How you can keep your child cool and comfortable in their car seats during those longer rides

How You Can Keep Your Child Cool And Comfortable in Their Car Seats During Those Longer Rides

Let’s face it – there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in traffic on a scorching hot day. And imagine how uncomfortable your little ones must feel in the back seat, surrounded by thick fabric, tightly strapped, and with limited room to move.

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Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep your kids cool and comfortable, making your next road trip or even a short trip to the supermarket much more enjoyable.

Keep Your Child Cool

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Tinted Windows

Getting your car windows tinted may have crossed your mind even before your child was born. Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, the intense Australian sun can take a toll on your skin, even with the car’s air conditioner running. The sun rays that penetrate the window can cause discomfort, burns, and UV damage. Tinting your car windows is an option that not only enhances safety but also makes the ride more pleasant for everyone in the car.

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Window Shades

Alongside window tinting, investing in reflective sun shades for your windscreen is a wise choice. These shades prevent the sun rays from entering the car and heating up the dashboard and steering wheel.

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Cooling Technology

At Maxi-Cosi, we offer child car seat models designed to keep your baby cool during hot Australian summer days. Our seats feature 3D mesh fabric, providing additional support and ventilation. Furthermore, this fabric is combined with our Cool BabyTM wicking fabric, which enhances ventilation and allows for clean and unrestricted airflow. With our car seats, your baby’s skin can breathe, resulting in a less stressful car ride.

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Lighter Colors

Just as you avoid wearing dark-colored clothing during summer, opting for car seats made from lighter materials can provide greater comfort for your child. Lighter materials produce less heat and help maintain a cooler environment.

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Child Car Seat Shade

If your baby capsule or car seat includes a sunshade, it can be useful when strong sun rays directly shine onto the back seat of your car. However, ensure that there is sufficient air movement underneath the shade.

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The Noggle is a popular gadget among parents. It can be easily attached to the front air duct to direct airflow to your child in the back seat. The Noggle is not only practical during summer but can also be used to keep the baby warm in winter. When not in use, it can be conveniently removed and compactly stored, saving space.

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Always carry a bottle of water with you. Since we tend to sweat more in summer, our bodies require more water to replenish fluids. It’s important to prioritize water over sugary beverages or juices, as these may initially seem refreshing but can actually make you thirstier by signaling your brain to demand more water. Consider having portable travel freezers to keep drinks cool when spending extended periods in the car.

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Final Verdict: Be Cautious With Air Conditioning

We understand that extreme outside temperatures can be unbearable, leading us to set the air conditioner to cool the room to around 18°C. However, medical experts recommend keeping the indoor temperature no more than 10°C lower than the outside temperature to avoid shocking your body. The same principle applies to the car’s temperature. While it may feel refreshing to enter an extremely cooled space initially, it may have negative effects on your family’s health.

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