Nursing Chair for Short Person: Best Nursery Glider for Short Mom

Finding a glider that allows you to keep your feet firmly on the ground while sitting on it can be a challenge if you are a mom of diminutive stature. It’s happened to me before, and it was a huge pain.

Nursery gliders are a must-have for every room intended for a baby. The added support they offer is appreciated by both mom and baby. Several things about them make them ideal for either nursing or bottle feeding.

If you are a petite mother, however, you may have problems locating an appropriate nursery glider.

In addition to having adequate armrests and being pleasant to sit in, the chair must allow the user’s feet to rest flat on the floor when seated.

Finding the finest nursery chair for short parents might be challenging because most models are too tall for them to touch the ground.

Because of this, a Moms Parenting product specialist spent numerous hours researching and evaluating gliders specifically made for petite mothers, eventually narrowing the field down to five top picks. That’s why we’re here to assist you in refining your search.

Reasons Why Nurseries Use Gliders: Why Moms Use Nursery Gliders

Gliding chairs are a must-have for any child’s room. For the first few years of a child’s existence, this piece of furniture is indispensable because it helps to produce an atmosphere that is conducive to rest and relaxation for infants. Instead of simply setting their newborn on a flat surface like the cot or couch, most mothers choose to rock them in a nursery glider.

The primary justification is that the rocking action calms the fussing infants. In addition to settling an upset stomach brought on by hunger or the need to be burped, this helps immensely.

Second, it may be challenging for some mothers to hold their newborns while nursing them in the middle of the night. As a result, it is helpful to have a nursing chair or glider close by, onto which they may lean to gently feed the baby.

New mothers aren’t the only ones who benefit from gliders; expectant mothers do, too. So, why is it so crucial to have them? There are a lot of good reasons why gliders are used in nurseries. In this piece, we’ll take a look at ten arguments in favor of purchasing a chair (or several) for a nursery and its moms.

advantages of using rocking chairs in nurseries

The nursery glider is the Porsche of infant furniture.

For starters, nursery gliders are a low-cost option for incorporating a modicum of elegance into your abode. You may get gliders and rocking chairs in a wide variety of hues, designs, and materials. To that end, pick the one that looks best in your baby’s room.

Create Good Bonding Between Mom And Baby:

As a secondary benefit, gliding chairs facilitate quality time for mom and baby, which is important for their development. By spending quality time together in such close quarters on the chair, moms’ voices become more easily recognizable to their babies. It promotes the growth of their babies’ brains and helps them form secure relationships with their caregivers.

Reduce Soreness Or Pain In Breastfeeding:

Third, during those early months when both parents may need a break from caring for the newborn all day long, it’s crucial to have a comfortable spot for nursing. Supporting the baby’s back during nursing has been demonstrated to alleviate any discomfort that may come from breastfeeding.

Soothe The Baby:

As a fourth benefit, a baby can feel calm and at ease due to the rocking motion of a glider rocker. A newborn’s heightened sensitivity to sensory input (such as noise, light, touch, and scent) makes this a necessity. Because of the chair’s continual motion, the kids are less likely to experience inconsistent sleep patterns that might stunt their growth.

Helps Prevent Baby Colic:

Fifthly, they alleviate stomach problems like colic. Babies may be less likely to develop infantile colic if they spend more time in rocking chairs because the rocking motion helps to relieve trapped gas. It gives them more room to move around inside their stomach when pressure is high.

You Can Read Bedtime Stories To The Toddlers:

Sixth, when you have kids of your own, you can read them stories before night.

When rocking or reading to your child before bed, a chair with a footrest can provide much-needed comfort by allowing you to prop up your feet. New mothers who are still nursing can also benefit greatly from it.

It’s crucial to pick the right glider or rocker for your needs –

Some of them are designed for people of shorter stature. You can choose a glider for a short mom if you are not significantly taller than she is. Some of them offer a large enough seat for the mother to comfortably breastfeed both of her children at once. So, if you’re expecting twins, a twin glider is the way to go.

Help Strengthen You And Your Spouse Relationship:

To round out the list, a glider chair is convenient because it allows you and your partner to have some quiet time together while the baby is napping. You’ll both feel safer and more comfortable in your relationship as a result.

You Can Use It As A Living Room Chair:

The baby’s outgrown it, so you may use it as a regular chair in the living room. A glider chair is a lifetime investment.

It Contributes A Lot In Late-Night Feeding Sessions:

NINTH REASON: You’ve been working hard all day, and you’re ready to call it a night. But if the baby starts screaming in the wee hours of the morning because it’s hungry, you can just glide to the living room, rest in the glider, and feed the infant without any discomfort. You can put your baby back to sleep with a gentle gliding motion after feeding and then head to bed yourself.

 You Can Re-Sale It At A Good Price:

Tenth, if you decide the glider isn’t necessary anymore when your child gets older, you can resell it for a profit. And with that money, you may treat your kid to some new toys or stock up on baby essentials.

Do You Need a Glider in the Nursery? is a helpful resource if you’re still debating whether or not to include one in your baby’s room. Read this article to learn if a glider is necessary for your situation.

Top 6 Best Nursery Glider For Short Moms

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber

nursery chairs for short moms: Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber

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It’s important to have the most suitable nursery chair for tall parents, as there is a chair designed specifically for people of that height.

Feeding your baby, or at least reading and relaxing with the baby, can be made easier with the help of a nursery chair.

A chair, in contrast to other types of seating, is designed to provide support and comfort by allowing you to recline your entire body within one motion.

A broader recliner will be more comfortable if you are a taller or heavier parent. The finest nursery recliner for tall parents is a chair that allows you to relax while spending time with your baby.

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner in Gray Microfiber is a great option for tall parents. The focus throughout its creation was on your ease of use.


  • Different strategies for shading
  • Beautiful and sturdy chair
  • Ability to lean back far
  • Alterations to the Stance
  • Cleaning that can adapt to different surfaces


  • It could be out of your pricing range.

Suite Bebe Glider with Ottoman, Mason, Pink, and White – Quick Ship

Best Nursery Glider for Short Mom: Suite Bebe Glider with Ottoman, Mason, Pink and White - Quick Ship

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The solid panel sides and modern triple-button tufting on the back of this glider give it a sleek, stylish look, while also providing luxurious relaxation.

The lock-off mechanism allows you to secure the glider in a seated position, making it simpler to enter and exit.

Designed so that the ottoman and glider move in unison for a fluid, synchronized motion. It glides easily and for a long time thanks to its high-quality bearing. Features a tufted backrest, a storage pocket on the side, a bentwood arm, and solid side panels.

You may put your feet up in style while also adding some height to your nursery’s decor. Cushioned in all the right places, including the arms, back, and ottoman tops, your relaxation is ensured. It lasts a very long time. Polyester fabric is soft and durable, plus it’s a breeze to care for.

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

nursing chair for short person

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Lower seat position:

This storkcraft premium hoop nursery glider is a great option for low-height mothers searching for a comfortable and reasonably priced glider. The first problem is that the seat is extremely low, coming in at a mere 17 inches above the ground. As a result, mothers between 5 and 5 feet 3 inches in height can comfortably use this glider without their feet dangling off of the edge.

Comfortable padded seat & armrests:

Second, the padded seat provides optimum comfort for those late-night feedings or lullaby glides that put the baby to sleep.

The padded arm cushions also help keep your elbow comfortable after hours of carrying the infant. Thus, even if you have to hold the infant for a long period, you won’t have any fatigue in your hands.

Smooth gliding:

For the most reassuring glide possible, this nursery chair is equipped with metal ball bearings.

Convenient storage pockets:

I like that it has two pockets on either side, where parents can store things like bottles (after a feeding) or books (to read before bed).

Ottoman included:

The incorporated ottoman can be rolled as well. Its base is lower than that of the glider seat, allowing you to put your feet up while you rock the baby.

User opinion:

The previous purchaser’s parents are very satisfied with the item. They were pleased with the quality of this rocking chair for a small kid, and it fits in nicely with the decor of their baby’s room. After a few months of use, the only complaint they have is that it produces squeaky noises. Otherwise, it’s a decent low-cost option for nurseries, especially for mothers with shorter statures.


  • The instructions are straightforward, and setting up the product requires no effort. The assembly time is less than 20 minutes.
  • The microfiber upholstery is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • It is available in several different hues, allowing you to find one that perfectly complements the rest of your nursery’s furnishings (crib, changing table, mattress, etc.).
  • Even petite mothers can rest their heads comfortably on the padded back.


  • Some of you may find it difficult to sit for long periods due to the thinness of the seat cushion.
  • After several months of use, it may begin to squeak.

Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair, Charcoal

nursery chairs for short moms: Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair, Charcoal

Buy on Amazon


  • Smooth as glass, simple to maintain


  • They say it starts to creak after a while, yet some parents

Why We Love It

  • If your nursery is already crowded with the crib, dresser, and change table, this compact rocking chair is a great choice.
  • This compact glider can be rotated through a full circle, and the material is both durable and simple to maintain. It rocks and glides and is slightly over 2 feet wide, making it suitable for nurseries of varying sizes. Even the armrests are padded to keep you at ease as you rock your infant to sleep.
  • It has the following dimensions: 36 by 26.5 by 31.5 inches
  • Total 62-pound weight

Christopher Knight Home Ishtar Glider Swivel Push Back Nursery Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Ishtar Glider Swivel Push Back Nursery Recliner

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All the hallmarks of modern design may be found in this comfortable recliner. Its tufted back and simple design are both appealing. Offers a simple design that doesn’t sacrifice any of the functionality you need at home. It’s a recliner with a push-back feature, perfect for unwinding in after a hectic day.

Using only your weight, you may recline a chair by pushing it back, and then return it to a standing position by tilting forward and up. It aims to provide exquisite comfort using a beautifully relaxing glide feature and a simple swivel mechanism. As a result of its many possible configurations, it is extremely flexible. It must be put together.

Dutailier Adele 0338 Glider Chair and Ottoman

Dutailier Adele 0338 Glider Chair and Ottoman: nursery chairs for short moms

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  • It Included ottoman, plush padding, and a spacious rolling surface


  • A hefty price tag compared to comparable gliders

Why We Love It

  • Having a comfortable location to sit and relax your arms while nursing your baby is essential. That’s why this Dutailier glider is perfect; it features everything you need, plus a convenient ottoman. You can prop up your feet to achieve the optimal feeding position. Despite its higher price tag, reviewers agree that the extra-long gliding motion and high-quality upholstery are well worth it. The detachable foam cushions and arm pads should make cleanup a breeze.
  • The package has the following dimensions: 273142.50 inches.
  • Total 49-pound weight

What To Look For In The Best Nursery Glider For Short Mom?

Finding a nursery glider that works for a petite mother can be difficult. Not to fear though, because we’ve got you covered. The finest nursery glider for a petite mother should have these features:

A shorter seat depth:

You can avoid having your feet hang off the glider by doing this. If you want to be able to put both feet on the ground while sitting in the glider, you should reduce the depth of the seat. You can get out of the glider without using your arms or back muscles, which is especially helpful for petite mothers.

A lower backrest.

This will keep you from slouching by providing necessary back support. You may relax into the glider without your head having to be tilted back. This is particularly helpful for petite mothers, as it eliminates the risk of neck pain from a prolonged period of glider seating.

A wider seat:

If the seat is wider, you won’t feel as if you’re being squeezed. Short mothers won’t feel hemmed in by the glider’s seating options either.

An adjustable headrest:

You may choose the most comfortable position for your head and neck with the help of an adjustable headrest. This is especially helpful for petite mothers, who would otherwise have to crane their necks to see over the glider’s armrests.

A smooth, gliding motion:

Petite mothers must be able to rock their kids without worrying that the glider will stop suddenly. In addition, you can use it to gently rock your baby to sleep without waking them.

A smaller footprint:

Most baby gear already takes up a lot of space in the nursery, so a compact design is a must. Because of this, a compact glider will free up more floor space in the nursery for the petite mother.

A durable frame:

The glider’s sturdy construction promises many years of enjoyment.

A comfortable cushion:

Every glider needs a plush cushion for maximum relaxation. You can relax in the glider for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

A weight limit that’s appropriate for you:

Before purchasing a glider, take sure to ascertain the maximum user weight. Check the glider’s weight capacity before using it.

A footrest:

For petite mothers, a footrest is a must-have accessory for their glider. Keep your feet in a comfortable position without having to worry about them hanging over the side of the glider.

A storage pocket:

Having a handy place to stow baby essentials is a great perk of a nursery glider with a storage pocket. The baby’s pacifier, bottle, or favorite toy can all be stored safely and conveniently within reach.

Easy to assemble:

It’s crucial for any item, but particularly for nursery gliders. That’s because the glider must be easily assembled so that you can spend as much time as possible with your infant instead of fumbling around with its pieces.


Even if you don’t have a nursery glider, it’s a good idea. This is because in case the glider is damaged or lost, it is protected.

The most ideal nursery glider for petite mothers will include all the aforementioned options. Consider these factors while shopping for a nursery glider if you are a petite mother. You’ll be able to select the ideal one for you and your newborn. And when you’ve accomplished that, you and your newborn may look forward to a lot of quiet time together.

FAQs on nursery chairs for short moms

Which is better for a nursery rocker or a glider?

Unlike gliders, which move forward and backward on a circular track, rocking chairs rock circularly (some swivel as well). Smoother than rocking chairs, gliders also won’t trap your toes if you sit in them for too long. Usually, you can get a matching footrest, but it will cost you a little extra. A glider, then, is the superior choice for a nursery in this regard.

Plus, many people prefer gliders to rockers because they provide better support for the lower back and legs while sitting. Aesthetically, they’re preferable because of their more refined style. Finally, gliders tend to be more long-lasting than rockers.

How much should you spend on a nursery glider?

Glider rocking chairs for nurseries are typically more affordable than their stationary rocking counterparts. A nursery glider can cost anywhere from $50 to $680, with the price fluctuating based on the material it’s made of (hardwood frame or plush fabric) and the design and quality features it has.

It’s vital to do your homework before purchasing a nursery glider, as there are many different models available. Make sure the glider you buy is not only attractive but also cozy and long-lasting.

Do I need a glider for the nursery?

You shouldn’t feel obligated to get a glider for the baby’s room. A nursery glider is more of a luxury item than a necessity. In contrast, many parents would consider a glider a fantastic investment, particularly during those first years, if money were no object and space was not an issue in the nursery. Glider chairs are perfect for reading or rocking your baby to sleep.

Do your homework and pick a glider that’s cozy for you and the baby if you decide to get one. Gliders come in a wide variety of designs and styles, so it’s up to you to select the right one for you. Think about how much money you can spend, the dimensions of your nursery, and the kinds of textiles and materials you’d like to use.

How much room do you need behind a glider?

Two feet in front and two feet behind the glider are required for easy maneuverability. A swing requires a minimum of five feet of clearance in front of it and four feet of clearance in the back.

Are gliders comfortable?

“Its arm height is created to provide ergonomic support when you feed your baby,” says Neuman, “and its high back gives great headrest, in addition to a matching lumbar pillow to cushion your lower back, neck, or elbow.”

The entire glider is constructed from long-lasting, simple-to-clean materials, and the seat is shaped to give support and comfort to your baby. The glider has a solid base and a quiet, easy motion.

Can I put a glider in my living room?

If there’s space in the living area, a glider could be a relaxing addition. It can look great next to your sofa or loveseat in the living room and provide extra seating for guests or a great spot for a nap or a quiet night in.

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