • It may be smaller than some people assume.
  • excludes mountain ranges

The greatest globes for kids have been reviewed, and now it’s time to find out how to pick the correct globe for your youngster. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for your baby.

Which Globe Is Best for Children?


When looking for a globe for kids, the first thing to consider is the size. The globe’s diameter will be adjusted according to the child’s age. It’s best to use a 12-inch globe, although an 8- to 14-inch one can do in a pinch. If you have little hands, you may think that a smaller globe would be more manageable, but that’s not the case. More information may be seen in greater text on a larger globe, and it will be easier for tiny children to hold. You should also think about the storage space available for the globe before making a final decision on its size.

Age of the globe

One must get a globe that reflects the most recent developments in our world. After about 5 years, most globes are deemed obsolete. Most manufacturers produce globes on a yearly basis, so the likelihood of acquiring one that is out of date is low. Checking the date of manufacture might help guarantee that the globe you buy is up-to-current.


When looking for the greatest globe for children, it’s important to consider the various options available. There are a variety of globes available, from those that display only basic maps to those that allow you to navigate using only your voice. In recent years, the smart globe has surpassed the traditional globe in popularity due to the many advantages it offers over its predecessor. Features such as a touchscreen, an associated app, a pen that may be used to virtually explore other regions of the world, audio narration, etc. Smart globes are a great educational tool because they introduce a dynamic and engaging element to education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are globes tilted?

The axis of rotation of a globe is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees to represent the inclination of the Earth. When the Earth tilts with respect to the sun, we experience a shift from one season to the next and gain or lose daylight. The globe is always skewed due to its representation of the Earth as a microcosm.

How long is a globe considered up to date?

Although the Earth itself cannot transform overnight, rivers and oceans can change their courses and borders can move. These, nevertheless, typically take a considerable amount of time to materialize. Most studies find that a globe retains its accuracy within the range of 5–10 years.

What is the difference between a political globe and a physical globe?

While physical globes represent the Earth’s surface, most political globes are also colorfully designed to draw attention to the various countries they depict.

World globes, like many other teaching aids, use imagery to help students better understand complex concepts. They’re helpful learning resources to have at home because they make education more accessible. Is it true that in 1492, Martin Behaim created the first globe? Changes to globes have been dramatic ever since. These buildings are more complex than ever before, and they now do much more than only show information such as contents, national boundaries, and bodies of water. They now have voice-assisted technology that tells them interesting information about the areas they visit. A stylus can be used with some smart globes to help users zero in on specific places. Finally, they are easily transportable and beneficial to your child’s brain development. If you’re looking for a globe for your youngster, check out our roundup of the top 13 options.

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