Hippie Baby Names for Girls & Boys

Hippie Baby Names for Girls & Boys

Explore 100 Hippie Baby Girl and Boy Names

Looking for some hippie names for your baby? Then, mate, you’re in the right place. We’ve made a list for you. Here you can find some cute hippie names for your child.

But what is the meaning of “hippie”? Well, Most of us don’t know what ‘hippie’ is. Don’t worry, we’re here for you. 

According to some websites, the definition of the hippie is A young person who rejects the mores of established society ( as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living ) and advocates a nonviolent ethic. It’s also known as a hippy. The pronunciation is the same, but the spelling is a little bit different.

But what are hippie names actually? As I have said, the definition of hippie names is basically some unique, free-spirited, uncommon names. They don’t mean harm But promote peace and love. Usually, they’re not inspired by nature or history. They are influenced by art or music. Sometimes by one’s feelings. 

There are lots of hippie names out there. Some are nice; some are not. So you have to find a nice hippie name for your loved one. If you have a baby boy, then you have to find a hippie boy name according to your child’s personality. And that’s the same case for your baby girl also.

If you’re looking for some free-spirited, unique, cool, indie-inspired names for your baby girl, then you’re in the right place. We’re giving you a list of full hippie girls’ names. And I’m pretty sure that you’re going to find an awesome hippie name for your baby girl.

Here are some hippie names for your baby girl


Arlo, which means ‘known all throughout the land,’ is a great name for a little girl who will grow up to captivate the world’s imagination.


If you want to keep with the seasonal motif, Autumn is a good choice because it evokes nostalgic feelings.


Azalea is a feminine sounding name that is suitable for your child. It is a stunning group of flowers with colorful shrubs and more. Azalea Banks and Iggy Azalea are two well-known artists who go by the moniker.


Your young girl is like your Cloud, providing a silver lining in the midst of a storm. Cloud is a hippy name that is influenced by nature and the gifts she bestows.

Another option for nature enthusiasts, Cypress is a lovely tree that also serves as a distinctive name for your child girl, which she will adore.


The Dahlia and your young child both have beautiful, gorgeous, and bright qualities.


This is the ideal name for your girl who is constantly cheerful and upbeat. Daisies are lovely flowers, and this name will stand out among the crowd.


Dawn is a name that brings with it the promise of a brighter, more beautiful tomorrow for you.

So, since she has made your wishes come true, why don’t you just call her that?

Echo is a cool-sounding name for a little girl that will ensure that no one forgets who she is. ‘Reflecting sound waves back to the listener,’ it means.

Feather is a great name for a baby who is light as a feather and adorable. It’s brief, delicious, and unforgettable all at once.

Gardenia is a wonderful shrub with gorgeous white and yellow flowers. Gardenia is a lovely name that always makes you feel pleased.

In everything she does, your little daughter must be grateful and gracious. That is why her name serves as a reminder.

Allow her name to serve as a spark for you to express your love for her.

This is a name that, hopefully, will bring you a lot of happiness in the future. Harmony is a great name that conjures up images of music and…harmony.

Heather is a gorgeous purple flower that stands out among the others and has a nice name.

You couldn’t possibly come up with a more honest moniker, could you? This is a name that will raise a few eyes and is unmistakably hippie for your little girl to grow up with.


Every new baby girl brings a badge of honor into the family, so it’s time to remind everyone about it.


Your little girl brings with her a beam of hope that will brighten your spirits and transform your life.

Juniper berries are a famous and nostalgic food that are sweet and delicious. It’s also a fantastic name for your little daughter.

Kai is a gorgeous Hawaiian name that means’sea.’ It’s a simple and powerful name for your young one.

Leaf is a name that conjures a tranquil and joyful mood for sure. It is a simple component of nature that brings with it positivism and clean energy.

For the purest little girl in your life, the purest emotion. You might go with the name Love, which is a lovely hippy name.

As the nickname of iconic musician Bob Marley, Marley is a name that invokes joyful recollections in every musical enthusiast.

A lovely name that will conjure up images of simpler times spent relaxing and enjoying the meadows. This is a unique name that puts a grin on everyone’s face.

Why not give your daughter the name Moon, one of Nature’s most magnificent creations? It is an awe-inspiring entity that stands out among the crowd.

Moonbeam is a charming hippie name for your girl that represents the light that illuminates your days and nights.

Ocean is a beautiful name for your girl if she has blue eyes. It’s a piece she’ll gladly wear for the rest of her life because it evokes both tranquility and power.

Teach patience to your small girl, and she will appreciate you for the rest of her life.

It’s critical that your little lady always remembers to be calm everywhere she goes! She will value peace as an option for the rest of her life.

Is she in love with you or not? She, of course, does! Petal is a genuinely hippie name for your infant girl that is both memorable and unique.

Petunias are lovely flowers that generate feelings of happiness and serenity. They are definitely a name you should consider.

What better name to offer your young one that promises to be beautiful and bring joy into your lives?

This is a beautiful name for your little one that is hippy in nature and is the light that shines bright in your life.

Rain is a great option for you to consider if your daughter brings with her feelings of happiness and hope.

Rainbow is a terrific alternative for you to consider if she adds color to your life.

Rebel is a fairly strong and hippy name that generates a sense of pride and respect wherever your girl goes!

Robin is a beautiful bird that you should consider for your little girl if you want her to grow up to be a loving and caring person.


Saffron is a lovely color and spice, and it’s a moniker that no one will soon forget. It’s a fantastic name for your little one, and she’ll be able to wear it proudly everywhere she goes.


Sage is an excellent choice if your daughter has a calm and wise demeanor.


Serenity is a name you should select if you want your baby to be tranquil and provide peace to everyone she meets.

Don’t you want your little girl to shine and show the world what she’s capable of? This is another interesting idea for her to consider.

Sierra is a great hippy name for your kid since it conjures up images of endless, twisting deserts and realms that go beyond imagination. It’s one of those names for girls that means “free spirit”!

This is a fantastic hippie girl name that can be reduced to Skylar. It’s a well-known name that will stand out when you give it to your infant girl.

She’s fearless and won’t back down in the face of adversity. Storm is a fantastic name for your brave young lady.

Summer is a fantastic alternative, as it is a season of new beginnings and enjoyment in the sun. Summer is a hippy moniker that no one will soon forget.

Tulips are beautiful, pink tiny flowers that are guaranteed to make someone smile, and they are a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Venus is a lovely choice for the girl whose life revolves around yours. Venus is a planet connected with female energy.

Willow is a hippy name that pays homage to the natural world around you and is a beautiful and slender tree.

You might also choose pure and authentic virtues because they will stand out among the others.


Arden is a Latin and English word that means “vast forest” or “valley of the eagle.”
Ash is a tree that belongs to the lilac and olive families and is of English origin.

Ashley is a less common variant of Ashby, which means “ash tree farm” in English.

Aspen / a quaking tree with heart-shaped leaves that also happens to be a place in Colorado / English origin

Ayla is a Hebrew and Turkish word that means “oak tree” and “moonlight.”

Clementine / a tiny, juicy, sweet citrus fruit with a French provenance

Dara is a Hebrew word that means “oak tree” and also “pearl of wisdom.”

Eden / also known as the Garden of Eden / is a Hebrew word that means “place of delight.”

Ginger / a sassy lady’s name / also indicates pure / English origin

Hazel / a broad-leaved tree with edible nuts / hazelnuts are used to produce Nutella, which is delicious! / English

Ilana / oak tree / its fruit is a nut, the acorn / in Hebrew, the word “tree” means “tree.”

Ivy is a climbing vine and an evergreen woody plant that originated in England.

Juniper, often known as Junie, is a tiny evergreen shrub that also means “young” in Latin.

Meadow / a grassland that has been left to grow wild / ideal or a free spirit! / English origin

Nala / may refer to a stem or a hollow reed… real meaning unknown / origins in Africa

Oakley is an English word that means “oak meadow” or “oak clearing.”

The olive branch is a symbol of peace and grows on Mediterranean trees. It is of Latin origin.

Pepper / for a spice-loving little girl / Latin origin

Samara / a winged seed that falls from a tree (as youngsters, we used to put them on our noses!) / Hebrew origin

Valli / a winding plant / sounds similar to Valley, which might be an alternate spelling / makes an excellent middle name / Latin origin

Zetta / olive / Z names are very cool! / Origin: Hebrew



Okay, now that we know some good hippie names for baby girls. But what about the boys? They also like hippie names. You don’t have to worry; we also have some hippie names for boys also.

Well, I don’t know that much about boys. But maybe they’re more free-spirited than girls, or maybe not. Anyways, if your boy is free-spirited, then you’re gonna love the list that we’ve made for boys.

Hippie Boy Names With Meanings

The name is magical in and of itself, but utilizing it as a name adds to the enchantment.


Arrow is a sassy and trendy name that conjures up images of battle.


Make sure everyone knows your son’s name, no matter where he goes. Atlas will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention due to its uniqueness.


If you want to name your boy after a month, August is a popular and memorable choice all around the world.


Basil is a great name for a hippie parent who enjoys herbs. It’s a lovely name that conjures up feelings of joy and clarity.


Bear is a sweet and cuddly name that many women would love to give to their young boy. It’s a well-known and unmistakably hippy name


Not particularly unusual, but unmistakably a hippy moniker influenced by Dr. Benjamin Spock.


Birch is a hippy name for your guy that refers to an elegant and lovely tree.


Blue is a popular hippie name for boys that refers to the color.


Awakened is a Sanskrit word that means “awakened.” Bodhi is a hippy name that you might suggest for a boy.


Buzz is a creative and appealing name that will catch everyone’s attention.


Cash is a cool-sounding name that stands out from the crowd, and it means ‘hallow’ in Hebrew.


Cedar is a nice name for a baby boy because it is a honor to the lovely tree. Cedar is a wonderful name for someone who enjoys the outdoors.


This is a name that means ‘to tame,’ and it is a rather uncommon choice for a small boy’s name.


Dharma is a common hippie male name that translates to “correct way of doing things.”


Dusky is a lovely name for a lovely time of day, and it also fits well as a hippy moniker.


Keeping with the natural theme, Elm is a leaf that makes an excellent middle name.


This is a well-known Jewish name that means ‘help,’ and it will certainly stand out. George Ezra, a well-known singer, has the surname Ezra.


This is an Irish name that means’leader.’ Boys with this name will stand out among their peers.


This is a common hippie boy’s name that means “harp player.” Though it was once exclusively a boy’s name, it has since evolved into a gender-neutral, unisex moniker.


It is an English name that means ‘bird of prey.’ It’s a common hippie boy’s name.


This is an excellent hippie name option because it was a 19th-century slang phrase for ‘humble.’


A top-of-the-charts name that will set your son apart from the crowd.


This is a terrific name for a boy from a California desert community. Indio is the town that Robert Downey, Jr named his son after.


If you combine it with a cool middle name or surname, you’ll have a cool hippie name.


Joaquin is a hippie name with a great ring to it. It means ‘lifted by Yahweh.’ It is of Hebrew origin. Yahweh is the Hebrew name for God.


He will harvest what he sows. This hippy boy’s name means “destiny” or “fate.”


A legendary name for a legendary athlete, Kobe is a fitting tribute to the basketball hero, and one that will be remembered by all.


Krishna is a common hippie name from India that means “love” and “joy.” It also means “black” or “dark.”


That is a name that stands out among the others. It has a calming and soothing impact on the user. It’s also distinct enough to draw the attention of anyone who hears it.


Liberty is a lovely name for a boy with a free spirit that you can give to your child.


It has an exotic ring to it, and it definitely has a hippie vibe to it.


Milo is a distinctive and bohemian name with German origins that translates to’soldier.’


Who wouldn’t want their child to be successful?


This is a fantastic name since it inspires people to take action.


The brightest constellation in the sky and the name of a strong hunter in Greek mythology.


Peaceful is a name that means “free spirit” and is a great choice!


This is a fantastic option because it conjures up images of a vast meadow.

Quest is a high-octane name for boys who aspire to forge their own way in life.


Quinn is a terrific option for a name that indicates intelligence.


This popular hippie male name means’red,’ and was originally used to refer to kids with red hair or a ruddy complexion.


The Rock is a manly and elegant child’s name. It’s also the name of one of the world’s most famous wrestlers.


Rowan is a tree with protective and healing abilities according to Celtic legend.


Sparrow was once considered a girl name, but since celebrities Nicole Richie and Joel Madden named their son Sparrow, it has become a unisex name.


For any Star Trek fan, this is a hippie name that brings back fond memories.


If you’re a hippie, Twig is a name you simply must use!


Wolf is a wonderfully hippy name that sounds like it was inspired by an animal.


Even before they meet the individual, the name sounds powerful. It comes from Greek and meaning “ruler of heroes.”


It’s a great and unusual name inspired by the legendary singer Frank Zappa. It is of Italian origin and refers to a hoe or a mattock, both of which are farming implements.


This is a unique name that will pique everyone’s interest. It’s a diminutive of the German name Sigmund, but it’s become popular as a hippy male name.

Famous hippie names for boys

Berg is a cool middle name that means “mountain” or “cliff” in German.

Brent is an English name that comes from a steep hill.

Bryce is a Scottish word that signifies speckled, as in Bryce Canyon National Park.

For a deep individual with layers, a canyon / a valley with a river flowing through it / Spanish origin

Clay / the purest form of earth / fine-grained soil / English origin

Cliff is an English word that means “a steep rock face.”

Coal, sometimes known as Cole, is a natural resource that has a dark gray or black color and is of English origin.

Green Valley / a location in Colorado / English origin

Everest / the world’s tallest mountain / ideal for an active family who enjoys hiking.

Hutton is an English and Scottish word that means “ridge enclosure.”

Jasper is a red, yellow, brown, or green gemstone that also means “bearer of treasure.” It comes from the Persian language.

Jet / an organic gemstone that resembles coal / is an excellent descriptive middle name / English origin

Knox / a hill with a circular top / Knoxville, Tennessee / Scottish origin

Lander / land / a new spin on Landon / German ancestry

Lyle is a Scottish, English, and French topographic name for someone who lives on an island.

Onyx is a black gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. This is an excellent middle name, especially when combined with a Z name for XYZ / Greek origin

Ridge is an elevated stretch of land with a long narrow hilltop. It is of English origin.

Timber / English origin Sawyer / woodcutter / one who saws Timber

Stone / a rock-solid baby name that doubles as a strong middle name / German origin

Cute hippie names for boys 

Free-spirited hippie names for your boys 

Boyish hippie names for your boy

We tried to make a list of the best hippie names for both boys and girls. Now all you have to do is find a name for your baby. Oh, first of all, congratulations! I know having a baby is a great pleasure for every parent. A baby is a symbol of you and your lover. So it is a special thing for both of you. OF course, you want to name your baby a unique name. It’s hard but not impossible. To minimize your suffering, we’re giving you this list. I really hope you’ll find a perfect name for your baby, whether it’s a boy or girl. Search for a name that is similar to your and your spouse’s name or has any connection with you and your partner’s name. Give your little one a name that he or she will be happy about. Also, give your baby your family name because that baby deserves it. Or make sure to give your baby a cool surname or middle name that fits perfectly with its first name. Then both your baby and your family can be proud of it.

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