Tonic Water for Pregnant Woman- Is It Safe or Not

Tonic Water for Pregnant Woman- Is It Safe or Not

Well, you should be conscious about what you eat because the Growth and development of your baby depends on what you consume. Generally, tonic water is not deleterious or a thing that “you can’t eat.” But many tonic glasses of water contain quinine. If you consume a large amount of it, it may be hazardous to your health. Besides, ready-made tonic water found in the market includes a large quantity of sugar and carbonic acid. Sugar can add extra weight gain to your pregnancy. Some patients develop Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Consuming more sugar is not a good option for them.

What is tonic water? 

Tonic water is a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor. There are different types of tonic water and different uses of it. In the modern era, quinine mixed water is mostly known as tonic water.

What type of tonic water is usable for pregnant women? 

Tonic water is mostly made of carbonated beverages. In different corners of the world, people use different types of tonic water for different purposes. In the ’90s, tonic water was made of quinine to prevent fever by plasmodium malaria. It was used as a medicine. Now, tonic water, mainly Indian tonic water, is served with lemon and soda after the party. So, pregnant women should not consume it. But some mixed fruits with tonic water adds nutritional value to it. That type of tonic is ok for pregnant women. 

Benefits of tonic water:

  1. Tonic water contains quinine which is useful if you have malaria. 
  2. It helps to reduce cramps in the legs.
  3. Adding fruits with tonic water adds extra value.

How much tonic water can a pregnant woman have?

Up to 3 glasses of tonic water are ok for a pregnant woman. But having too much can be a health issue. Besides, tonic water with quinine has a bitter taste without food additives. It is irritating. Furthermore, some people have blood diseases and can’t tolerate tonic water.

Who can not have tonic water?

  • Who have tachycardia or bradycardia
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Not a well-functioning kidney.

Herbal tonic:

Whatever tonic water does a little bit of favor to the body, it does not have a large benefit. In some areas, tonic water, especially herbal tonic water, adds value. Ayurvedic specialists believe that herbal tonic water has special value in curing disease or decreasing mortality and morbidity rates. 

Some herbal tonic water is used for wellness, health, and vitality. These herbal tonics are made of trees and roots merely by chemicals. These are safe most of the time. But some roots and fruits can grow. Some can cause abortions, too. So, it is safe to take specialist advice. 

Inference :

Tonic water is used for a very long time. There is a lot of tonic water for various purposes. People use it in different terms. In the case of pregnancy, you are already burdened with many health issues. In that case, you should be careful.

You avoid after-party tonic water or quinine-based tonic regularly. If you are very used to it, you can take advice from a doctor or your family nutritionist. 

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