Southern Boy Names With Country Charm

Southern Boy Names With Country Charm

Southern people are famous for their strong and distinguished names. They love their tea sweets, puppies, and also their fried okra. And they grow up with love for their strong family bonds. These southern baby boy names are both trendy and unique also. Their names are known for their charming and never-go-out style. So surely you can name your little one’ A HIPPY SOUTHERN NAME’.

Every time I think about the great southern pride, I find their rich history and tradition and some beautiful & trendy names. Also, southern gorgeous belles and some handsome southern gentlemen. It’s a way of life. Southern boys’ names are really popular even in America, not just in the South.

Statistically, 5 out of the 10 most trendy boy names in the nation for 2019 ( according to the Social Security Administration) were southern names. They were Mason, Elijah, and many more. 

So what’re you waiting for? Let’s look for some trendy southern boy names.

What are some southern names for boys?

Mostly southern names for boys are inspired by things from south and southern culture, people, history, and many things. All southern baby names fit for a badass cowboy. Southern baby boy names strike the perfect balance between classic and country and are the way to go. On the south side, boys’ names can go from classic and charming to country. Southern boys’ names sometimes can be cute, sometimes sound too strong. So what? It’s their specialty  

Their names carry many things like their culture, tradition, history, family titles. From historical figures to proud family members, they have plenty of names.

Here are some southern names for boys

  1. Aaron
  2. Abott
  3. Aldon
  4. Albion
  5. Ace
  6. Alden
  7. Ambrose
  8. Anse
  9. Ardy
  10. Armstid
  11. Augustus
  12. Bailey
  13. Barlow
  14. Baron
  15. Blade
  16. Blaine
  17. Billy
  18. Bennett
  19. Benton
  20. Baxter
  21. Beau
  22. Bernard
  23. Blanche
  24. Brooks
  25. Byron
  26. Carlisle
  27. Cash
  28. Copeland
  29. Darl
  30. Dawson
  31. Davis
  32. Dewey
  33. Duke
  34. Earl
  35. Elliot 
  36. Edison
  37. Emmet
  38. Emerson
  39. Everette
  40. Ezekiel
  41. Francis
  42. Gail
  43. Giles
  44. Gillespie
  45. Graham
  46. Grady
  47. Greer
  48. Gunner
  49. Hayes
  50. Hank
  51. Hucksley
  52. Harrison
  53. Homer
  54. Houston
  55. Howard
  56. Hunter
  57. Jake
  58. Jasper
  59. Jackson
  60. Jebediah
  61. Jefferson
  62. Lafe
  63. Landon
  64. Lawson
  65. Lester
  66. Keaton
  67. Knox
  68. MacGowan
  69. Marcus
  70. Mason
  71. Merle
  72. Magnus
  73. Moseley
  74. Nolan
  75. Orville
  76. Percy 
  77. Pratt
  78. Preston
  79. Quinton
  80. Ramsey
  81. Redmond
  82. Riley
  83. Samson
  84. Simon
  85. Spencer
  86. Sterling
  87. Stratton 
  88. Tanner
  89. Tate
  90. Theodore
  91. Troy
  92. Tuck
  93. Tucker
  94. Vardaman
  95. Vernon
  96. Victor
  97. Wade
  98. Walker
  99. Watson
  100. Waylon
  101. Warrick
  102. Webb
  103. Wesley
  104. Weston
  105. Whitfield
  106. Wilder
  107. Wilson
  108. Winston
  109. Wyatt
  110. Wylie
  111. Yates

Sweet Southern Baby Names for Boys

Wouldn’t your kid be such a badass Birdie or Greer?

Abbott is a Hebrew word that means “father.”

Alfred is an English name that means “good counsel.” Alfred Kazin was a writer from the United States.

Ambrose is a Latin word that means “immortal one.” Ambrose Bierce was a well-known American writer and journalist.

Ardy is a Latin word that means “huge forest.”

Austin, which means “magnificent or splendid” in English. Austin Mahone is a well-known singer and songwriter from the United States.

Axel, which means “father of peace” in Scandinavian.

Banks is an English word that means “one who lives on a riverbank or on a hillside.” Among the country boy names for babies, Banks is one of the rustic baby boy names.

Benton, which means “bent grass enclosure” in English. Benton MacKaye was a conservationist and forester in the United States.

Billy is an English word that means “resolute protection.” Billy Joel is a well-known singer, songwriter, and composer from the United States.

Bradford is an English word that means “broad river crossing.”

Brent is an English word that means “dweller near the burned land.” Brent Spiner is an actor and comedian from the United States.

Brooks is an English word that means “of the brook.”

Burke is a French word that means “from the stronghold.” Burke Hedges is a well-known writer.

Carter is a Scottish word that means “goods transported by cart.” Carter Jenkins is an actor from the United States.

Carver is an English word that means “woodcarver.”

Casey is a Gaelic name that means “the valiant one.” Among the baby boy country names, this Southern name is one of the Texan boy names.

Charleston, which means “free peasants” in Old English. Charleston is a West Virginia city.

Clinton is an English name that means “cliff settlement.”

Colin is a Gaelic word that means “young creature.” Colin Hanks is a well-known actor from the United States.

Colton is an English name that means “from the coal or black town.” Colton Haynes is an actor from the United States.

Connor (Irish origin) means “dog lover.”

Conway is a Gaelic name that means “holy river” or “wolf of the plain.” Conway Twitty was a great country music performer in the United States.

Dale is an English word that means “valley.”

Dallas (Irish for “water valley”) is the 24th most populous city in the United States.

Davis (Hebrew for “beloved”) is number 25.

Dawson is a Welsh word that means “David’s son.”

Eli is a Hebrew name that means “uplifted, lofty, or ascended.”

Elijah, which means “Yahweh is God” in Hebrew. Elijah Woods is a well-known actor in the United States.

Elvis (Norwegian origin) means “smart.” Elvis Presley was an iconic singer and rockstar in the United States. He was dubbed the “King of Rock & Roll.”

Emerson is a German word that means “son of Emery.”

Emmett is a German name that means “strong or hardworking.” Emmett Cullen is a main character in the American television series “Twilight.”

Finch is an English word that means “to swindle.”

Forest is an English word that means “a land abounding of trees.”

Franklin is an English word that means “free landholder.” Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States of America, is a well-known figure in American history. This is an excellent choice for a southern baby name.

Grant is a Scottish word that means “big.” Grant Gustin is an actor and singer from the United States who portrays the fictitious DC superhero ‘The Flash.’

Gunnar, a Scandinavian name that means “brave warrior.” Gunnar Hansen is a well-known actor from the United States.

Hemingway (of English ancestry) alludes to a long-lost English settlement.

Henry is a German name that means “estate ruler.” Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was a notable American manufacturer and commercial magnate.

Hiram is a Hebrew name that means “brother of the exalted one.”

Houston is an Old English name that means “Hugh’s village, a hill settlement.” Houston is a well-known Texas city.

Howard is a German name that means “high guardian or braveheart.” Howard Stern is a radio personality from the United States.

Huck (English) means “fruit resembling the huckleberry.” Mark Twain’s ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ is a well-known and popular novel among children.

Hudson is an English name that means “Hugh’s son.” This is a fantastic name for an elderly gentleman.

44. Jackson, which means “son of Jack” in English. Jackson Pollock was a well-known abstract artist from the United States.

Jacob is a Hebrew name that means “supplanter.”

Jasper, which means “treasurer” in Persian. One of the main characters in the ‘Twilight’ series is Jasper Hale.

Jeremiah (Hebrew origin) means “God has appointed.”

Jimmy is a Hebrew name that means “supplanter.” The 39th President of the United States of America was Jimmy Carter.

Judson, which means “son of Jordan” in English. Judson Mills is a well-known actor in the United States.

Kenneth is a Scottish name that means “born of fire or lovely.”

Knox is a Scottish name that means “a circular hill.”

Lee is an English word that means “people who lived near a wood or clearing.” Lee Majors is a well-known actor in the United States.

Lincoln, which means “town by the pool” in English. Lincoln Chafee is a politician from the United States.

Lockhart is a Scottish name that means “brave.”

Marshall is a French word that means “one who tends after horses.” Marshall Erickson is a key character in the hit American television show “How I Met Your Mother.”

Mercer (French origin) meaning “a trader”.

Micah is a Hebrew name that means “who is like the Lord.”

Milton is an English word that means “village with a mill.” Milton Bradley was a business entrepreneur from the United States.

Nash, which means “at the ash tree” in Middle English. Nash Grier is a well-known internet personality in the United States.

Oliver is a Latin word that means “olive tree.” The American superhero ‘The Arrow’ is named Oliver Quinn.

Preston is an Old English name that means “from the priest’s town.” Preston Bassett was a pioneer in the field of aviation in the United States.

Price is a Welsh name that means “son of Rhys.” Price Cobb is a race car driver from the United States.

Reed is an English word that means “red-haired.” Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings is an American businessman.

Remington (German origin) means “riverbank place.”

Silas is a Greek word that means “forest or forests.”

Sterling is an English word that means “genuine, of high quality.” Sterling K. Brown is an actor from the United States.

Terry is an English name that means “people power.” Terry Cruz, an American actor, is one of the classic Southern baby names.

Thaddeus (Aramaic origin) means “God’s gift.”

Thatcher is an English word that means “one who makes or lays thatching material, or a roofer.”

Virgil (Latin origin) means “staff bearer.”

Wade is an English word that means “at the river crossing.” This is a fantastic choice for a Southern baby name.

Walker is an English word that means “cloth-walker.”

Weston (English origin), which means “one from the western town.” Weston McKennie is a professional soccer player from the United States.

Winchester, which means “dweller at the Roman fort” in English.

Winston is an English name that means “wine town.”

Wyatt (English) means “brave in battle.” Wyatt Russell is an actor and former ice hockey player from the United States.

Yale, which means “fertile upland” in Welsh.

Yates is a Middle English word that means “gates.” Among the country names for newborns, this Southern name is one of the western baby names.

Zeke, which means “God strengthens” in Hebrew. Zeke Upshaw was a professional basketball player in the United States.

Fancy Southern Names For Boys

Ace is a Latin word that means “unity or one.” Among the redneck boy names, this Southern baby boy name is a good country boy name.

Adam is a Hebrew name that means “the ground.”

Aden is an Irish name that means “fiery one.” Aden is the name of a Yemeni city.

Artie is an American name that means “bear.” Among the classic Southern names, Artie is one of the alternatives for a new baby name.

Augustus is a Greek name that means “majestic.”

Avery (French origin), which means “one who controls with the elves’ knowledge.”

Bayou is a Native American word that means “slow and tiny stream.” This is a name for a boy with a rustic vibe.

Beau is a French word that means “handsome.”

Blaine is a Gaelic name that means “yellow.” Blaine is the name of an Idaho county.

Boone (French origin) means “blessed” or “good.” It’s an excellent choice for a baby name.

Buck is an English word that means “male deer.” Buck/Bucky is Captain America’s best pal in the Marvel comic book. Bucky afterwards became known as the ‘Winter Soldier.’

Buddy is an American word that means “friend.” Buddy Holly was a singer and songwriter from the United States.

Calhoun is an Irish name that means “from the narrow forest.” Calhoun is a city in Georgia, United States of America.

Callie is a Greek name that means “excellent beauty.”

Carson is a Scottish name that means “son of the marsh-dwellers.”

Cash is a Latin word that means “wealth.”

Charles is a German name that means “strong man.”

Clayton is an Old English word that means “village near a clay pit.” Clayton Anderson is a former astronaut with NASA.

Cletus is a Greek name that means “glorious.” In Marvel comics, Cletus Kasady is a fictional character.

Clyde (Gaelic) is the name of a Scottish river that runs through Glasgow.

Cole is an English word that means “charcoal.” Cole Sprouse is a well-known actor from the United States.

Cornelius (Latin for “horn”) is number 101.

Cruz is a Spanish word that means “cross.” Cornelius Vanderbilt was a business magnate from the United States.

Deacon is a Greek word that means “servant or messenger.” Deacon Reese Philippe is the son of Reese Witherspoon, a well-known actress.

Duke is a Latin word that means “chief.” Duke Snider was a professional baseball player in the United States. One of the names of a powerful old man.

Earl is an English word that means “fighter or nobility.” Earl Campbell is a retired football player from the United States.

Easton is an English word that means “east-facing area.”

Ellis is a Welsh name that means “benevolent.” Ellis Short is a businessman from the United States.

Elmer is an English word that means “noble or distinguished.” Elmer Gates was an inventor and scientist from the United States.

Emory (German origin) “brave force” is number 109. Emory Cohen is an actor from the United States.

Everett is a German name that means “brave as a wild boar.” In the film ‘Gone With The Wind,’ Rhett Butler played the lead role.

Finn is an Irish word that means “white.”

Flanner is an English word that means “a person from a flat land.”

Ford is an English word that means “dweller at the ford.” Among country boy names for boys, Ford is a prominent traditional Southern boy name.

Gatlin is an English word that means “fellow, friend.”

Grady is a Gaelic name that means “illustrious one.” This is a fantastic choice for baby names for little boys from the Southern United States.

116. Granger (English origin) means “granary worker.”

Greer is a Latin word that means “guardian angel.” This is a one-of-a-kind name for a baby.

Harper is an English word that means “harp player.”

Hartwell, which means “one who lives near the stag’s spring” in English.

Hayden is an English name that means “fire.” Hayden Walsh Jr. is a cricketer from the United States.

Hayes is an English word that means “hedged region or forest.” Hayes Hargrove is a well-known performer.

Hollis is an Anglo-Saxon name that means “hero.”

Jedidiah, which means “Jehovah’s Beloved” in Hebrew.

Jefferson is an Old English name that means “son of Jeffrey.” Jefferson Davis was a politician in the United States who served as President of the Confederate States of America.

Keanu, which means “a cool breeze” in Hawaiian.

Levi is a Hebrew name that means “united in harmony.” Levi Strauss is an American clothing and apparel company. The name is also a good choice for a little boy’s name.

Liam is a Hebrew name that means “joined or linked.”

Macon is an English word that means “to make.”

Maddox is a Welsh name that means “lucky” or “son of Madoc.”

Mason is a German word that means “one who works with stone.”

Memphis is a Greek word that means “beautiful and established.”

Orson is a Latin name that means “bear cub.” Orson Welles was an actor and filmmaker from the United States.

Parker is an English word that means “park keeper.” Parker Stevenson is an actor from the United States.

Paxton is a Latin name that means “peace town.”

Prescot is a Hebrew word that means “priest’s cottage.”

Raleigh is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “field of birds.”

Ray is an English word that means “a ray of light.” This sweet country boy’s name is very common in the South.

Redd is an English word that means “red color.”

Richmond is a German name that means “strong protector.”

Rufus is a Latin word that means “red-headed.”

Sawyer is an English word that means “woodcutter.” Sawyer Barth is an actor from the United States.

Scout is a French word that means “to listen.” Scout was the protagonist’s nickname in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Taylor is an English word that means “tailor.”

Tyrell is a French word that means “to pull.” Tyrell is a country boy name that has stood the test of time.

Ulysses (“wrathful, hater”) (Greek origin). Former President of the United States of America, Ulysses S. Grant

Vernon is an English name that means “site of alders.” This is a great old man’s name.

Waylon, which means “God’s angel” in English.

Wiley is an Old English word that means “crafty.” Wiley Wiggins is a well-known game creator and actor from the United States.

William is a German name that means “strong will.”

Wilmer is a German name that means “determined, renown.” Wilder Valderrama is an actor and film producer from the United States.

More southern baby boy names

Alden is a name that means “old and wise companion.”
Atticus: The name Atticus comes from To Kill a Mockingbird, and it refers to a region in Athens, Greece.
Austin is a Southern city that translates to “excellent” and “magnificent.”

Beau is a French word that means “beautiful.”

Bradley is a word that means “wide meadow.”

Brooks: To live near a stream or brook is to live in a brook.

Calvin: This name is ideal for many kids because it signifies “little bald one.”

Camden refers to a meandering valley.

Clyde: Clyde is the name of a Scottish river.

Colt refers to a young, rambunctious horse.

Dallas is a Scottish name that means “dwelling in the meadow.”

Dawson is a Welsh surname that means “son of David.”

Davis: Davis is a word that means “beloved.”

Drew: Drew is a word that implies wise.

Duke is a Southern university-inspired name that signifies “leader” or “son of Marmaduke.”

Emerson: It literally means “son of Emery.”

Emmett: It means global in Hebrew, German, and English.

Everett: Everett is a courageous and powerful boar.

Finch: Another name from To Kill a Mockingbird, Finch is a bird’s name that also means deceit.

Finn is a word that refers to Huckleberry Finn and implies “white” or “fair.”

Frederick: Frederick is a name that signifies “calm ruler.”

Grey denotes “grey haired” in Old English.

Grover is a lovely name that meaning “grove of trees.”

Harley refers to a hare’s meadow.

Harper: It refers to a harpist.

Harris: It means “son of Harry” or “ruler of the home.”

Harrison is also the name of a Harry’s son.

Hastings: It signifies austere man’s son.

Hayes refers to a fenced-in region.

Henry: The name Henry refers to the ruler of the household.

Houston is a Southern city that means “hill settlement.”
Huck: It comes from Huck Finn and means “bog.”
Jackson: It signifies that God has been kind to you.
James: It literally means “supplanter.”
Jasper is a Persian word that means “treasurer.”
Jones: Jones is a word that signifies “God is generous.”
Julep is a Persian word that means “rosewater.”
Keaton: It literally means “place of the hawks.”
Knox: It refers to a hill with a round top.
Leon is the Latin word for lion.
Malcolm: It refers to a Saint Columba enthusiast.
Marvin: It’s a combination of the words marrow and prominent.
Mason: The term “mason” refers to someone who works with stone.
Mercer: Mercer is a word that signifies “trader.”
Montgomery is an Old French name that means “hill of Gomeric.”
Nash: It’s a phrase that meaning “by the ash tree.”
Nathan: Nathan refers to a divine gift.
Ned: It literally means “protector of the wealth.”
Nolan: The name Nolan refers to a champion.
Otis: It implies a lot of money.

Parker: It’s a park ranger.
Percy is a short version of Percival.

Presley: It may refer to a priest’s meadow, but it could also be a nod to Elvis Presley.

Price translates to “son of Rhys” or “enthusiasm.”

Quinn is a popular unisex name that means “counsel.”

Reed: It literally means “red-haired.”

Remy is an oarsman’s name.

Rhett: It’s a phrase that meaning “advice.”

Rufus can also be translated as “red-haired.”

Sawyer is a word that means “woodcutter.”

Sellers: This term refers to a trader or someone who works in a cellar.

Sutton: It literally means “settlement in the south.”

Tennessee is a Native American word that means “gathering place.”

Thaddeus is a name that means “brave heart.”

Theo: Theo is a Greek word that signifies “brave people.”

Tierney: It’s a title for a lord or a master.

Todd: Todd is a nickname for a fox.

Truman: It literally means “faithful one.”

Tucker: Tucker is a word that signifies “all-heart.”

Vaughn: Vaughn is a word that means

Vernon: It’s a place where there are a lot of alders.
Walker: It refers to a cloth fuller or a forest inspector for a specific area.
Wells: The word “wells” implies “spring.”

Wesley: It’s a term for a western meadow.

Wyatt: It signifies tenacious, valiant, and powerful.

What was the inspiration for southern boy names?

There are tons of inspiration out there for southern boys’ names. Like,

  • From their history (I have written too much history anyways they were inspired from their history)
  • By the southern capital.
  • Their names were inspired by their civil war figures. They’re Lee or Marshall, maybe.
  • Their nature inspires them.
  • They were inspired by southern culture, surroundings, and many more.

The Importance of a ‘name’ for a boy 

‘Name’ it’s an identity for humans. There are no human beings without their names; it’s a must-have thing for humans. When a baby comes into this world, they need an identity. That’s why parents give them a name as their identity. 

And it’s really important because when a baby grows up, he will be known for his name. So if a parent doesn’t think that much about the name and just gives you a name like a trump, just think people will just bully the kid because of its name. 

So parents have to think wisely about the baby’s names. And for boys’ names, they have to think wisely and research what name should be the right name for the baby boy? If you give the boy a good name, he won’t have that much problem, and that’ll be his identity. 

Also, he will be proud that his parents gave him a good name. So you have to choose a name wisely. It’s an identity for life. It will be with you forever. So, of course, we have to choose names wisely. Otherwise, we don’t wanna feel bad for our names; we want to feel happy for our names.

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