Drinking cold water in Pregnancy-is it safe or not?

Drinking Cold Water in Pregnancy-is it Safe or Not?

According to the most gyani colo gist, the main thing with drinking water is consuming enough safe and pure drinking water. It is not really a big deal to have a bit cold or warm.

Some Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can cold drinking water make the baby bigger?
  • Is cold drinking water a cause of miscarriage?
  • Does the baby move while drinking water?
  • Does having more cold water be associated with vomiting? 
  • Does the endocrine system lose its capability during cold water?

General Knowledge Fact

Here is a general knowledge fact about water and general human physiology: Most of the body system depends on water. Your body is made of water. About 75-80% of your total body weight is made of water. Each and every cell of your body is dependent on water for Its cellular function.

Water is needed to keep your protoplasm hydrated and to exit the tissue debris from your cell. Besides, a water molecule is made of hydrogen and oxygen. This oxygen is added with the oxygen from the respiratory tract and helps a lot in hypoxic conditions to survive your body.

Not only you but also the fetus growing inside you have the necessity of water. So, it is very important to have enough drinking water.

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How Much Water Should You Consume While Pregnant? 

A normal person (having no kidney disease) should drink at least 2 liters of drinking water to meet the daily necessity. But, in the case of a pregnant woman, she should have more drinking water for the two people.

A pregnant woman should have 8 to 12 cups of water daily. There is amniotic fluid in which the baby swims safely. This amniotic fluid is largely made of water. There is extra weight gain and muscle tenderness, which also requires a more quantity of water. In pregnancy, the blood volume also increases due to extra fluid causing hypertension.

Besides, the endocrine system throws hormones that are circulated all around the body with water. Water also helps to excrete the waste materials. So, you can see the importance. It only matters if the water is a little hot or cold. To maintain the quantity is the main thing. 

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Tips to Get More Hydrated Without Directly Consuming Drinking Water:

1. Follow Your Daily Routine: 

You need a large quantity of drinking water daily if you are pregnant. Where will it come from? From the water you drink, for sure. To keep your body hydrated and all the functions of your body steady, you need to maintain a routine.

You can’t have 96 ounces of water in a sip. It Won’t help you out. It will not be able to keep your body Hydrated. It will cause immediate micturition, and all the water is just gone! Boom!!! It will also pressurize your kidney to filter the large amount of water which can cause kidney disjunction.

So, it is safe to maintain a routine to maintain your drinking quantity. You can simply write down the distribution and maintain it. You can take help from experts or nutritionists. 

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2. Do not Wait to Get Thirsty for Drinking :

It is a bad habit amongst the common people that they only drink water when they are thirsty. Absolutely wrong deed!!! You should obviously drink water when you are thirsty, but you can’t meet the daily need if you do so. You need to drink more for the sake of you and your baby.

3. Have a Large Quantity of Fruit or Vegetable Juices :

Yeah, we can understand, sometimes drinking plain water can be boring. Even some people don’t like to drink water. What to do? It’s a habitual fact. But there is a solution.

If you can not drink more water or find it boring, have fruit or vegetable juices. In different seasons, there are new seasonal fruits in the market. So, Fruit juice can help you out, and it will be tasty, hydrating, and super healthy!!!

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4. Eat more Hydrated Food

Some foods contain a larger quantity of water like lentil soup, fruits, organic vegetables, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, watermelons, tomatoes, and so on.

These are helpful for hydration. You can have them to be healthy. They will fill up the extra nutrition, too.

Some diseases which is the result of having excess cold water:

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There are Some Disease that Spreads Through Cold Water

  • Peduncle disease
  • Fit rot
  • Tail rot
  • Rainbow trout

Yeah, you can have cold water, but make sure it is from a safe place and the water is not contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Be safe and be healthy!!!

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